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Customer Reviews

4.7 Average Rating
By nemama
This moisturizer does the job without feeling heavy, and it has a light, pleasant aroma that dissipates quickly.
Submitted on Jun 5, 2015
By The Boys Grandma
Sea-Chi is an AMAZING product! I cannot explain just how smooth it is and how it immediately hydrates my skin. I had procrastinated in ordering my second jar, but I will not procrastinate again! I do not want to be without this wonderful crme!
Submitted on May 30, 2015
By Caledonia
Lovely cream - lightweight but rich. I've been using it at night, but it could be used during the day when you're not wearing makeup. Nice , very light citrusy fragrance. My senior skin likes it & I think its superior to other creams I have used, but I am diligent about facial care and have few wrinkles for my age anyway.
Submitted on May 24, 2015
By athenainsav
Soft, rich with a delicate and pleasant scent, this skin creme moisturizes my sensitive, dry skin beautifully. I notice it lasts all day long. I used it night and day, applying slightly less during the day over some sunscreen. Very concentrated, a little goes a long way.
Submitted on Apr 18, 2015
By lynn
What can I say?? Only the best moisturizer ever!!!
Submitted on Apr 4, 2015
By Sally
I enjoy the lemony scent of this light-weight cream. It is perfect for my mature, oily skin. I haven't noticed any changes or improvements in my skin over the last month, but I will continue to use this due to the scent and the healthy ingredients.
Submitted on Mar 8, 2015
By sea chi
I have used this cream for years, but I do add my own sunscreen to it. It is light and very moisturizing, again, love it!!!
Submitted on Feb 27, 2015
By Annie50
This is now my go to moisturizer. I've tried all the moisturizers Isabella sells, and this is the one I've chosen to use regularly.
Submitted on Feb 21, 2015
By Lisa
I bought this creme as a gift for a forty five year old guy friend of mine. His response was "love, love, love it". Enough said. His face now has a glow and wrinkles have eased. His face is still beautiful.
Submitted on Feb 12, 2015
By colorado
I have used this cream nightly for several months now. Before I purchased it I read some of the reviews. From what I gathered, people liked it but thought it was pricey. As far as I can tell this jar will last at least 6 months and possibly a year. I can hardly tell I've used mine. If it lasts as long as I think it will it is very cost effective.
Submitted on Feb 10, 2015
Love this creme! Smooth, non-greasy and smells great!
Submitted on Feb 3, 2015
By Shinyat64
Nice, light non-greasy cream. Nothing extraordinary, but very nice.
Submitted on Dec 8, 2014
From the first time I tried a product from your catalog I was hooked. Now I only buy from Isabella. Other products used to give me little white bumps..not yours. I love you Isabella.
Submitted on Nov 28, 2014
I've used Sea-Chi for several years. Last Christmas I decidedto give a jar of Sea-Chi and an Exfolia cloth to my sister forChristmas. She is undergoing chemo which dries out her skin.She e-mailed that she LOVED the Sea-Chi.
Submitted on Nov 2, 2014
By SunshinePancakes
We buy it every other month, we love it and will use it until it doesn't exist!
Submitted on Oct 25, 2014
By Mandy
I have used this for several years, have tried others but always go back to this.
Submitted on Oct 13, 2014
By Lynn
So far, after a few weeks, I am satisfied with Sea-Chi creme. Using it as a nighttime moisturizer, I haven't seen any change in my skin. Time will tell. I am happy that it has natural ingredients and appears to be as effective as the Origins product that I have been using for years.
Submitted on Oct 7, 2014
By Kim from Simsbury, CT
The last anti wrinkle cream I used caused serious swelling and ugly, raised red rashes over my entire face. My eyes were almost closed shut and I looked like I had chipmunk cheeks. Needless to say, I got my money back when I brought the product back to the store! I went looking for a hypoallergenic product that would restore moisture in my dry, sensitive skin and not irritate it. This is a wonderful moisturizer that has essentially helped to heal my skin! I also love the fact that it comes in a glass jar, due to concern over petrochemicals used in plastics.
Submitted on Sep 14, 2014
By Kathi Foster
I have been using it a couple of weeks, not impressed. I am an older client, I need a richer, deeper, hydrating cream, doubt I will finish this jar without giving up. I usually use what I have paid for to the end, but this is not doing anything for me.
Submitted on Aug 30, 2014
By Joanne
This is wonderful stuff! This is my second purchase. This time I bought two jars, one for me at 53 and one for my daughter, 26, who also raves about its properties. Our skin types have different needs but it is excellent for both of us. it is an excellent moisturizer for everything. Great soother for sunburned skin. This little jar lasts a long time and offers your skin just what it needs in a moisturizer.
Submitted on Aug 28, 2014
By mindy
This is my second jar of this stuff. I love it. In between the first and this one I ordered another moisturizer from you which I liked except for the pump dispenser that made it hard for me to get the last bit of product out. In future I'll avoid pump dispensers. No problem with this wide-mouthed jar. Lovely fragrance and texture and makes my skin feel as smooth as a baby's tush.
Submitted on Aug 20, 2014
By Elizabeth
This cream is a favorite of mine. For years I have been strictly a department store slave to a lot of high-end cosmetics and they all worked well. However, I thought I would give Sea-Chi a try. I have been a customer with Isabella for several years and it has never let me down. Sea-Chi has a wonderful scent that is "natural" NOT added. It absorbs quickly and leaves skin smooth and healthy looking. It does not clog pores so there are no break-outs. It's a wonderful night cream and this jar lasts a lot longer than the "high-priced" ones. I have been using Sea-Chi for over a year and I think I will continue.
Submitted on Aug 12, 2014
By NtnKtn
I have two criteria for night creme - 1. has to smell fresh but not perfume-y and 2. next morning my skin should still feel hydrated and smoother than the night before. Bingo on both counts for this creme. Truth to tell, I use it during the day too when I know I won't be going outside. It is heavenly. I will order this creme forever.
Submitted on Aug 6, 2014
All of your products are excellent. After 48 years (I'm 59) of dealing with dermatitis type of acne, my complexion has cleared up tremendously. Many thanks for pure, natural products.
Submitted on Jul 19, 2014
By lisa in virginia
Okay - it's more expensive than I would like... but I used my whole first jar (over 6 months or so) and I almost never use an entire product before giving up on it... especially moisturizers which almost always clog my pores up -- and then I kept the empty jar around trying to decide whether to order it again or not -- finally sucked it up and spent the money because I still haven't found a better face moisturizer that doesn't leave me feeling oily and makes me feel good about its ingredients. Scent is pleasant - almost a little lemony -- and my skin seems to take it up very nicely -- very light feeling. Great under makeup, wonderful at night.
Submitted on Jun 27, 2014
By A staple
I love this moisturizer, and it has become a staple for me. It's more economical than the other moisturizers Isabella sells.
Submitted on Jun 14, 2014
By Sylvia
I have used the same skin care products my entire life and liked them well enough. However, this year, going though menopause and struggling with dry, flaky and spotty skin made me try something different. I was sold by the reviews on Sea Chi and decided to take the plunge and try it. I must say, I love this product! I love the smell and the texture. I really only need a little to cover my entire face and neck it's silky and soaks into my tired, dry skin leaving it feeling and looking hydrated. While it's not a miracle in a bottle - I still have spots and wrinkles, but my flaky spots have gone and that's huge for me. I'll age gracefully with my character lines.
Submitted on Apr 22, 2014
By Sunshine Pancakes
We reorder every other month. It works great for skin and scalp too.
Submitted on Apr 20, 2014
By JadePearl
I've just ordered my third jar of this face creme so obviously I love it! It is so soothing and hydrating, yet not at all greasy, and works well on my sensitive, rosacea-prone skin.
Submitted on Apr 15, 2014
I have used this product in the past and am sorry I ran out. Glad to buy it again
Submitted on Apr 12, 2014
By Eileen
Have been using this for several years and love it. It is very light and disappears easily into the skin. Great day time moisturizer. Works well under makeup.
Submitted on Apr 2, 2014
By senior "youth"
I now buy Sea Chi 2 at a time. I am 78 years old and people Always guess 15 to 20 years Younger...Yes 15 to 20 !!! If I had stayed out of the sun instead of "tanning" on the beach, who knows...the guesses might be 25 to 30 years off the mark!..
Submitted on Mar 30, 2014
By sweety girl
Disappointed. Have tried before, nice thick cream, good scent. This time very watery and runny doesn't seem to have the same effect. Wont buy again.
Submitted on Feb 13, 2014
By Donna
I really like the Sea Chi Creme. I had a very bad chemical peel almost 2 years ago and it changed the texture of my skin. I have breakouts, red blotches and irritations. This cream seems to soothe and keep the breakouts down. I like the way it feels on my skin.
Submitted on Feb 3, 2014
By It's all good.
I love this face cream! It's light, goes on smoothly, but keeps my face moisturized even in the cold dry winters. I tend to try new products for face and eyes, but I never stray from this one.
Submitted on Jan 25, 2014
Fantastic cream for sensitive skin. Forty-nine years of being outside shows on my face and this certainly hasn't eradicated my "character." However, since developing pretty severe allergies and sensitivity to facial products, this has been a delightful find! I strongly dislike fragrances and heavy products and this is neither. I haven't regretted my switch in the few years since I made it!
Submitted on Jan 22, 2014
By Ginny64
I was not sure about this cream, but decided to use it for my husband who is undergoing chemotherapy and whole brain radiation. The skin on this head was damaged and terribly flaky. His skin everywhere was extremely dry after over 2 months in the hospital. When I used Sea-Chi on his face and head, within 2 days his skin had improved so dramatically I could hardly believe it. Really really impressive results. It clearly lives up to the claims made for its effectiveness!
Submitted on Jan 21, 2014
By RiddickGirl
No great shakes. Nice, light fragrance and not greasy. Didn't see or feel any noticeable difference. Will not purchase again.
Submitted on Jan 20, 2014
By Jill, MI
I absolutely love, love, love this product. I have purchased it for at least 3 years now & hope you never stop carrying this product. I am 58 yrs old & it is a wonderful powerhouse anti-aging cream. I use it in the morning & at night on my cleansed face. I usually don't care for any fragrance at all, but it is light & smells fresh & heavenly. It also absorbs well & the jar lasts a long time. NO cons to this product - ENJOY it!!
Submitted on Jan 11, 2014
By Liz
This is my favorite nighttime moisturizer. I would use it during the day if it had sunscreen as well! Very nice fragrance, and it makes my skin feel really good!
Submitted on Jan 8, 2014
By Becky
I'm 53, with sensitive, eczema prone skin. Lately, everything has made me break out in a rash, even "sensitive skin" products. Anti-aging products are the worst. This stuff is fabulous! I use it after washing my face with the milky facial bar and toning with the Jadience facial toner. A little bit goes a long way, over my throat, chest, and face, and it feels wonderful. It has a matte quality, but it feels soft and smooth, my skin feels healthy and moist, and my face definitely looks less wrinkly. No blackheads or pimples, either. This is a keeper!
Submitted on Jan 6, 2014
By chittavritti
Love this cream! Very light but effective, leaves skin hydrated but not greasy and doesn't encourage breakouts. Pleasant subtle scent. I used to use La Mer but switched because of cost. This works just as well as their gel cream but is a much better value!
Submitted on Jan 5, 2014
By Nina
Very nice
Submitted on Jan 1, 2014
By Karen O.
This isn't as creamy as I like, but has a pleasant smell and I'm not sure what it's doing to my skin - it's not necessarily softer - but there does seem to be a definite change for the better. You get a lot of product in this jar and don't need to use very much so it's a pretty good deal.
Submitted on Dec 15, 2013
By Lynn
This is an effective cream that absorbs into your skin quickly
Submitted on Dec 11, 2013
By Heidi-Colorado
This, along with the Phyt's cleanser, will totally get me through the sub-zero, dry Colorado winter! Love, love, love it!
Submitted on Dec 5, 2013
By Diane S.
This creme is AWESOME! It goes on super-smooth & little is needed each day to see a big difference! I will only use this creme from here on. So glad I found it!
Submitted on Nov 26, 2013
By Sunshine Pancakes
Wonderful as always. Works great on bald heads too!
Submitted on Nov 26, 2013
By Oilart
I really like this. It's very creamy, smells good, and feels good, too. Another plus is that it will go a long way!
Submitted on Nov 24, 2013
By Linda
Delicious feel on my hands and face.
Submitted on Nov 22, 2013
By Linda in California
I love this cream. My skin loves this cream! When you have dry, mature, sensitive skin, with Rosacea that's saying a lot!
Submitted on Nov 22, 2013
By Susan K
Absolutely outstanding! Decent quantity for the cost and incredibly wonderful quality. Lovely, natural ingredients. My 71 year old skin felt and looked better within three days--smoother, softer, all of that!
Submitted on Nov 18, 2013
By Betsy
I was skeptical that after 6 years of trying different moisturizing and healing creams for the psoriasis on my legs that anything could work. This creme has made all the difference. After using it twice a day for about a month I noticed that the daily return of plaques had ceased, I no longer shed my skin like a snake every evening, and the itching has stopped. I recommend this for its healing ability as well as the lovely soft skin that results. Finally!!! Thank you.
Submitted on Oct 29, 2013
By Sea Chi Creme
I love the consistency and light scent of this creme. I find it very effective as a night time face creme with my night time skincare routine. I have ordered it in the past and missed it when I ran out of it for awhile. I am very happy with this product.
Submitted on Oct 11, 2013
By Ro Rainwater
Love Sea Chi, first, for its name, second, for its scent, third, for its lightness, fourth, for its large amount, and fifth, for the price I get it from Isabella. The creme lives up to your "hype," and I'm grateful for that. I feel I can trust what Isabella says under its products.
Submitted on Oct 8, 2013
By reslts speak for themselves!
The proof is in the results. I have used it for years and I don't need to know what my skin would look like if I hadn't. This is my night and day healthy skin treat!
Submitted on Sep 18, 2013
By Bibi
I just love this cream. I wish it had SPF 20 so I could wear it while walking in the mornings.
Submitted on Sep 7, 2013
By jasctk
I love this cream. At first, I wasn't thrilled with it, but as I gradually used it, I started to love it. I really think it is keeping new wrinkles at bay and I have very few breakouts now. It is not greasy and you feel as though your skin is dewy fresh.
Submitted on Sep 3, 2013
By Kristine
I have used this product for many years, and I love it. When my son was put on Accutane for severe acne, his face became very dry. This product has helped tremendously in keeping his skin moisturized. It is gentle, yet powerful stuff.
Submitted on Sep 2, 2013
By My face loves this!
I am hooked on this stuff. I put it on at night after I wash my face and it's like my face smiles and says 'thank you' when I put this on. Very light you could wear during the day too with an SPF over it but I love the smell as I go to bed a night without feeling like a heavy cream is on my face.
Submitted on Aug 16, 2013
By S.Morgan
Awesome cream! This is my second jar and my husband and I love it! It smells great and just makes our skin look and feel better. If you haven't tried it, don't hesitate. It's the best skin lotion or cream I've ever used!
Submitted on Aug 6, 2013
By Sea Chi
Love it!!
Submitted on Aug 3, 2013
By Oldeastfarm
I haven't been using this product very long but I can say that I have seen an incredible difference in my skin's texture. I use it every evening and after a day in the sun and the pool I am not dry at all. It is great under the Benecos foundation. You won't be disappointed!
Submitted on Aug 3, 2013
By Joyful in Heart
Excellent face creme. A little goes a long way -- keep this in mind especially if you live in humid climates. I live in Hawaii so I need a very small amount for both day and night. Kudos to the creators of this organic product. And as their label states, May we all live in Peace. Regards
Submitted on Jul 30, 2013
By Luv Good Stuff
Awesome facial creme!! . . . As others have stated, a little amount is all that is needed. I have fairly sensitive skin but have had no problems whatsoever with this product. I use this cream on top of argan oil or other oils & they work well together. A healthy good-for-your skin product!
Submitted on Jul 7, 2013
By flotbard
Excellent product for the skin
Submitted on Jun 19, 2013
By Kate S
Love, love, love my Sea Chi creme. It is not "greasy" but still gives my skin that dewy look. Highly recommend.
Submitted on Jun 15, 2013
By Shirley
Have used Sea-Chi for several years now and really like it. Can't stand anything heavy on my face - this is light and absorbs quickly. I get panicky when I think it may not be be made anymore or that Isabella may not carry it. Please keep on having it in your catalog.
Submitted on Jun 14, 2013
By Sunshine Monkey
This product works great! We reorder it and will continue to use it. . .
Submitted on Jun 12, 2013
By pinewoods
This is the only facial cream I use. It is soothing and feels nourishing to my skin and smells edible. It has such good ingredients. It comes in a glass jar, for which I am deeply grateful. No plastic-petroleum-product-phthlates-BPA worries here. I honestly would cry if it went out of production. Using it makes me feel well taken care of, a moment just for me twice a day.
Submitted on Jun 8, 2013
By jojo
Great product! I've been using it for years.
Submitted on Jun 1, 2013
By the best moisturizer!
I have been using Sea Chi creme for years and I love this product! It is a very generous size, and with twice daily use I go through one jar about every 9 months or so. I love the natural ingredients and it always feels so good to put on your skin. It smell delicious too. I will continue to use this great product for the rest of my life!
Submitted on May 28, 2013
By L. Percell
I love the feel and scent of this cream, along with the healing properties and wrinkle fighting application. It feels so rich, but is not greasy. My face always feels soothed when I apply it. This is my second jar and I am a FAN! When my friends ask my secret to young looking skin, I tell them Sea Chi.
Submitted on May 7, 2013
By Angela N.
This is my favorite Isabella product. In fact, if I was only allowed to own one beauty product, this would be it. My face has never felt this healthy. Sea Chi Creme is moisturizing enough for bitterly cold Minnesota winters, yet not too heavy for summer, and never oily. I hesitated spending this much on moisturizer, but because you need such a small amount, it lasts for months. Absolutely worth a try!
Submitted on Apr 30, 2013
By Marie
Seems to me that it dries my skin and leaves my fine lines more defined. Thinking of returning it.
Submitted on Apr 22, 2013
By Carol
Really love this cream. I have been using it for a couple years and love the creamy, non-greasy feel. Also it smells Great. Every time I put it on my Yorkie goes crazy to lick my face. So it's even good enough to eat! LOL
Submitted on Apr 1, 2013
By Natural Lady
I love this face cream! I've been reading about it for years in Isabella. I finally decided to try it. It's very moisturizing, yet not thick and heavy. I live in Denver where it's difficult to find a face cream that is moisturizing enough. I use Sea Chi Creme morning and night. I'm so glad that I gave it a try!
Submitted on Mar 22, 2013
By jo
I've been using it for years and sending it to my mom, who has had skin cancer and has to be very careful about what she puts on her skin. What first caught my eye was that every ingredient is good for the skin--no harmful fillers. We also like the gentle scent, since neither of us is fond of strong scents. It's light, almost citrus-like, and not at all overpowering.
Submitted on Feb 25, 2013
By jfl
Lovely, creamy, gently scented.
Submitted on Feb 23, 2013
By Hon
Have always liked Sea Chi, but this last shipment seems to be a thinner consistency. Liked previous recipe better.
Submitted on Feb 22, 2013
By Senior Beauty
This is my second or third consecutive purchase of Sea-Chi Creme. It is the beginning and end of my daily healthy skin routines. I use it before I put on my makeup - It is light and cool, absorbs quickly - a perfect beginning for applying make-up. I apply it after I wash my face with a gentle foaming cleanser at night. I know my skin is smoother and healthier looking than it was before I found this little miracle. I receive many compliments on my appearance. People think I am in my fifties, but I am actually 77 years old. And have the confidence to work at the front reception desk of a busy hospital.
Submitted on Feb 20, 2013
By jmvs
I do not know how long my skin will like this, but it is so nice. There is a smell to it, but it seems to dissipate quickly. It is making my face look and feel so much better. At 63, that is a good thing.
Submitted on Feb 14, 2013
By texannie
LOVE this stuff. It's very light and goes a long way. I've been using it for years. And will continue. Thank you, Isabella!
Submitted on Jan 30, 2013
By marilyn kyle
Lovely moisturizer. A bit thick, but I thin it with a bit of toner left on my face. Smells great.
Submitted on Jan 10, 2013
By Felicia G., Pasadena, MD
I have been using this product for four years and it's amazing! It is so creamy and feels so light and fresh without being greasy. It's a natural for applying makeup over because it leaves such a soft and smooth surface that my foundation doesn't feel heavy or masked.
Submitted on Jan 7, 2013
By Helen
So happy with this purchase! Amazing light yet my skin is noticeable softer, clearer and break outs have calmed down. And it just smells so yummy!
Submitted on Dec 18, 2012
By Deb
I have noticed the moisturizing effects after only a few days of use. My dry winter skin feels revitalized.
Submitted on Dec 9, 2012
By Pam
Love my Sea-Chi creme. This creme is rich and wonderful for any type of skin. This is my second order and I plan on continuing to order this product because I can really see a difference in the moisture level of my skin.
Submitted on Dec 3, 2012
By Wendy M.
This is the nicest creme I've ever used. It only takes a tiny bit to cover my face, so . . . it's economical. My skin stays soft and supple throughout the day and I live in a very dry climate. I'd encourage everyone to try this luxurious facial creme.
Submitted on Dec 2, 2012
By jtrap
I've been enjoying this product for years. I buy one for myself and one for my mother, who has skin cancer and has to be very careful about what she puts on her skin. Sea chi creme is perfect, because there is no harmful base--every ingredient is good for the skin--and the light scent is gentle, not at all overpowering. I highly recommend it.
Submitted on Nov 24, 2012
By very pricey but nice
Again I splurged and this is a lovely cream, not something I can buy every month but
I will alternate it . . . and make it last. A nice surprise, and it smells lovely
Submitted on Nov 15, 2012
By Estie
I love this cream. It is easily absorbed, not greasy, yet moisturizes perfectly. Great!
Submitted on Nov 13, 2012
By chittavritti
I bought this to replace my irreplaceable Creme de la Mer gel cream. I have been using Sea Chi the last several weeks now and I am impressed with its light non-greasy feel. I am even more impressed with how it makes my skin feel and look soft, supple, and dewy. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for a quality non-irritating face cream.
Submitted on Nov 11, 2012
By Silver Sister
Product seems to be all it was written up to be. Have only used for a short time.
Submitted on Sep 22, 2012
By Sprout
I added this to my nighttime routine about a month ago, and I've been pleased with the results. Other moisturizers have caused my face to break out after just a few uses, but I've had no trouble with this Sea Chi Creme. I was worried about the cost at first, but I think this jar may last a year or more at my current daily facial application rate. I have very dry skin, and this creme just disappears in quickly and is not greasy at all. This has definitely made the skin on my face softer and smoother.
Submitted on Sep 11, 2012
By srncallahan
The Sea Chi Creme I love. My skin looks healthy. I apply the creme each evening after cleansing my face. I have had trouble with acne in the past and my skin does not break out with this product.
Submitted on Aug 21, 2012
By annie u
This is one of the best, all natural moisturizers I have tried! It smells wonderful and I can see and feel a difference in how my skin looks after a few weeks of regular use. I love the ingredient list! Everything our skin should have on it and no junk added! I have combo-skin and this is not greasy at all! This is a new "must have" for my day!!
Submitted on Jul 30, 2012
By Cathy
LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I use it at night. It makes my "old" skin feel so soft and supple without the greasy marks on my pillow. I also use Sea Chi's cream for hair. Now I have hair like Jane Seymour's too.
Submitted on Jul 24, 2012
Sea Chi has been working wonders for me. I am 76 years old. People think I am in my 50's which may not sound young, but if a product can make that much of a difference, it must be good.
Submitted on Mar 8, 2012
Unique items. Love the Sea Chi cream. Husband will use it also.
Submitted on Feb 6, 2012
By ljdn
This creme is really great! In just a few days I have noticed a difference in the way my skin feels. Love it.
Submitted on Dec 23, 2011
By Trinket
This cream is wonderful. I am trying to get all of my sisters to use it.
Submitted on Dec 4, 2011
So delighted to see so many natural products. Daughter and granddaughter LOVE the pumpkin peel - I am getting one for myself. Sea-Chi Creme is fantastic.
Submitted on Nov 26, 2011
Sea Chi Creme is awesome. I am 63 and when I have stopped using it briefly at times, my skin is not nearly as clear, soft, and dewy.
Submitted on Sep 29, 2011
Submitted on Aug 8, 2011
By Beth
I just began using this cream before bed a few weeks ago and I am already hooked. It is light to the touch, absorbs quickly, smells good, and best of all -- it has not irritated my very sensitive skin at all. It's too soon to see visible results, but It sure feels great going on.
Submitted on Jul 14, 2011
I live in Arizona, so you can imagine how difficult it is to keep your skin moisturized. I have tried many cremes, some are too greasy, others irritated my skin, and still others had overpowering aromas. I must say this creme is wonderful! Not greasy at all, my skin was soft and silky. I am so impressed that I am sharing with friends, they also are very, very impressed.
Submitted on Jul 11, 2011
By In Love
I love, love, LOVE this creme. It is pricey, but it lasts for a considerably long time, so is really not as pricey as it appears. I tried it once and am hooked. I said goodbye to my old moisturizer and will probably never use anything else.
Submitted on Jul 6, 2011
By Gee
Sea Chi Creme was my first order from your amazing catalog. However, after using for couple of months It hasn't improved the look or feel of my skin in any way. I do love your catalog and even though Sea Chi isn't working for me, today I am ordering Enessa Argan Moisture Gel and Jadience Purifying Toner. I am hoping for positive results based on your description. I should mention that I am 72 yrs old. However people always think I'm 50 or less because I have no wrinkles. Good genes, I guess because I have really serious health problems. Looking forward to getting my new products.
Submitted on May 25, 2011
Love, love, love both the sea-chi cream and the exfolia beauty cloth. I will be a lifelong user and customer.
Submitted on Feb 22, 2011
I ordered the Sea Chi creme, Pomega 5 cleansing bar, and Exfolia cloth and am incredibly happy with these products -- My skin looks 5 years younger and feels like velvet.
Submitted on Jan 13, 2011
By Designermommy
One of the best cremes I've used. I have very oily/acne prone skin, and my husband has extremely dry and sensitive skin and this is something we both LOVE. I've tried about a bajillion other natural and not-so-natural moisturizers before and since using this, and have only found one that even comes close. Totally worth the price, as a little bit goes a very loooong way.
Submitted on Jan 1, 2011
I love this stuff. I tried a slightly cheaper product that had good sounding ingredients but I'm back.
Submitted on Jul 27, 2010
I really like this as a nighttime moisturizer. It's too heavy for me in the daytime though.
Submitted on Jul 12, 2010
By Can I Say This
Every year as the winter turns to spring I get eczema, usually on my eyes. My skin gets hot and puffy before it peels, splits, oozes and bleeds. In the past only Rx preparations helped, but I don't trust the possible side effects.

The Sea-Chi company is probably prohibited by the FDA from saying this, and Isabella may have to jump in with a disclaimer, but Sea-Chi has healed me, and quickly. The skin is still a teensy bit dry, but there are no eczema symptoms. Last year's eczema was not on my eyes and was healed completely. I will always have Sea-Chi Creme in my home.
Submitted on Jul 1, 2010
I must be the exception, as I did not like this creme at all. Caused severe drying and blotching, which cleared up when I returned to a previously used moisturizer.
Submitted on Jun 15, 2010
The Sea Chi cream is the best. I feel vitality in my skin and my face looks 5 years younger. I just ordered the Lavere eye coolant roll eye cream & the Lifting serum. If they work as well, you have a guaranteed customer for life.
Submitted on Mar 20, 2010
Love this product. Am giving one to my daughter.
Submitted on Jan 16, 2010
I love this stuff. No matter how much I smear on my face it soaks right in. My skin feels so soft.
Submitted on Jan 7, 2010
By feztastic
Smells wonderful and I love that the ingredients are natural, but didn't really see any change in my skin after using for several months.
Submitted on Nov 30, 2009
I am two thirds of the way through my first jar of Sea Chi Creme and cannot tell you how much I'm enjoying it. It is marvelous. Thank you so much for discovering it.
Submitted on Nov 27, 2009
Love this product.
Submitted on Nov 16, 2009
One of the products that I started using -- Sea-Chi Creme, Argan Gold Elixir or Lavere Energy Lift Serum -- is making those pesky hairs on my chin go away and the ones left are softer. Bonus.
Submitted on Sep 27, 2009
LOVE this stuff. One jar lasts at least 6 months and is SO kind to my allergy-prone skin.
Submitted on Aug 31, 2009
I LOVE this stuff! I was never very good about consistently moisturizing my face. I decided to give it one more try and purchased Sea Chi creme. It is absolutely fantastic. My face and neck skin are noticeably improved.

I have very sensitive skin and was so happy to find that this caused no burning or redness. I also used it on my hand when stress caused my eczema to come out.

I will definitely be purchasing more before I run out!
Submitted on May 12, 2009
Sea chi cream is light and smells good and it's not greasy.
Submitted on Mar 14, 2009
I just received my first order, and am already loving the Sea Chi Face Wash, Renouvelle oil beads, books and other goodies. I have never before been willing to spend serious money on skin products simply based on what I read in a catalog ad, but I knew you wouldn't disappoint. You have established yourself as a trustworthy guide, doing the hard work of finding truly remarkable products and offering them to those of us who don't have the time or money to experiment and find the best stuff out there. I thank you so much, and wish you many years of success. -- KH

I love this stuff! I've suffered from lupus for years and my face is so sensitive to everything. The Neroli Spray and Sea Chi Creme are the best things I've tried in years! Please don't quit carrying them! -- LW

Not that I'm vain exactly, but my partner is 13 years younger than I and between the Sea Chi Cream and Lavere Serum, I am looking far more 40 than 53 these days. Thank you. -- EH
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Sea-Chi Creme

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I once took a class with a bevy of estheticians, and the subject of moisturizers came up. While each esthetician had favorite products she was devoted to, all confessed they were still searching for that "perfect" moisturizer.

When I was visiting my favorite tonic and herb shop recently, the buzz there was about a facial creme that sounded downright magical because of how it visibly diminished wrinkles. After looking at the organic ingredients, which reads like an alchemist's dream (every single ingredient is known for its healing properties), I decided to try it. And I basically haven't stopped talking about it since. Read more...

I personally use it as a facial creme, but it's also effective for burns, blemishes, psoriasis, and eczema. Don't let its light feel and easy penetration fool you into thinking it's lightweight in any sense of the word.

Prepared with Kombucha tea, jojoba seed oil (the closest to our skin's own natural body oil), Bulgarian rosewater, and olive squalane oil (to name only a few!), this is one serious moisturizer. Its light, fresh fragrance appeals to both men and women. Effective for all skin types.
Ingredients: Distilled Water, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, Kombucha Tea, Organic Oils of High Oleic Safflower, Jojoba Seed & Avocado, Organic Oil Infusions of Elder Flowers, Comfrey Root & Leaf, Horsetail, Rosebuds, Organic Bulgarian Rosewater, Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Olive Squalane Oil, Soy Lecithin, Seaweed Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Sea Buckthorn CO2, Rosehips CO2, Organic & Wildcrafted Essential Oils of Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Pink Grapefruit & Palmarosa, Sage & Rosemary CO2 Antioxidants.
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