Topricin Foot Therapy

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Formulated to effectively treat ankle and foot pain, Topricin Foot Therapy is the remedy to turn to for arthritis, peripheral neuropathic pain, and neuroma. Topricin Foot Therapy Cream is a homeopathic remedy and as such, it stimulates the body's desire to heal rather than simply masking painful symptoms. It promotes drainage of toxins and fluid build up in an injured area, improving blood flow to the tissue. Although it's a cream, it penetrates the skin like a moisturizer. If you find your ankles and feet swelling on long airplane flights, take this tube in your carry-on and apply Topricin Foot Therapy before you even leave the ground.
Item#: B35164
Size: 2 oz.
Made In: USA


Generously apply 3-4 times daily or more often if needed, 3 inches on and around the affected area.

Massage in until absorbed, re-apply before bedtime and in the morning.

Use before and after sports work outs and competitions.

Apply immediately for acute trauma injuries (sprain, strain, bruise, and impact injuries).

Aesculus Hippocastanum - 6 X (Relieves Pain of the Achilles Tendon, Swelling of the Feet After Walking), Arnica Montana - 6 X (Treats Injuries and Bruising to Muscle and Joints), Belladonna 6X (For Night Leg Cramps, Restless Leg and Muscle Spasms), Calendula Officinalis - 4 X (Promotes Rapid Healing and Treats Dry Skin on Feet), Crotalus Horridus - 8 X (Relief of Impact Injuries and Deep Tissue Bruising), Echinacea - 4 X (Relieves Swelling and Sudden Pain in Feet and Ankles), Graphites - 6 X (Relieves Skin Conditions), Heloderma Horridum - 8 X (Relief of Swelling and Burning Pain of the Feet and Toes), Lachesis Mutus - 8 X (Relieves Sudden Sharp Pain in the Feet and Ankle), Naja Tripudians - 8 X (Relieves Nerve Injuey Pain), Phosphorus - 9 X (Relief of Coldness and Cramping of the Feet), Rhus Toxicodendron - 8 X (For Sprains and Joint Pain of the Feet, Heel and Post-Surgical Pain), Ruta Graveolens - 6 X (Relief of Pain, Soreness and Bruising of the Feet, Ankle and Shin), Sulfur - 8 X (Relieves Itching, Cracking of the Skin and Joint Pain in Toes and Feet)
Made in USA

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Seems to give relief

by -

I have diabetic neuropathy. An application of Topricin to my feet lasts 6-8 hours, does not totally eliminate pain, but I'm fairly satisfied with the results.

topricin foot therapy & bamboo ankle Supports

by -

I also purchased two charcoal ankle Supports. They were for my daughter who used the supports immediately and said how good they felt haven't heard yet as to the cream. Ordering and delivery was prompt. I very much enjoy your catalog and the quality products you sell.

I am very satisfied with

by -

I am very satisfied with the product that I recently purchased
from your company.