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4.2 Average Rating
By Canyon Portugal
My 75 pound dog, age 13ish, loves this blanket. Definitely navigates to it , to sleep on every night. I can just tell it makes him feel better! Thanks!
Submitted on Apr 12, 2015
By Carolyn
Finnigan is very happy with his therapeutic mat. He had surgery on his hip and leg and has been doing rehab swimming in ocean in Hawaii. The mat has been great help to him too and is on it every chance he gets. Thanks.
Submitted on Jan 26, 2015
By Pat T.
My almost 10 year labradoodle loves relaxing on this. I put it on her dog-bed in front of the fireplace...such contented snoring.
Submitted on Dec 25, 2014
By bzbee
I'm not seeing a lot of relief for my dog...his arthritis just might be too advanced for anything to work.
Submitted on Dec 5, 2014
By A., Briarcliff, NY
This blanket made a very special dog very happy. She has had some joint problems lately. When she got it she quickly pawed at it and settled comfortably on it in her bed.
Submitted on Nov 20, 2014
By Bill
The only problem I have with this item is that I have more than four dogs and bought only one large and one medium mat. I need at least 2 more plus a couple for the cats. It is definitely a hit.
Submitted on Sep 6, 2014
By Kathie, Denver, CO
Our older Yellow Lab couldn't get enough of this great pad. We call it his "blankie" because he takes it with him and then lays on it and just loves it. I thinks as the weather get cold he will really enjoy the therapeutic benefits also.
Submitted on Sep 1, 2014
By DebraS
Have had this mat for a few weeks and so far my 10 year old german shepherd gravitates to it. Only complaints is after washing it the first time, it appears as if the charcoal has stained the white fleece cover making it appear to be dirty. That is why I only gave it 3 stars.
Submitted on Jul 24, 2014
By Deogee
I'm a Chow Chow Golden mix and have arthritis and just had hip surgery. This blanket really makes me a lot more comfortable and it is a lot easier for me to get up and walk after sleeping on it. Thank you for making this. from a D.O.G.
Submitted on Feb 25, 2014
By jean bissell
My dog Eli is 17 yrs old..He seems to be sleeping better with this pad..
Submitted on Feb 8, 2014
By jojo3
You know that a product is fantastic when an innocent animal uses it non-stop! This mat appears to be doing everything that it promised to do. "Pete" thanks you very much.
Submitted on Jan 20, 2014
Our Newfoundland loved the mat. She settled on it immediately and appears quite comfortable. She is 7 years old and 100 lbs. It washes well. Very heavy when wet.
Submitted on Jan 2, 2014
By T Graves
Very nice pads. The dogs do seem to like them, just not more than our bed
Submitted on Dec 27, 2013
By Jakey
Dog loves his bed more than ever, it takes his doggy odor away, and, most importantly, it seems to soothe his aches!
Submitted on Nov 19, 2013
By Still a work in progress
This mat was a gift for a dear 13 year old Golden with pronounced arthritis though the spirit of a puppy. She has not yet figured out its benefits, opting instead to lay on the hard wood floor and just play with the pad. We're still hopeful she'll come around because it seems it would benefit her.
Submitted on Nov 17, 2013
By Carol
I recently found out my dog has pretty severe hip dysplasia from an x-ray for an unrelated issue. She is not symptomatic yet, but I decided to get this anyway to see if it might help her. She loves it, and so does my cat who is relatively feral. I washed it and my dog waited for me to take it out of the dryer and put it back on her chair so she could jump on it. My only concern is that it seems to be wearing out very quickly. In just a couple of weeks, it's showing pretty obvious signs of wear. Clearly, though, whatever it does is something my animals really love.
Submitted on Oct 15, 2013
By Pam-N.Y.
I was worried our American Bulldog would not like this because she has used the same dog bed and blanket for 10 1/2 years but she laid on it right away and seems to like it.
Submitted on Sep 25, 2013
For some reason, my 2 cats avoided it like the plague! But you know cats. Everything else I've gotten them from your catalog has been met with delight.
Submitted on Aug 27, 2013
My dog really seems to like it! Thanks.
Submitted on Aug 20, 2013
By Bo Bo
Bo loves laying on his blanket, especially since he is a golden with hip problems. It really helps him.
Submitted on Jul 29, 2013

Therapeutic Pet Mat - XLarge

Bamboo Charcoal Pet Mat
Item #31468 - 50'' x 30''
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Our customers have had great results with our charcoal supports so when the company that makes them came out with a way to give pets the same benefits, we jumped on it. Read more...

Bamboo charcoal (which comes from sustainable forests in Asia) emits far-infrared rays as well as negative ions to bring circulating warmth, muscle relaxation, and anti-inflammatory effects to help melt away discomfort animals might suffer due to old age, hip dysplasia, and joint stiffness. Combine that charcoal with layers of soft fleece and you have the perfect pet mat. The mat also helps absorb odor and dander and protects your furniture. The other nice thing is that it is machine washable and dryer safe. Every 3 months, put the mat outside in direct sunlight for an hour or two to recharge it.

My 15-year-old cat loves this mat and spends all day, every day curled up on it. My dogs also sleep on their mats -- I put mats over their beds and they are choosing to sleep there instead of jumping into bed with us! So I know my pets are enjoying them and getting the healing benefits.
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