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4.1 Average Rating
By TwoShoes
Every deodorant out there has irritated my underarms believe me, I tried them all over the years. I thought, what the heck, I may as well give this one a try. So far so good. The only reason for 4 stars right now is because I'm giving it a good try.
Submitted on May 16, 2015
By Debbie
I bought these for my husband and he loves them. In the colder winter months, he's found they work well in place of deodorant. As the weather warms up, he's using them more to freshen up. Deodorant is needed for added odor protection. They have a lemon scent, so if you don't mind that, you'll be satisfied with this product.
Submitted on Apr 19, 2015
By moji
Very pleased with this product. It is intensely citrus-y and quite refreshing I will re-order this!
Submitted on Mar 22, 2015
By Jen
I like the fresh, clean scent and feeling after using these. You may need to reapply- I'll b getting another set to keep in my purse.
Submitted on Mar 2, 2015
By Gwendolyn
Not only does this product smell wonderfully clean and fresh - this stuff actually works! I will be ordering more of these - one to keep in my dance bag to freshen up after a class and one to give as a gift. I've never been a fan of chemical deodorants and I know the staff at Isabella is meticulous in their product research, so purchased this with confidence and will not hesitate to purchase again!
Submitted on Feb 6, 2015
These work well! If you are starting to sweat, these get rid of the odor. I would apply a natural deodorant after though, because though these immediately eliminate any smell, a couple hours later it will return if you don't apply something else.
Submitted on Oct 15, 2014
By Lynn
Nice frangrance and easy to use. Unfortunately, it doesn't really help with my odor. Also, something in this burns my skin, even if I haven't shaved for days.
Submitted on Sep 30, 2014
By Dorothy
I have only used it a couple of times but it really leaves you feeling refreshed and dry. it has a great citrus scent.
Submitted on Sep 6, 2014
By RobinElisabeth
These control my body odor for two-thirds of the day. In the late afternoon, I start to have problems. If I use them in combo with the pit powder, I have no problems all day with odor.
Submitted on Sep 3, 2014
By Dee
This product works great. It last all day even in 90 degree weather..Love that it is all natural.
Submitted on Aug 26, 2014
By Mary Rose
Love this product, no more wondering if the deodorant was actually applied and if it will have ingredients that are harmful if absorbed.
Submitted on Jul 30, 2014
By KateintheATL
These smell REALLY good, and are VERY convenient to have around. Great for freshening up fast.
Submitted on Jul 22, 2014
By Amanda
Nice substitute for your regular deodorant. Gentle and effective, except on really hot days. Bring jar with you to put deodorant on again or wear your regular deodorant. Sumbody deodorant pads are my go to all winter. In the summer I switch from regular to the deodorant pads. Your underarms need a break from all the chemicals, and these deodorant pads do just that.
Submitted on Jul 22, 2014
By NtnKtn
These are great. They smell fresh and clean and make me feel the same. I use them in conjunction with Pit Powder and am odor free all day.
Submitted on Jul 11, 2014
By Marge F
I love the deodorant pads and the fragrance! I wish they came in a larger size container so I wouldn't have to order so often. I gave some to my daughter, and she raved about them. Thank you for carrying this safe, non-toxic product that makes me feel pampered while knowing I'm protected. No more harsh chemicals for me. Thanks SUMBODY!
Submitted on Jun 18, 2014
By Irritating
I had to wash this off within seconds of applying it. Granted, I had just shaved, but the catalog says that should be okay.
Submitted on Jun 14, 2014
By val
Very cool product. Good for my run around days
Submitted on Jun 12, 2014
By Old Lady
On the con side these pads don't work well. If they weren't dried out when I received them, the pads are only half moist. The deodorant part doesn't work all day, but the lemon scent does.On the pro side they are comfortable to put on and not sticky.
Submitted on Jun 11, 2014
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When we first heard about deodorant pads, we loved the concept. There's just something about swiping the underarm area with a pad that makes you feel as if you're really getting the job done. Read more...

After I spent a full year testing one pad after another that didn't really work (sorry, co-workers), Sumbody saved the day.

As you may know, today's deodorants and antiperspirants are some of the most toxic things in the cosmetic industry. Not only do they clog your pores, keeping toxins trapped inside, but they're also filled with a variety of chemicals that can be very harmful. Perspiration itself has no odor, and it's actually beneficial for us, regulating body temperature and helping to flush out toxins.

Bacteria are what cause us not to smell like a happy meadow. (Diet, some medical conditions, and weight may also factor in.) These pads help to safely kill the bacteria that live on the skin, using powerful antifungal, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial ingredients such as organic grape alcohol, sage essential oil, tea tree, lavender, and mineral salts.

Mineral salts act as a barrier to prevent bacteria from growing on your skin in the first place. They also increase the pH level on your skin, which further inhibits bacteria growth. Also in the mix are witch hazel, a gentle astringent, and aloe vera to soothe and condition, making these pads gentle enough to use on freshly shaven or waxed skin.

Each pad is saturated, but because the product itself is not a liquid, it's perfect for travel. The fresh, clean scent makes them appeal to both men and women.
Ingredients: Distilled water (Distilled Aqua), Witch Hazel distillate (Hamamelis Virginiana), Aloe Vera juice (Aloe Barbadensis), Organic Grape Alcohol (Organol), Mineral Salts (Minutor Sal Salis), and sum Essential Oil blend.
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