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4.1 Average Rating
By Barb
Love,love,love this product, a little goes a long, long way, reduces dark circles and puffiness, looks like you had the best night sleep ever, would highly recommend this product!!!
Submitted on Dec 5, 2014
By Dorothy
Lovely cooling feel. It really moisturizes the eye area with no greasy feeling.
Submitted on Nov 29, 2014
By Auntie M
Great product Expensive but really l-a-s-t-s a l-o-n-g time!
Submitted on Nov 21, 2014
By Dorothy
Great. Leaves eye area refreshed and moisturized
Submitted on Sep 6, 2014
HALLELUJAH!!! Finally a eye gel that does what it says it will do. I love this stuff as you can use it before, during and after make up! It not only brightens up the sensitive skin around my eyes, but softens the lines that creep up in the late afternoon and evening. I will order this again!
Submitted on Aug 10, 2014
By NtnKtn
Liked it more after I put it in the fridge. The amount that comes out is a bit more conservative than when it is not cold. The cool gel feels good on these hot days and it does help itchy lids. But it does not reduce puffiness. In fact, I noticed my eyes got puffier the other day -after- I used it. Not a real value.
Submitted on Aug 6, 2014
By ystokes
So far, I can't tell any difference. Maybe being over retirement age means there's nothing that can be done for puffy under eyes! I use it anyway, just in case it's helping and I haven't noticed it yet. I've used it a very short time.
Submitted on Jun 14, 2014
By Anna
Even though it does not get rid of puffiness every time, when it does get rid of the puffiness it is amazing. I totally love the cool hydrating sensation around my eyes. I look forward to it every night and every morning.
Submitted on Jun 5, 2014
By Susie
Seems like a good product, but I'm allergic to it so I can't use it.
Submitted on Apr 14, 2014
Very refreshing and does help the itchiness and burning of my eyes. However, have not seen significant difference in the puffiness below by eyes.
Submitted on Feb 22, 2014
Quite satisfied. Eyes are looking better!
Submitted on Feb 21, 2014
By Jill S with my puffy morning eyes and the gentle cooling effect feels nice.
Submitted on Jan 19, 2014
By Elizabeth, CT
Finally!!....I have finally found eye-gel that feels so good. Oh, and refrigerating it is even better. I've had baggy eyes since I can remember. Now, I'm not claiming this product "cures" them. However, it helps A LOT! I am a contact lens wearer and most products that claim to be gentle are not. For me, a gel is better than a cream. It absorbs quickly and doesn't "melt" like most creams do. Love it! Thank-you.
Submitted on Aug 18, 2013
By Stella
Don't want to get up without it! Keep it in the refrigerator with the half and half for my coffee. Fragrance is very strong and pleasant.
Submitted on Aug 8, 2013
By Overpriced and Ineffective
I figure the staff must have liked this product or it wouldn't have wound up in the catalog, so maybe it's just me. But I swear, this stuff wasn't any more soothing on my eyes than plain water. I've loved just about everything I've bought from Isabella . . .
Submitted on Aug 4, 2013
Very cooling and relaxing--use it both morning to wake up and evening to cool down.
Submitted on Jul 27, 2013
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Sumbody Eye of the Storm Eye Gel

Calm, Soothe, and Smooth
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Good mooorning, Sunshine!!! That’s how I feel every morning when I apply Sumbody’s cooling eye gel. I like to keep a bottle in the fridge to use, though it provides cooling relief whether you refrigerate it or not. It’s like my eye area’s morning cup of espresso. Read more...

In a base of pure cucumber hydrosol, the mastermind behind Sumbody has combined aloe vera gel, German chamomile, and extracts of licorice and turmeric to create an anti-aging cocktail for the delicate eye area to increase circulation and soothe your tired eyes. A co-worker who suffers from allergies loves it for alleviating itchiness and providing soothing, refreshing relief. It can also be dabbed on over makeup whenever you find yourself desperate for that ‘’good morning, Sunshine’’ feeling, like before an important evening event or after spending hours in front of your computer screen. The eye area is definitely no place for parabens, synthetic fragrances, colors, nano-sized ingredients, etc., which is another reason why I only use products from trusted sources like Sumbody. Whether you’re suffering from a lack of sleep, allergies, or a hangover, you’ll see and feel great results with this eye gel.
Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel (Aloe Barbadensis), German Chamomile Flower Water (Matricaria Recutica), Chamomile Water, Cucumber Water (Cucumis sativus) Extracts of: Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra), and Turmeric (Curcuma Longa).
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