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3.8 Average Rating
By Btrfli
I was skeptical at first but when I used it I could really tell the difference in my lips. I will purchase the other color soon.
Submitted on Apr 19, 2015
By color goodtexture bad
I love the color but the consistency is stiff and hard. does not apply easily. I am using it layered with gloss.
Submitted on Apr 4, 2015
By AnnG
The color is very flattering and natural, the amount of flavor is just right, and the staying power is better than any I've tried, BUT the waxy, heavy texture was annoying enough for me to send it back. So sad.
Submitted on Mar 11, 2015
Both tubes smelled so rancid, I couldn't use them. I really wanted them to work, but not that way.
Submitted on Feb 9, 2015
By Laury
Good ingredients and I'm glad that it contains some sunscreening. The texture is more like lipstick than gloss.
Submitted on Feb 7, 2015
By Glenda
I like this as a lipstick with lip liner or simply a quick zip on the lips around the house. It does stay on well and I like the color. More than likely I will order the other color, also. And no, it does not seep into wrinkles around my mouth.
Submitted on Jan 24, 2015
By sunnyhill
nice, subtle color. sk
Submitted on Dec 22, 2014
By loriel
This was a hideous metallic color, threw it away .
Submitted on Dec 6, 2014
By Pam Q.
Just enough color!
Submitted on Nov 30, 2014
By trusue
Works well for me. Gives me a bit of unobtrusive color for a couple of hours which is just what I wanted.
Submitted on Oct 29, 2014
By Janet
This is the only thing I have purchased from Isabella that is awful. It definitely is not a balm. It is so dry, it won't even go on, Rubbing it across my lips is like rubbing my lips with a piece of solid plastic. I am so disappointed.
Submitted on Oct 19, 2014
By Marla
I am allergic to lanolin and have looked for products that are lanolin free. I have been unable to wear any lip color, until now.
Submitted on Aug 23, 2014
By NtnKtn
Good to have an SPF lip gloss but I'm not wild about the color. It is not copper. More like a very glittery peach. It also smells a bit off so I'm not really using it.
Submitted on Aug 6, 2014
Do not like the smell nor the taste, but it provides a protective barrier even when you eat or drink. Color very subtle. Perfect for every day.
Submitted on Aug 6, 2014
By Alice
the color is good, but it does not go on as smoothly as I had hoped.
Submitted on Jul 26, 2014
By Judy
The description on this item states it is light on the lips but I found it as heavy as any lipstick, Not like a lip gloss at all. Too bright and heavy. Does have a good flavor but that is the only positive thing I can say about it.
Submitted on Jul 23, 2014
By Marge F
My lips crack year round, but this keeps my lips soft and moist in spite of the sun's ultra-violet rays. I'm a cancer survivor, so I know the importance of keeping myself protected from the sun. ALL GOOD LIPS protects my lips, keeping them soft and crack-free. I told my dermatologist at Mayo in Rochester that he should prescribe this for all his patients. The subtle colors even eliminate the need for lipstick. I love it! Thank you a hundred thousand times.
Submitted on Jun 18, 2014
By Louise
not as creamy and a bit hard to apply because it is not rounded on the top.
Submitted on Apr 18, 2014
By kkb
This is the best lip balm/ lip gloss/ lip protection I've ever purchased. And I've purchased A LOT over the years! The colors are great, they stay on & they look pretty. I'm buying more!
Submitted on Apr 7, 2014
By Teri P, Russellville, AR
Great color and goes on very smoothly. Like the fact that it has SPF protection for my lips.
Submitted on Jan 2, 2014
By GratitudeGirl
Feels wonderful on my lips and is a terrific color.
Submitted on Jan 2, 2014
By Mary
Unfortunately, these were a disappointment, as they are too waxy for me and do not provide moisture and good color. I won't be buying these again.
Submitted on Nov 8, 2013
By Love the texture
I really like the texture of this product. The copper canyon is a little more coppery than what is shown but I will try the other color with my next order. I like the idea of having a lipstick with sun protection that doesn't contain tons of chemicals.
Submitted on Nov 7, 2013
By Luscious lips with no fuss
Thankful for the organic ingredients and SPF! The copper is a great color for fall. One application lasts many hours, looks natural with a hint of color, and protects from the elements. Not sticky or glossy, wears more like a lipstick with benefits.
Submitted on Oct 24, 2013
By leeann337
Great moisture, gorgeous, love, LOVE this product! Looks very pretty, but not "overdone," sheer and lightweight on lips.
Submitted on Sep 28, 2013
By mhonora
Great non waxy feel
Submitted on Sep 3, 2013
By mzkyle
Simply love this product! It is an all in one that is easy to use and not have to fuss with a ton of products for your lips! The color isn't as intense as what is pictured, but lighter. It is still a lovely shade. I am thinking of ordering the other shade this comes in as well as it wears for a long time. I like that it doesn't really have a fragrance as well!
Submitted on Sep 1, 2013
By Barb K
Very smooth for your lips and color is nice also.
Submitted on Aug 31, 2013
By Dee
Loved to see a copperish shade - my favorite color and great for those whose hair defies description but looks like you put a bit too much sugar in your cinnamon sugar blend. Dry skin, need SPF always, and it stays on. Yeah, the lips have stopped disappearing as well. Thank you!
Submitted on Jul 30, 2013
By Practical
The SPF works. My lips did not chap at the beach the whole week when I applied this. I like the color, too. Works well for redheads!
Submitted on Jul 28, 2013
By Kaye
It's very nice to have a non-toxic lip protection. My lips tend to be dry, but it is just moist enough to deal with that. I was disappointed in the color. The catalog says it's sheer, but it is no where near the color shown. The color can be barely seen. Still, I'll keep it just for the protection.
Submitted on Jul 19, 2013
By Linda M
This color is excellent for my ethnicity - I am African American and Native American heritage. My skin tone has a yellow undertone. The color of this lip color blends well with my skin tone, does not stand out and my lips have stopped peeling from dryness.
Submitted on Jun 28, 2013
By sharon
This is the best for color, feel, and treatment. Worth it.
Submitted on Jun 28, 2013
By Scribbler
Just enough color for my tastes. I usually find lipstick a bit much, since I lead a casual life. This is just right to enhance my lips just a little.
Submitted on Jun 16, 2013
By LaurieW
I like this product. Wish it had a bit more 'gloss' in it so it would feel less dry on my lips.
Submitted on Jun 15, 2013

SPF 18 Lip Balm Set of 2 - Copper Canyon

Item #31338 - approx. .1 oz. each
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After having a pre-cancerous spot removed from my lower lip, I've become fanatical about lip protection. I'm even more fanatical about the type of SPF protection I use on my lips, since we usually end up ingesting the ingredients! This SPF 18 lip balm is my pick. Read more...

First of all, it's perfect! Made with all organic ingredients (except for the domestically sourced beeswax), it's the perfect size for when you're being active outdoors. Pure zinc oxide provides the SPF 18, and you can rest assured that nanotechnology was not used. (The mere thought of nano-particles on my lips gives me the heebie jeebies.)

The balm has a delicate, light peppermint flavor from organic peppermint essential oil, and I LOVE the color! I'm all about lipstick when I'm indoors or out for the evening, but there's just something about wearing full-on lipstick while jogging or in a kayak that feels out of place. This balm is the answer! It provides a sheer, natural-looking, apricot-toned color, making you look healthful and vibrant instead of ready for the clubs or, on the flip side, in need of a blood transfusion! And it doesn't contain carmines (a typical natural coloring made from beetles). It glides on effortlessly, leaving neither stickiness nor oiliness –- just pure, creamy, sweet-tasting, broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) protection in a beautiful sheer color. You'll get two tubes.
Ingredients: Active Ingredient: Zinc Oxide 10% (Non-nanoparticle) Additional Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Organic Beeswax*, Organic Calendula*, Organic Comfrey*, Organic Lavender*, Organic Plantain*, Organic Yarrow*, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil*, Non-GMO Vitamin E. May contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides

*Certified Organic by USDA/NOP Standards
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