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4.3 Average Rating
By Lilybet2
I like this book a lot, but it is not just a cookbook with a bunch of recipes. It gives numerous suggestions on how to mix various foods and spices so not to get caught in a boring rut with your food. You will probably want to read thru the book and determine your taste bud style and then focus on those suggestions from there. Great options to choose from and good suggestions throughout. Can't help but make you a better and healthier cook. I only give it four stars because it is not a straight cookbook with recipes. But it does give you options aplenty to mix and match.
Submitted on Feb 12, 2014
By Judy
I must admit I have not tried the recipes, but they appear to be healthful, delicious and after stocking your kitchen according to the lists provided, can have an element of spontaneity I did read the whole introduction before the recipes and was delighted to see the mind, body, spirit approach. That is what convinced me I had made a good choice. This was a gift for a friend and I didn't have time to try the recipes before I needed to mail it.
Submitted on Jan 7, 2014
By Lynda
My husband and I are adopting the ideas and recipes in Pam's book to eat healthier and get leaner in 2014! Her recipes are sensible and easy as well as being tasty!
Submitted on Dec 29, 2013
By Texas gal
Interesting read but not a great cookbook.
Submitted on Jul 26, 2013
By Susan
I I like what have used of this book but have not really done much yet as I have been too busy with the holiday.season.
Submitted on Dec 28, 2012
By elle
The recipes are simple. What I like best is the section for sauces. They are easy and delicious. You can just make them and serve with a grilled vegetable or meat for a fantastic meal.
Submitted on Dec 26, 2012
By Muffett
Given as a gift!
Submitted on Nov 30, 2012
By Janet A
This is a book of hearty recipes and yet they are easy and quick to make. I have enjoyed several of the soup recipes and meal-in-a-bowl recipes. Pam shares her journey to weight loss and even includes a shopping list to keep essential items on hand to quickly prepare a healthy meal after a long day at work. . .
Submitted on Oct 28, 2012
By sparkletorch
I have been working on eating right and getting fit for some time now and have found a diet much like the one Pam Anderson advocates works well: good food in sensible portions. This book has a lot of great ideas in it and she shares some of her personal story. The recipes are also very practical for a busy working person. This book is a steal at the sale price!
Submitted on Nov 5, 2011

The Perfect Recipe for Losing Weight & Eating Great

By Pam Anderson
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I am so excited about this cookbook! Pam Anderson is the author of our best-selling Perfect Recipes for Having People Over. After writing her many cookbooks (for which she tests recipes over and over again until they are perfect), she had gradually become very overweight. So she used her expertise and skills to figure out how to revamp her life and her eating habits without skimping on the foods she loves and are her livelihood. After losing 50 lbs., she felt ready to share her secrets, and I'm so glad she did! Read more...

In the brief prologue she discusses how to introduce moderate exercise into your day and gives tips for getting to the root causes of why you overeat. The main body of the book is divided into sections: Quick Breakfasts, Deep-Bowl Instant Lunches,Teatime Bites (snacks), Before Dinner Nibbles, Dinners, and Desserts. Believe me, these are good recipes!

Just a few examples are Thai Chicken Flatbread with Carrots and Cilantro, Spicy Grilled Shrimp, Creamy Chili-Corn Soup with Chicken and Black Beans, Open-Faced Omelets, all types of pizzas, Chocolate Tartlets, and, believe it or not, Creamy Cheesecake!

Throughout the book she scatters 50 simple tips on cutting back (e.g., use low-calorie Melba toast on salads instead of croutons). Overall, there is a lot of information packed into this book.We are offering it at a great price, so get it and start using it -- you won't be sorry.
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