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4.7 Average Rating
By Joyfylspirit
Love this cookbook. Lots of easy recipes for comfort foods. Not for dieters!
Submitted on Feb 19, 2014
By Pam-N.Y.
I am glad I purchased this cookbook. Not like I really needed another cookbook but the truth is I love cookbooks. The name caught my eye and it is just like a family tradition but is brand new. It has simple categories like "something-out-of-nothing-suppers." Really nice!!!!!
Submitted on Sep 25, 2013
By Tashina
It is a lovely book, and will make a great gift for a sophisticated cook.
Submitted on Jul 25, 2013

Supper for a Song

Creative Comfort Food for the Resourceful Cook
By Tamasin Day-lewis
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There is nothing I love more than comfort food! Of course, as my mother says,''anything that good can't be good for you.'' And she is mostly right. Until now. This cookbook concentrates on budget-conscious, healthful, and satisfying food. It is divided into 8 chapters:''How to Cook a Chicken Again and Again,'' ''The Saturday Bake,'' ''Pot Luck: Single-Pot Dinners,'' ''Happy Food,'' ''Use Your Loaf,'' ''Supper for a Song,'' ''The Fruit Glut,'' and ''Something-out-of-Nothing Suppers.'' The recipes range from creamy risottos and robust pasta dishes to tasty and succulent slow-cooked stews made from inexpensive cuts of meat. Read more...

The author also teaches us how to transform leftovers into exotic suppers, zingy salads, and hearty stews. And then there's the baking chapter -- yum! Because the author is a British chef, a few of the dishes and ingredients are not your typical American fare.

The recipes use almost all fresh ingredients -- no cans (except tomatoes) or frozen food. They range from simple and quick to the more complex for weekend cooking, and I would say they are not for a beginning cook. Don't get me wrong -- they aren't master chef level, but probably a bit too complex if you aren't comfortable in the kitchen just yet.
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