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3.9 Average Rating
By CillaGirl
My 15 year old cat, Roxy, is feeble, but she gets around slowly. When I put her on the bed at night, she goes right to the mat! During the day, she sleeps on the dog's mat, which is on the floor! -)
Submitted on Jun 12, 2015
By Cat pad
For some reason my cat doesn't like it. She will lay on it for a few minutes and then gets off. But we will keep trying.
Submitted on Apr 27, 2015
It's difficult to say if this is helpful for my 11 yr old rescue chihuahua. At least she doesn't resist it. Probably too warm for summers, we'll see but will continue to have it one of her beds.
Submitted on Apr 8, 2015
By Ellen
My cats love this. They were immediately drawn to it, and they seem to have arranged a silent agreement for sharing it among the three of them. It is always occupied!
Submitted on Mar 23, 2015
By Jan
MI ordered this mat for my elder cat who has joint issues. He loves it. I am thinking of ordering another to have in his other favorite spot. It seems to help him feel better and move around a bit better. I highly recommend this healing mat.
Submitted on Mar 20, 2015
By Wonderful!!!
This mat is fabulous! My arthritic cat of 12 years just loves to rest on this mat. It is soothing and comfortable. Thank you for creating and carrying such a wonderful gift to and for a elderly pet.
Submitted on Mar 19, 2015
Okay. I bought this for me, after reading the reviews. I really think it works! I put it on my pillow under the pillowcase and have noticed I get a better nights sleep. I let my husband use it for a week and he thought the same. We'll be ordering another one so we each can benefit.
Submitted on Jan 28, 2015
By Rescue pups happy
We have two sweet pups 7 and 4 years old both rescued, one from a foreclosed home by a realtor!! And they really like these pads, got one for the 7 year old and had to order another quickly, they were starting to compete for the pad. I think they do feel more comfortable on them and they do like them. And they do not smell doggy!!
Submitted on Jan 16, 2015
By vj
My cats love their warming mats. I appreciate that the mats are washable.
Submitted on Dec 24, 2014
By Healani
It took a while for my cat Julian to recognize and get comfortable with the pad. I'm not sure if it is the feel of the material or just that it was a new and strange surface. I ended up putting a thin cotton covering that had been on one of his abandoned cushions over the pad and it is now one of his favorite places to curl up and sleep. He's getting old and has arthritis in his back, the pad seems to be soothing and comforting to him.
Submitted on Dec 14, 2014
By Starbuck
My 17 year old Balinese cat, Starbuck, has recently lost considerable weight. The mat has proved itself...where ever I place it, usually on my bed in the sun if available, he settles in purring contentedly. As a major added benefit, his appetite has improved!
Submitted on Nov 23, 2014
By Kaye
I ordered this mat for my 9 year old bunny whose muscles are deteriorating in his back legs. Since laying on his mat he is much more mobile. It's his magic mat!
Submitted on Nov 16, 2014
By ther-awwww-peutic
I purchased one of these pads for my dog who has trouble with a bad knee. He gets various supplements, occasional Reiki and acupuncture plus a homemade whole food diet. We are managing his knee well so I wanted to add this to his regimen. I believe this pad has pushed his situation another step closer to wellness. He's quite happy to romp, jump and spin.I also bought a couple pads for my husband and I to sleep on. The pad feels "cuddly" comfy on my low back. However, after 2 months of an ongoing family emergency, I started having sick headaches so one night I put the pad on my pillow. I felt noticeable improvementrelaxation of my head and shoulders after one night's sleep.At these prices, it's well worth a try.
Submitted on Oct 25, 2014
By cat mat,
my cat layed on this only once , he is getting old and changes places he lays so I don't know , he might start laying on it more when it gets colder.
Submitted on Oct 19, 2014
By Mardell
If this mat works how wonderful for my cats. If not, at least I tried. I bought it mainly for my cat Max, who has trouble moving. But at any given time, I find one of my four cats laying on the mat. I plan to buy more so each one can have their own space. What a nice thing to have this Winter especially when the weather turns cold. I am now a believer!
Submitted on Oct 9, 2014
By kumonlady
My 12-year-old doggie has not taken to this. But the weather here in the Gulf Coast is still hot. Perhaps she will gravitate toward it this winter.
Submitted on Sep 20, 2014
By Tracie
It took about a week before one of my two cats actually attempted to go near the therapeutic mat, but when she did, she seemed hooked. The other cat takes no interest in it, which surprised me, as he enjoys lying on anything similar to a towel or flat material. I'm not sure about the healing benefits, but my cat who lies on the mat seems happy and relaxed, and I guess in that case it is worth it. But I have no idea if she is actually experiencing any healing benefits, so the jury is still out on this product for me.
Submitted on Mar 25, 2014
By M
My cat Duster is loving his new mat. Being an outside cat sometimes it is difficult to bring him out of the elements but since I got the mat he tends to stay through the night to sleep. He's happy I am happy.
Submitted on Mar 19, 2014
By Marge
Unfortunately, my dog was not interested in laying on it. I tried it everywhere, but no luck!
Submitted on Feb 28, 2014
By Melinda
Our 15 12 year old shi tzu has bad acl's, other conditons and just old age. She lays on this mat most of the day. I notice she does not whine as much anymore and we have been able to dial back her pain meds. Not sure if that is the mat or just coincidence. Regardless she likes to lay on it and she seems more comfortable
Submitted on Feb 20, 2014
By Beepete
Our 21-lb big guy loves it - especially in this cold weather.
Submitted on Feb 13, 2014
By Debbie
I gave this as a gift to my brothers cats-one who is very arthritic and sleeps on a heating pad. He was very excited about the benefits of this new pad. However his cat did not agree and will not go near it but I will update this review in the future because sometimes it takes animals a while to test new things out
Submitted on Feb 6, 2014
By uppityredhead
My 18 year old cat is not impressed with this mat. Nice enough but nothing special. Advise passing on this one.
Submitted on Jan 7, 2014
By Jo Ann S.
My cat, Louie, LOVES this mat! He is an older boy that I had found seeking out cushions, throw rugs, etc. trying to get comfortable for what I believe to be some stiffing leg joints. As soon as I unwrapped this mat and put it on the floor for him, he immediately laid down on it in obvious relief. I have even found that he seems more attentive and alert since using the mat. I sat on a portion of it, myself, one day while grooming him and I found it to be pretty darn soothing for my old bones! Can you make one for humans, too
Submitted on Dec 28, 2013
By T Graves
Sized for a large cat, easy to wash, kitty likes it.
Submitted on Dec 27, 2013
By Angela
My cat went to the mat right away. He's always on it and he loves it.
Submitted on Nov 30, 2013
By Jamie
My 15 year old cat spends almost all of his time on this mat. I hesitated to purchase the mat as I was afraid he would not use it. He is resistant to change. However, once I got him on there it quickly became his favorite spot.
Submitted on Nov 24, 2013
By coloradolady
This item was touted in the catalog as a terrific pad for animals that experience pain. And that they may even be drawn to it and no longer desire to sleep with its owner. Not so with our dog, he could care less, in fact he often times noses it out of his way...
Submitted on Nov 19, 2013
By Grammy
Put it in my dog's bed, but can't say she has seemed any more drawn to it than her regular bed...
Submitted on Nov 16, 2013
By Kris
My 10 year old dog loves this mat. I have it setting on the hardwood floor by my desk. He will lay on it until he is ready for bed. I clean it with a lint roller as a vacuum makes a charcoal mess.
Submitted on Nov 13, 2013
By Stish
This was a gift for my parents' cat. My Dad, who has very thin legs, uses the mat on his lap to make the "senior citizen" cat more comfy when she naps on his lap. She naps for a couple of hours, then jumps up, all feisty. She definitely likes it!
Submitted on Oct 16, 2013
By Linda
My Simon loves it!
Submitted on Sep 16, 2013
By marier
Both cats love it. First came sniffing and circling and backing away. Now it's the go-to spot.
Submitted on Aug 30, 2013
By Not a hot weather product?
Maybe too warm in the Southwest for this - even with air conditioning. My three cat refuse to try this, no matter where I place it. Will update on any changes come the cooler seasons.
Submitted on Aug 23, 2013
By Susan
I bought the small size for our large dog because he curls up like a rosebud and sleeps between us on the sofa. I bought it because he has bad knees, and I've had good results with the charcoal wrist and knee wraps sold by Isabella. I wondered if the blanket would be eaten before I would have a chance to review it, and it wasn't in the house more than 10 minutes before there were two bites out of it. Sadly for Mr. Wookie and happily for me! it must taste TERRIBLE, because those 2 holes are still the only ones in it. It is soft and cozy and he enjoys sleeping on it.
Submitted on Aug 22, 2013
By Piglet
Cats use them & seem to like them . . . Recommended!
Submitted on Aug 4, 2013
By 2nd purchase
My three Bengal cats love this mat. So, I'm ordering another mat for the cat that gets left out when the other two are sharing. Despite all the places my cats enjoy lounging on, there's always at least one of them on the Therapeutic Pet Mat.
Submitted on Jun 20, 2013

Therapeutic Pet Mat - Medium

Bamboo Charcoal Pet Mat
Item #31465 - 30'' x 20''
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Our customers have had great results with our charcoal supports so when the company that makes them came out with a way to give pets the same benefits, we jumped on it. Read more...

Bamboo charcoal (which comes from sustainable forests in Asia) emits far-infrared rays as well as negative ions to bring circulating warmth, muscle relaxation, and anti-inflammatory effects to help melt away discomfort animals might suffer due to old age, hip dysplasia, and joint stiffness. Combine that charcoal with layers of soft fleece and you have the perfect pet mat. The mat also helps absorb odor and dander and protects your furniture. The other nice thing is that it is machine washable and dryer safe. Every 3 months, put the mat outside in direct sunlight for an hour or two to recharge it.

My 15-year-old cat loves this mat and spends all day, every day curled up on it. My dogs also sleep on their mats -- I put mats over their beds and they are choosing to sleep there instead of jumping into bed with us! So I know my pets are enjoying them and getting the healing benefits.
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