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Sumbody Magic Carpet Powder

6 Reviews


This simple and natural carpet cleaner will leave your rugs fresh and clean. Made with kaolin Clay and Diatomaceous earth, the powder adheres to dirt and grime. Just sprinkle it on, and when you vacuum it away you're left with a spotless carpet and a fresh scent!
Item#: B36371
Size: 4 oz.
Made In: USA
Made in USA

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Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews

Carpet powder

by -

The scent is strong but does fade quickly

magic carpet

by -

I like the fresh scent the Sumbody carpet cleaner left and how it worked; however most of the powder had escaped the baggie within the tin, so I was only able to use once.

Somebody Magic Carpet Powder

by -

I love it-I not only love the fresh, clean fragrance but my home actually felt clean and fresh! My only criticism is that a bigger container would be nice.

Worked better than I thought

by -

Worked better than I thought it would and loved the smell. I would continue buying if it were more economical. The amount didn't last but maybe 3 rounds on my carpet.



I had areas of my rug that were pretty gross. This powder worked miracles, honestly. Not only does my rug look great and smell great but so does my vacuum!

There is Magic

by -

We have two dogs and an issue arose in our carpeted office. . . Sumbody Magic Carpet Powder to the rescue after we'd cleaned as thoroughly as possible. It really did alleviate any odor. There are two reasons I'm not giving it five stars, though. I did not receive instructions for use other than what's in the catalog. I wanted to know if it needs to be covered after you put the powder in the container with the lid full of distribution holes. I'm also unsure of how much to use. Overall, I'm glad I made the purchase and will probably do so again in the future.