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By Blanch
Still working on changing my brain. So far, it has been difficult but I can see the merit in the program.
Submitted on Aug 16, 2014

Self-Directed Brain Change

Rewire Your Neural Pathways for Happiness and Resilience
By Rick Hanson
Item #34638 - Compact Discs - 4 CDs; 5 hrs.
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If you are like me, you might feel that no matter how much self-help and therapy you have done over the years, some things just never shift. It's easy to despair about such things. Until now. Because now we have neuroscience and people like Rick Hanson proving that our brains and deeply entrenched habitual patterns can and do actually change. Even more exciting, we can direct that change ourselves. Read more...

Hanson shows us how with 19 guided exercises and liberating discussions about the ''negativity bias'' we all have as human beings. In Hanson's words, ''the human brain evolved to stick to negative experiences like Velcro and shrug off positive experiences like Teflon.'' That was so we could survive. But such neural structure wreaks havoc in our lives today. Hanson believes we can retrain our brains out of ''sheer survival mode'' and into greater well-being, mental clarity, and appreciation for life's gifts and beauties.

We learn to ''take in the good'' and allow positive experiences to actually rewire happiness and resiliency in our brains as enduring neural traits, rather than the chronic anxiety and stress most of us experience. I cannot tell you how hopeful these CDs are, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Listen to them alone, with family, with friends. Share them as widely as you can. This material can be truly life changing.
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