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3.8 Average Rating
By toni
Submitted on Jul 24, 2014
By Lynn
Fabulous book. Very helpful reminders, even if you are a little familiar with body language. I will be lending it to my teen daughter, as I think there is lots of useful info for her, too.
Submitted on Apr 21, 2014
By Insightful!
As a person who is very interested in body language, I have found the information in this book to be extremely helpful in my day to day dealings with others. I have found the information to be well written and researched.
Submitted on Mar 15, 2014
By Mary Anne
This book has turned out to be a God send for my 19 year old daughter who is a Freshman at a private Jesuit University. Granted, she has had years of public speaking and being in front of people at a local and state level in 4-H. So I would say she is not a novice when it comes to the topics of this book. However, Alexa told me just the other day how happy she was that I bought her this book! Her university expects certain decorum from their students and how to make good impressions. My daughter particularly liked the segments on body language and charisma. This book has a permanent spot on Alexa's bookshelf. I think it is worth buying and giving it a chance. Not all writing styles suit everyone.

I have read the poor reviews. Don't know what to say, but for my Freshman in college it has proven to be a tremendous asset.
Submitted on Sep 13, 2013
By Annie
Boring and superficial. All could have been said well in just an essay. . .
Submitted on Jul 1, 2013
By lucy's mom
Overly simplistic and no profound insights
Submitted on Jun 18, 2013
By sal
Truly wonderful book. Full of so much information that is so helpful and interesting that we will be reading it for years to come. Also, you can pick it up and read a page or 2 and learn a lot that way too. Thank you so much for offering it!
Submitted on Apr 9, 2013
By Nita H
This is a fun, fast, useful read, most especially for women. As a counselor, I'm always interested in writers who back up their writing with solid research and she's done that here. It's a must-read for women, as our culture sends us mixed messages about trusting our instincts or rather, our ability to 'read' our environment in an incredibly fast, incredibly detailed manner. Unlike many self-help books, what I've learned from this one is applicable in every walk of life - professional, personal, at home, out in the world. Very helpful for moms with difficult teens, as well. She also has sections with links to video, which I appreciate - we all do not learn equally from words on a page. Thanks for offering this, Isabella - from a happy and loyal customer.
Submitted on Mar 23, 2013
By Judith M.yzenga
I am not crazy about this book. Ms Wood goes on and on and around the subject before she finally gets to the meat. It's just not what I was hoping for. I like a set of cut and dried rules without all the extra verbage. I have started to read it three times and just can't get into it. It's like she's trying to convince me how good she is, before she gets down to the nitty gritty, Sorry. I'll be returning it.
Submitted on Jan 28, 2013


By Patti Wood
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I am reading two books right now, this one and a compelling, hard-to-put-down novel. Which do I most look forward to? Snap. This is one intriguing and amazing book, full of fascinating guidance and facts. Written by a woman who taught non-verbal communication at Florida State University (Time Magazine cited her Body Language course as one of the most popular college courses in the nation), it is a gold mine of information about the snap impressions that occur between and following a hello and a handshake.

The book includes an insert for college students that the author created just for Isabella: ''Tips for Creating a Great First Impression and Making New Friends Your First Week on Campus.'' Read more...

Not to be confused with snap judgments (which involve stereotyping, attraction, communication styles, etc.), snap impressions are the thousands of units of non-verbal information we process in less than a minute. This book is about learning to read body language skillfully and how to practice and improve our ability to give and receive impressions accurately.

Of course, this ''snap technology'' is priceless when it comes to personal and professional relationships. You will learn to give the first impression that you intend to give; build your likability and charisma; understand how power or lack of it is communicated; read people quickly and effectively; how to get that rare second chance at a first impression; recognize whom you can really trust, and be credible, yourself. And on and on.

Along the way, there are generous references to links on the author's website that demonstrate what's just been described in the text. From handshakes, eye contact, smiling, and impressions you give in emails and social media to how to shine in interviews and be confident while socializing, networking, and dating, Snap is a go-to again and again book. Valuable for anyone not living in a cave!
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