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By Sowden Sofbrew 12-cup
I first got the 8-cup version for myself. I was so impressed with the coffee that came out of this elegant and super-simple brewing 'system' that I got a couple more for gifts. I eventually discovered that the 8-cup barely had enough capacity to share with friends. I happily realized that I needed the 12-cup version. Love it. It permits one to make the coffee as strong as you like, knowing that the taste will never be bitter (depending on the roast, of course). The coffee brand I prefer only comes in a fine grind, so there is always a bit of coffee sludge at the bottom but it is not offensive and can be easily avoided when pouring. The stainless steel strainer insert is a marvel of engineering, arguably a stroke of genius. It is a beautifully designed brewing system, and is a breeze to clean -- a bonus above and beyond the consistently delicious coffee you get. I couldn't be more pleased, and do not hesitate to give this item my highest recommendation, which applies as well to the other Softbrew sizes.
Submitted on May 13, 2015
By TheMama
I don't usually write reviews of products. However, this is one nifty little pot. I agree with many of the other reviewers who commented that this made the smoothest cup of coffee they have ever had the pleasure of drinking. Beware the fines on the last swallow! Unless you don't mind them. I do, so I end up pitching out the dregs. Clean up is easy (with much less mess than the individual filters I was using with my single brew machine). It is a delight for fine loose leaf tea as well. So glad I purchased this beautiful little pot. Get the 8 cup if you drink your coffee in mugs. 8 cups 2 mug fulls. It does chill down, but as another reviewer commented--the microwave is merely steps away. Buy it! You'll like it!
Submitted on Nov 2, 2014
By jim
this works as advertized.
Submitted on Sep 17, 2014
By Softbrew Coffee Maker - 8-Cup
An interesting way to brew very tasty coffee by hand. Wish it were a 12-cup pot.
Submitted on Aug 18, 2014
By elizabeth
This coffee pot makes rich delicious coffee. It actually tastes like espresso and leaves sludge in the bottom of your cup. If you want "Americano" coffee, you will need to add mild or hot water. I have been tempted to buy a Keurig but have refused. French Press coffee often tastes bitter to me. The coffee made in this pot has a richer more mellow taste. And the design is beautiful!
Submitted on Mar 22, 2014
By Wendy C
I absolutely LOVE this coffee maker. So easy to use and it makes delicious coffee. I am ordering one for my son's birthday because he loved the flavor and convenience.
Submitted on Dec 27, 2013
By ez1
Hands down, this is the easiest and most effective way to brew a smooth cup of coffee that I've ever used. Simple to use, easy to clean, an attractive and clean design, delicious coffee -- perfection, or very close. The filter design is a stroke of genius, leaving no grounds at the bottom of a cup like a French press however, there will be a tiny bit of residue at the bottom of the pot, but it is not gritty or offensive at all. No matter the quantity of grounds or the brew time, coffee is never bitter. I prefer a mug, and my 32-oz pot yields 2 to 3 fills, which is more than enough. NOTE: You might find yourself drinking the entire pot! Construction is solid, but any container will cool off, and there's no exception here. Double-wall construction seems desirable, but would increase the cost and alter the sleek design. Anyway, the microwave is just a couple steps away and readily raises the temperature. I am adding this pot to my list for gift-giving. Bottom line I do not hesitate to give this coffee maker the highest endorsement possible.
Submitted on Dec 26, 2013
By Rita B
I love the flavor of the coffee from this pot! It is so smooth tasting. My only complaint is that the top and metal filter become very hot. It would be nice if the filter had a small rubber tipped clamp for removal.
Submitted on Dec 5, 2013

Softbrew Coffee Maker - 8-Cup

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My idea of heaven is checking out all the new coffee makers at the annual International Home & Housewares Show. My fave and new coffee pot of choice is the Softbrew Coffee Maker. First of all, it's lovely enough to give as a gift to my architect girlfriend. Secondly, it makes the smoothest, best-tasting brew ever. Read more...

And then there's its versatility. Not only is it also great for tea, it's the answer for iced coffee using the cold-soak method. It couldn't be easier to clean, and seriously, I could fill a page with why I love this porcelain beauty so much.

It features an easy-to-clean, micro-thin filter that enables you to use any grind of coffee (or tea). After pouring in boiling water, you cover and let brew for a few minutes. That's it. Your coffee brewed to perfection is ready!

This method was invented by George Sowden, and the secret lies in the millions of tiny holes in the filter. It lets the coffee brew to its full richness while keeping the grounds out of your cup. You won't find anything else like it because it's protected by a worldwide patent.

It's perfect for the office, a college dorm room, or for anyone who would rather not take up a lot of counter space on a $250 unit destined to malfunction and end up in a landfill. George Sowden, you're my hero. Dishwasher safe.
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