Valerian Owl Cat Toy

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Your cat will go berserk over this catnip alternative! The unique scent of Valerian make this cat toy a brand new experience for your furry friend. Handcrafted in Germany, generously sized and filled with highest quality Bavarian-grown herbs, this hand-stitched owl will be the perfect companion for your cat, and he'll love the euphoric state it puts him in.
Item#: B41160
Size: 5.5"L x 4"W x 1.5"H
Made In: Germany
Materials: Cloth, German Valerian Root and Spelt
Ingredients: German Valerian Root and Spelt

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Ratings & Reviews

13 reviews

Valerian Owl Cat toy

by -

Our cat loves this toy

My Cats love this Owl Toy!

by -

I couldn't get this out of the package fast enough! They love the aroma of this cute little owl. You really can"t go wrong with this for your kitties.

Friend's kitties

by -

I gave this to a friend who enjoys the company of 3 cats, all black with names like Fang, Spike & Attila (the latter a girl) who hunt roof rats in the Phoenix area. They're having a great timethe rats? Not so much.

Valerian Owl

by -

Our cat loves this toy. He curls around it and pummels I with his feet and then hugs it some more. It is definitely a good toy for our cat!

Don't know yet. It's a

by -

Don't know yet. It's a Xmas present for our kitty cat.

Catnip Alternative

by -

Cats definitely like this catnip alternative.

Valerian owl

by -

Cats are very picky with everything. My cat sniffed it, rolled on it and hasn't touched it since.

Valerin Cat Toy,

by -

Both cats love the toy. One found it in it's original packaging and dug through wrapping paper to get it and then the two argued over it for possion.

Catnip alternative

by -

My cats are not too into catnip, so I thought they might like this. They showed mild interest, but mostly leave it alone. It seems well made and is cute, but i can't coment on how long it would hold up if they played with it often.

I love Isabella

by -

I love Isabella

My Cat Loves This!

by -

When the box containing this Valerian owl cat toy arrived, I was perplexed for a moment as to why one of my cats kept racing over to the packing box and sniffing it - until I remembered that the Valerian Owl cat toy was inside. He has gone crazy for it - rolling around, lying on it, and so on - just as he would with catnip. This has been a huge success with one cat - the other has no interest, but she doesn't react to other catnip products, either. I would definitely purchase this again - it has "traveled" around the house as my male plays with it.

My Ghost hasn't let this little owl out of his sight!


I got my package in the post and sat it on the counter. Both of my kitties were sniffing and pawing at the box. As soon as I took this little owl out of its packaging, my boy, Ghost took it and ran. :) He is in heaven!

Happy Cat

by -

Our cat loved this toy...I will be buying it again for Christmas.