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Why Order From Us?

  • We are committed to making this world a kinder, gentler place, both with the products we offer and in the way we do business.
  • For each item you see, we've considered a hundred others. This means we've personally used the products in order to find only the best. You won't find a single ho-hum or overly hyped, media-driven item amongst our offerings.
  • Because our customer service representatives are familiar with what we carry, they can answer any questions you may have.
  • We love our customers and treat them as we ourselves would want to be treated -- personally, honestly, and fairly. We really do provide old fashioned customer service!
  • When you buy from us, you are casting your vote for a small, independently-owned, personally run business as opposed to the large, impersonal conglomerates that now surround us.

Our Mission

We are delighted you chose to visit Isabella, our online catalog offering “Gifts for Reawakening the Spirit.” Knowing that each person’s journey is unique, we have filled Isabella with items that we believe will enrich your life.

Isabella was started in 1995 by two friends, Ann Ruethling and Patti Pitcher, women who were firmly committed to their own spiritual journeys. As they grew older, Ann and Patti were drawn to explore a path that encourages their wholeness as women. Over time, Isabella has evolved from a collection that offered inspirations from many different spiritual traditions to an eclectic collection of items that, in one way or another, may offer an opportunity to see the beauty in ourselves, in others, and around us; to slow down and re-connect with that which matters; and perhaps to bring a smile and appreciation for the simple things in life.

Ann and her colleagues are intimately involved in the selection of every item offered in the Isabella catalog and on the Isabella website. It’s no exaggeration to say that for every one item you find in Isabella, we’ve considered a hundred others. We feel that what you find here is the best of the best, and each is chosen with the hope that it will enrich our customers’ lives and not be just one more material thing to want, buy, and soon discard. We look for items that are rich in symbolism and that nourish our relationship with the earth, ourselves, and with Spirit. Our hope is that our online catalog brings you joy and inspires you on your journey. Welcome.

Skin Care Guide

Kathleen and Janet, Licensed Estheticians for Isabella
Kathleen's and Janet's Suggested Skin Care Solutions

Browse for your particular skin concern, and you will find specific product suggestions to help you achieve the best-looking (and feeling!) skin of your life!

As estheticians working for Isabella, Janet and Kathleen literally scour the country in search of the best of the best in skin care. Unlike what you’ll find at the cosmetic counters in department stores and from catalogs that carry entire product lines, we are under no pressure to feature any particular manufacturer’s “party line.” Our only pressure is to assure that the results you achieve from our offerings are so extraordinary that you’ll come back to us time and again. We’ve done all the research and experimentation for you, and what you see here on the Isabella website represents the products we can’t live without.

Since 60 percent of everything we put on our skin is actually absorbed into our bodies, we should be selecting our skin care products with as much care as we do the food we eat! But just as the grocery store shelves are stocked with unhealthful items marked as “natural,” many skin care products may contain "healthful botanicals and antioxidants” right along with harmful ingredients such as parabens, urea, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, and PEGs (to name a few!) Also, of growing concern, is the use of nanotechnology in personal care products. We're committed to offering only products that contain neither harmful ingredients nor nanotechnology to achieve dramatic results, use eco-friendly packaging free from PVCs, and products which are cruelty-free.



Some customers have expressed concerns about the seemingly excessive packaging we use on small orders. Please know that we share this concern for the environment and the growing difficulties of solid waste management and are doing all we can to meet these challenges.

We have several goals in mind when choosing our packaging materials:

  1. Environmentally-friendly materials. (Approximately 44% of the fiber used in our packaging materials is of recycled paper materials, and approximately 56% of the remaining fiber in our packaging materials is from tree farms in Seattle, Washington and Denver, Colorado and not from endangered forests. This means that the trees that are used to supply our raw materials are replanted once they are used.)
  2. Recyclable materials. (The imprint on our boxes encourages customers to either recycle or be creative with our packaging materials. We receive lots of positive feedback every year about how our packaging materials become art projects for children or playthings for pets with thanks for sending something that can be recycled after the fun stops, as opposed to messy peanuts or environmentally unhealthful plastics.)
  3. All orders to arrive free of damage. Since we sell many easily damaged items, we tend to use larger boxes in general to make sure these items have room to be packed well, given how roughly they can be handled in transit. Additionally, UPS requires that there be 2” of packaging on all sides of the contents of a box. We feel it makes more sense economically and environmentally for the initial order to arrive completely undamaged than to have to replace something that arrived damaged because we skimped on packaging.
  4. Saving resources by not ordering excessive amounts of different sized boxes. (We base the range of the sizes of our boxes on an average order, which usually consists of several items with a total weight of 5 to 6 lbs. Unfortunately, some of the small one-item orders do get extra packaging, but overall we save resources and materials as a whole. If we were a larger company, with considerably more orders and warehouse space, we could stock a wider range of box sizes.)
  5. We also recycle all of our own materials here at our company site. This includes boxes, paper, cans, plastic, and anything and everything that is possible to recycle. We have arrangements with our local land waste management company and none of our recyclables make it into our local landfill.

Thank you again for your concern and interest in helping the environment. We really are doing all we can within the economic framework we have to work with.

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