Pie Bird Steam Vent

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This little blackbird will be the secret ingredient in all of your perfect pies. Just stand him up, pour the filling around him, and stick the whole thing in the oven. While you're pie bakes, the bird will release steam, preventing the filling from bubbling over and making a mess in your oven. Your pie will cook more evenly and the bottom crust will stay crispy. Everyone will want to know what your secret is. With this little bird, you'll be the one doing the signing.
Item#: B41731
Size: 4" tall
Materials: Ceramic
1.Place the pie bird in the center of your bottom crust and scrape your filling in around the pie bird. 2. Cut a small slit in the center of your top crust, then carefully place the top crust over the filling. 3. Ease the pie bird up through the slit for a snug fit. 4. Finish the crust edges as desired and bake with the bird in place. 5. Remove the bird after you have cut your first wedge of pie. (Recommended for use in Fruit or Meat Pies, not Custard-based pies.)

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Little Bird Helps, A Little

by -

First off, the product is very cute. And, it did help control the amount of bubbling over my pie filling did when baking. However, my pie did still bubble over a little. So, while not completely solving the bubbling over problem, it did help. One thing I do want to point out, is when you remove the bird from your pie it leaves a rather large hole in the center of your pie. The hole is larger in diameter than I would normally want in my pie so keep that in mind.

Pie bird

by -

Haven't had the chance to use it yet, but have see. Them before so I am sure it will work!!