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4.6 Average Rating
By Peggy, Durham, NC
I love this stuff. I take just a little bit and rub it on the ends of my hair after I shampoo, and then just lightly towel dry my hair for a minute. My graywhitesome brown left hair feels silky, and I think thicker. I am now on my second jar, which lasts quite a while.
Submitted on May 1, 2015
By Sue in NE
I love this stuff! I just put it in my hair and go in the summer. Makes it incredibly soft. And in the winter when I blow dry it stays soft. I don't really have thin hair so I can really comment on if it works or not. I reccommend this to anyone who needs softer hair!
Submitted on Nov 22, 2014
By abramsazuma
love,love,love this product!!!!!!!!!!! Just placed a second order. Considerable less breakage, my hair looks and feels healthy. Thank you for this product. Cannot wait to see results with the Widu brush I also just ordered. Thank you!
Submitted on Oct 11, 2014
By K. Tennant
Love, love, love it! I use it as a leave in conditioner. My hair is soft and tangle free. I hate to use hair products because I don't like my hair to be crunchy. This is great and it smells good too!
Submitted on Aug 6, 2014
By Karlena
I love this product! I put it on my damp hair and leave it in. The only thing that lets my natural curls curl without frizz and gives my hair body!
Submitted on Jul 19, 2014
By LynP
When I started using this product on my aging, fine, and thinning hair, my scalp tingled with delight! Not only that, with twice weekly use before I shampoo, I have noticed a life in my short locks that has been missing for a very long time. I have also applied a bit to unruly eye brows! Thank you, Isabella, for this healthful product which I do not intend to be without.
Submitted on Apr 19, 2014
By ChristinaVV
I brought this product for my daughter who swims 2 - 3 times a week. Her hair was so dry and damage from the chlorine. After she takes a shower, I put this on her wet ends and comb it out and her hair is sooth and dries shiny. It also helps with the tangles when she has not brushed her hair properly. I did not notice any hair growth from this product. I also, used it on my hair and it is a nice moisturizing treatment.
Submitted on Apr 17, 2014
By Eileen
Several years ago, I noticed that my once thick hair was thinning. I read about this product and decided to try it. Though I will not say that my hair is back to normal, I do believe that it has slowed the thinning process. It smells nice and one jar last a long time. Every now and then I will spread it through my hair and massage it into my scalp and wrap my head in a warm towel for half an hour before shampooing.
Submitted on Apr 2, 2014
One of the best products I've ever used. Makes such a noticeable difference! When I use this product the beauty and feel of my hair increases so quickly.
Submitted on Apr 1, 2014
By Sheryl
I purchased this item because I believed this to be a DEEP CONDITIONER with the added bonus of a possible hair growth formula, which I thought to be a bonus. I haven't used it long enough to decide if it will help in hair regrowth, BUT this formula is absolutely AMAZING. One of the benefits that it does not mention is that I have such wonderful BODY! Not only that, my hair feels amazing. Before I rinse this out, I add a little of my regular conditioner, Lavera Mango Milk and Voila -- magnificent, manageable hair!
Submitted on Mar 3, 2014
By Amazing
These ingredients are truly outstanding. I love knowing that when I put this on my hair I'm not doing ANY sort of damage but ALL kinds of good. It shows. My curly coarse hair loves this stuff. I use it as a leave in product after cleansing my hair. Keeps the frizz minimal and helps keep my curls nicely formed. I've been using it for years now. The SEA-CHI face cream is incredible too. You just can't go wrong with this brand. Thanks for carrying it.
Submitted on Jan 24, 2014
By LynP
My first experience with Sea Chi hair treatment has been positive. I never felt my hair so soft and "alive." As the use of this product continues, I hope to feel the same. It's only been two weeks since it was delivered.
Submitted on Jan 9, 2014
By Colorado Shopper
If you want to promote hair growth, leave this in for thirty minutes or longer. This works great - my hair has never been softer and is growing back! Great!
Submitted on Dec 30, 2013
By red in kansas
My hair was thinning at an alarming rate. I am using this product in conjunction with a pine tar shampoo and am experiencing new hair growth. Hard to think I am not imagining this but it is true. Thank you.
Submitted on Dec 6, 2013
By Esther
Certainly adds body and amazing softness to my hair! A winner!
Submitted on Dec 4, 2013
This is a very nice product with a lovely scent. I use it right after shampooing and leaves my hair soft. As for the hair growth claim, I cannot speak to that but overall a nice product.
Submitted on Nov 24, 2013
By SEa-Chi
I love how this product makes my hair feel soft and detangles it. I haven't used it long enough to know if it will help grow the hair back I've lost, but I'm hopeful.
Submitted on Oct 23, 2013
By Golden Locks
My daughter likes this product very much. It was a birthday gift to her, her choice!
Submitted on Sep 28, 2013
By Ally
My hair feels softer and shinier after using this product.
Submitted on Sep 22, 2013
By Joyful in Heart
Wash your hair, dry it and then I rub a tiny bit on the ends. Gives hair volume and shine. I also massage into my scalp to stimulate hair growth. To date growth has been slow, but then I am mature and thinning hair runs in my family. We'll see.
Submitted on Jul 30, 2013
By jalaya
i have mid back length curly and wavy hair and this product works perfectly.
Submitted on Jul 25, 2013
By rhea
I am rating this as only a 3 star, because as yet, I have not seen any new growth. However, as a conditioner, it is great, and I love the smell. I am still hoping for some hair growth in the future.
Submitted on Jun 20, 2013
By marlene
I use this treatment on my hair after shampooing and it leaves my hair tangle free and silky. I have only used about two weeks and I can see a difference already in hair growth. I am hoping it will make it thicker.
Submitted on Jun 18, 2013
By Jean
This is a reorder. That means it worked.
Submitted on May 5, 2013
By DownSouth
Works great, I am reordering.
Submitted on Apr 4, 2013
By Yum for the hair
I have fine, baby hair. I am also thinning on top. I have been using this product for less than a month, and there is a noticeable difference in my hair. Yeah! Besides some new baby hairs on the top, the hair I already had feels better. Thicker. Besides all of those wonderful things, people tell me how wonderful my hair smells when they hug me. I have yet to leave the treatment on for 30 minutes. I use it in the shower at the beginning and rinse last thing. When I find 30 minutes to walk around with it in my hair, I will!
Submitted on Mar 20, 2013
By Zeebee
I had been warned about salt water on my hair before we left on vacation. This product kept my hair soft and unfrizzed. Sea Chi was a miracle worker. I now use it occasionally with my regular conditioner.
Submitted on Mar 9, 2013
By Marie
I've been using the SeaChi leave-on treatment for about 3 wks. Love the scent. Little goes a long way. Love the feel of my hair. Adds volume and softness. If it would actually regrow my thinning areas, it would be the ultimate product.
Submitted on Jan 28, 2013
By Michelle
Miracle in a jar!
Submitted on Jan 6, 2013
By Julia
. . . Smells lovely and has a great texture. Looking forward to seeing how well it works!
Submitted on Dec 27, 2012
By shawas
Doesn't seem to work at all.
Submitted on Nov 8, 2012
By sybil
Leaves hair soft and moist. I am using this cream to enhance hair growth. Had to get used to the scent odor initially as I do not use scented products ordinarily due to allergies.
Submitted on Nov 7, 2012
By Carra W.
Feels good, holds hair in place--I just had surgery that keeps me out of the shower. This Sea-Chi has helped me manage my hair well without the benefit of a shower. Thanks!
Submitted on Oct 19, 2012
By feels great!
I've used this before and . . . haven't been able to regularly so I can't give the best review but it feels great on my scalp, which is sensitive to many things. Love it!
Submitted on Oct 15, 2012
By Dissappointed
. . . I was not impressed. Smells good. Did not do anything for my hair. My hair is still falling out.
Submitted on Oct 15, 2012
By Liz Schultz
This is a great hair cream! I am usually pressed for time and at best can only leave this cream on after shampooing for about 5 minutes instead of the recommended 30 before rinsing off, and it still does wonders in this short amount of time! Besides smelling fantastic, the quality of my hair has truly improved, from looking like straw to shiny and healthy looking for the first time in a long time -- I am 43. It feels like I am doing something wonderful for my hair, and even with just 5 minutes it is like a mini spa treatment. You may think it is too expensive as I did before the purchase but it is definitely worth it. I have also never been able to grow my baby fine hair past my neck, but my hair is definitely growing longer now and the only difference I have made is the addition of this hair cream after I shampoo. One jar lasts a good long while, and you will notice a difference after the first use! I have never had any product work so immediately and so dramatically. Buy it--especially if you have dry hair that looks like straw or you have never been able to grow your hair long and you will be amazed at the difference. I intend to be a customer for life! Thank you Isabella as always for such wonderful natural products that truly work. I have never been disappointed by any of my purchases from you. This one in particular is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Thanks so much again.
Submitted on Oct 13, 2012
By Sally
I love this product and use it as shampoo, conditioner and moisturizing all in one. It is in my hair always.
Submitted on Aug 26, 2012
By Curly
Smells great. Hair is easier to manage.
Submitted on Aug 23, 2012
By srncallahan
The Sea Chi leaves my hair fuller and with body. My hair also shines and looks healthy. It does not leave any residue and my hair does not look greasy.
Submitted on Aug 21, 2012
By Evenstar
I love this product! I use it as a wash out conditioner and when needed, a healthy leave in styling aid. My hair always looks better when I have this product handy. It leaves my hair soft and moist, definitely causes my hair to grow faster, and I believe makes my scalp healthier too. It's smooth, it's creamy, and it smells nice.
Submitted on Jul 31, 2012
By mikin
I love this product. It is a bit pricey but it does work and I make it last. I am on my 2nd jar. I now have long hair and it is thick and healthy too. Thank you!!!!
Submitted on Jul 27, 2012
By by Cathy
LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I use it at night. It makes my "old" skin feel so soft and supple without the greasy marks on my pillow. I also use Sea Chi's cream for hair. Now I have hair like Jane Seymour's too.
Submitted on Jul 24, 2012
By Pat
My hair is so much softer and doesn't get tangled so easily.
Submitted on Jul 17, 2012
By Debmsw
I love this product. I put it on my hair once or twice a week. I "scrunch" it in and then go to bed. It really helps keep my hair healthy but doesn't weigh it down like daytime leave-in conditioners. I should add I have baby fine hair.
Submitted on Jul 14, 2012
By laury
I am amazed. Never been able to have my thin, frizzy, limp hair look normal. Tried everything imaginable. This is all I use now. . . no shampoo, no other conditioner or product. Sometimes I leave it in my hair, sometimes I rinse with water. Now I have body and my hair actually looks healthy . . . Still can't believe it. It's been weeks and only seems to get better - wow.
Submitted on Jul 23, 2011
By Denise
Absolutely love this product!!! It really DOES make my hair grow!!
Submitted on Jul 17, 2011
This product is amazing. It has a smell that makes you wish you could shrink your body down and jump into the jar. I have been hugged by people who have commented on how good my hair smells after applying this. I use a little bit every time I dry my hair with a hair dryer, before it is completely dry. I have long red hair and it is a big part of my nourishing routine for winter/colder weather.
Submitted on Mar 9, 2011
Love the Sea-Chi conditioner. I started using it last year after my hair fell out following a bout of flu & pneumonia and it has helped my hair regrowth tremendously. Plus my hair is softer and shinier.
Submitted on Jun 5, 2010
I love these products. They have made such a difference in the condition of my hair. Thanks for offering such great products.
Submitted on Oct 19, 2009
Love the Sea-Chi Leave-On Treatment. My hair is totally changed since using it. It is softer and shiny. -- JPl
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Sea-Chi Organics Leave-On Moisturizing Treatment & Hair Growth Formula

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I'm having a bad hair life. In my next life, I want Jane Seymour's hair. In the meantime, I'll keep using Sea-Chi's Moisturizing Treatment & Hair Growth Formula, because, so far, it's giving me hope! Although I have an oily scalp, the antiseptic and stimulating properties of Kombucha Tea are just what my sluggish follicles are craving, while my hair's dry ends gratefully soak in the moisture from the various vitamins, herbs, and oils. If you use it daily, you won't have to wait very long to see results -- smoother, glossier hair (and the rosemary, sage, calendula, marshmallow, and nettles are said to encourage hair growth). Read more...

You can either scrunch it into wet hair and leave it on for full moisturizing benefits or you can apply it to your clean scalp for 30 minutes and then rinse.For even more dramatic results, I like to massage my scalp first with a gentle brush, apply the treatment to my scalp and hair, cover with a hot towel for 30 minutes, and then rinse. Another great idea for whenever you swim in salt or chlorinated water is to comb this formula through your hair beforehand to protect it. All ingredients are Certified Organic.
Ingredients: Certified Organic Herbal Infusions of Coltsfoot, Chickweed, Nettles, Horsetail Slippery Elm, Marshmallow Root, Comfrey Root, Calendula Blossoms, Chamomile Flowers and Oatstraw. Kombucha Tea, Organic Jojoba Seed, Borage and Evening Primrose Oils, Water, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, Seaweed Extract, Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Calendula CO2, Certified Organic and Bio-dynamically Grown Essential Oils of Sweet Orange, Blood Orange, Rosemary Verbenone, Vetiver, Lemon and Peppermint, Vitamins A, C, and E, Sage, and Rosemary Antioxidants, Grapefruit Seed Extract. Tested on friends -- not animals. Consciously commited to respecting and nurturing all life.

The statements on the Isabella website are not meant to take the place of medical advice for any symptoms. Although essential oils have been used effectively for centuries, Isabella accepts no liability for any adverse reactions you may experience. If pregnant, suffering from a medical condition, or taking medication, please consult a health care practitioner before using any product containing essential oils. Please discontinue use if sensitivity occurs.
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