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3.4 Average Rating
By Gina729
I am on my second bottle of this and recommended it to my sister. I really believe that it helps my allergies more than Clariton. I was a little skeptical because of the price but it's worth every penny No more drippy nose.
Submitted on May 21, 2015
By slim
I suffer less with indoor allergies when using this.
Submitted on Dec 12, 2014
By Living With Allergies
This product does seem to help. I have allergies all year long, but they worsen drastically in the fall and spring. I started taking this supplement in Sept. when my allergies really started kicking into high gear and I was starting to get too run down and heading toward a bad sinus infection, as usual. The drops seemed to calm everything down and I did not get sick, at least not yet. I'll have to test it some more to be sure, but I would say it's worth a try for anyone who suffers from severe dust, pollen, mold allergies. I am taking the 3 doses (20 drops 3xday) recommended on the bottle.
Submitted on Oct 21, 2014
By joyjohn
I used it for a week and didn't notice a difference of any sort.
Submitted on Aug 28, 2014
By Lynn
This did not help my daughter's seasonal allergies at all, but I will keep it, in case it works for mine, which pop up a little later in the spring. Fingers crossed, because it's a bit spendy for something that's not helping.
Submitted on Apr 21, 2014
By Scrivener
This does help somewhat, as an add on to a prescription allergy medication. I use it to help with a runny nose from indoor allergens, cats and dust. Perhaps I need to use it three times a day as the directions state. I use it twice instead, morning and evening. I am definitely better off when I use it than if I added nothing to my regimen. Unfortunately, I tend to forget.
Submitted on Apr 14, 2014
I had an allergic reaction to the drops, so I had to stop taking them. I was able to give the bottle to my daughter for her allergies. She is fine!
Submitted on Mar 19, 2014

Triple Allergy Defense

Pollen, Mold, Dust
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If you have tried our Triple Flu Defense, you know that Steve Nenninger, a naturopathic physician with 14 years of clinical and practical experience, knows what he is doing. His newest formula is this amazing Triple Allergy Defense. My husband, who chronically suffers from allergies, volunteered to try it. He was very skeptical since nothing has worked for him -- and believe me when I say that he has tried everything, including weekly allergy shots. Read more...

For the first time in a very long time, he actually experienced relief from the sneezing, sinus congestion, and headaches that are brought on by his allergies. He was over the moon to find relief so easily!

Most people think of spring as ''allergy season,'' but in reality, allergies are a year-round issue that changes by season. In spring, the allergies are to tree pollen and grasses, and in summer they are from grasses, molds, and dust from air conditioning. Fall brings ragweed season and mold from leaves and rain, and winter's closed indoor environments and heating systems aggravate dust allergies.

Triple Allergy Defense remedies are carefully selected to provide optimum symptom relief for all seasons. Homeopathy is an excellent choice for allergies because it provides immediate symptom relief and no drowsiness or harmful side effects.
Ingredients: Active Ingredients:
Allium cepa
Ambrosia artemisiaefolia
Arsenicum album
Euphrasia officinalis
Galphimia glauca
Histaminum hydrochloricum
Lemna minor
Linum usitatissimum
Luffa operculata
Natrum muriaticum
Polyporus pinicola

Inactive Ingredients: Organic grape alcohol 15%, purified water *HPUS indicates official Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States
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