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By CarolMD
Very disappointed is the best to describe this necklace. I ordered four to give as gifts at a family reunion. Needless to say, I didn't give them and returned them very promptly. The chain is very short and doesn't fit over your head. Plus it is very thin and looks like it would break. The "olive jade faceted stone" looks like a ball of cheap, yellow plastic.I will say that Isabella sent me a return postage label to mail the necklaces back and refunded my money quickly.Cannot recommend purchasing this necklace.
Submitted on Jun 23, 2014

Still Looking Up Necklace

Item #34304 - 18'' chain
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When I was 13, I memorized this line from the Diary of Anne Frank because I was so in awe of her spirit in the midst of such a nightmare: ''And yet, when I look up to the sky, I somehow feel that everything will change for the better...'' A little over 22 years later, as I sat holding my baby who was born profoundly brain damaged (after years of infertility and three miscarriages), I found myself feeling an unexpected sense of hope as I looked up into the sky. Read more...

Anne's words took on even greater meaning to me that day, and ''looking up'' became a way of life for me. Another 22 years passed, and I saw this striking necklace. I began to read about the woman who makes each pendant by hand, from pounding the metal to positioning the letters, and her story brought me to tears.

She and her husband lost their first and only pregnancy (twins) after years of infertility. Seeking a way to work out her grief, she decided to create joy and build happiness by combining two of her passions -- jewelry making and writing. Out of her grief, she created a thriving business as a jewelry wordsmith. Out of my grief, I created a fulfilling life working here.

Separately and in our own ways, each of us learned the beauty of ''still looking up.'' We're both grateful for the mixed curse/blessing that allowed us to chase our dreams. No matter what you're going through, my hope for you is that you'll find courage, hope, and healing from ''still looking up.''

The copper pendant (1.25'' diam.) hangs from a hand-oxidized copper ball chain. The hand-stamped message appears in lower case, and a small olive jade faceted stone drop dangles gracefully on top. Because each pendant is made by hand, every piece will vary slightly in patina and lettering, making yours a one-of-a-kind treasure.
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