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4.5 Average Rating
By Jacque
Within 3 days there was an noticeable improvement of the Rosacea on my face. Truly amazing! The redness is almost completely gone and the adult acne is all but gone as well! I was very skeptical of a natural product but I couldn't be more pleased. I've been using topical antibiotics (a prescription of Metrolotion) for years and the Sea Buckthorn Oil works MUCH better than my prescription. My prescription costs $160 in the generic form, so this is a much cheaper option. Anyone with Rosacea MUST try this!
Submitted on May 12, 2015
By Blueagave
This is my second bottle,and I use it before going to bed. A few drops is all you need,to cover your face or the areas you want to see improvement,such as fine lines and discoloration. At 59 I wish I had known about this sooner, but I am not complaining. I notice the difference and my friends can see it too, so now they are also using it.
Submitted on Apr 30, 2015
By Sea buckthorn
Not quite sure yet if this is working? I thought it was for aging?
Submitted on Mar 16, 2015
By val
Years & years I dreamed of creams & facial treatment oils. Now at the blissful, youthful age of 56, FINALLY! YAY! This is a great product. So much so, I go to work without makeup now. That says something about it.
Submitted on Mar 3, 2015
By Rocket
Boy oh boy am I happy with this Sea Buckthorn oil. I have been taking Sea Buckthorn pills to strengthen my flimsy fingernails and have done pretty well. Then I tried this oil on my face and just fell in love with how it makes my skin feel dewy and smooth. Thank you for offering this oil.
Submitted on Feb 18, 2015
By My jury is still out on this one
As noted in many other reviews, the odor of this oil is off-putting. It is not overtly offensive - just strong, too earthy and mildly unpleasant. It does fade away after a while - but the smell has kept me from using the oil on a regular basis. So with that caveat, I cannot say that I have seen any change in my skin. I was hoping to see it change some age spots - but I have noticed no difference. This stuff might work if I would use it everyday - but the smell keeps me away.
Submitted on Jan 23, 2015
From the first time I tried a product from your catalog I was hooked. Now I only buy from Isabella. Other products used to give me little white bumps - not yours. I love you Isabella.
Submitted on Nov 28, 2014
By Healthy Shopper
Used this on my face at night and could see a difference in one use. Had a burn on my hand and put sea buckthorn onthe scab. It softened it and its almost gone. Great product.
Submitted on Nov 26, 2014
By Good for both acne and surgical scars
I have extremely pale skin, on which the slightest blemish shows up quite vividly. I tried this on my aesthetician's advice, to apply to some oddly-healing surgery scars. After reading the reviews, I decided to try it on a troublesome area of chronic adult acne. Literally the next morning, my husband said, "Wait -- are you wearing make-up?" right after we woke up.Gratifying, right? I've been really surprised at how quickly the initial improvement on both the acne and the scars have been. Neither has disappeared completely yet -- that incredibly swift start led me to over-hope -- but for me, at least, this has worked better than anything else I have ever tried for acne and redness that had made my aesthetician rend her garments for years.The smell is well, let's just say that it's noticeable. Vaguely compost-like. If I apply the oil before my facial moisturizer, though, I can't smell it at all afterward. And for the body, I just follow it with something essential oil-scented. A little extra effort, but well worth it!
Submitted on Oct 23, 2014
By KimD
Let me say first that I have sensory processing sensitivity and am very sensitive to smells. I am also pretty opinionated about what doesn't smell good. I really hesitated on purchasing this item because of the comments about the smell, and I'm so glad I went ahead and bought it. It doesn't smell good, but it doesn't smell horrible either. It doesn't have a sharp, acrid smell that would not have worked for me. It's an earthy smell that really isn't that bad, and it does dissipate very quickly. I've been using it for about 2 weeks, and my skin is noticeably smoother and more healthy looking. I've also used it on some recent boo boos and it's helping them heal with less scarring. I have rosacea, and this product seems to calm it down a bit as well. I will definitely purchase it again when I'm out.
Submitted on Oct 8, 2014
By M in Virginia
I have seen wonderful improvement in skin health and a decrease in age-related damage and wrinkling since I started using the sea buckthorn oil on face, decolletage. and backs of hands. However, it has not improved my rosacea, for which I had been so hopeful.
Submitted on Sep 7, 2014
By Rejoices
It WORKS, keeps my skin soft and youthful looking. Plus if you add a couple drops into your Hair Conditioner WOW, it helps with dry unmanageable hair. I can feel and see the difference. Very Satisfied.
Submitted on Aug 15, 2014
Does just what it promises and more. Saw difference the first day. Does smell odd at first but soon dissipates. Love it.
Submitted on Aug 6, 2014
By Dorothee
I like this oil so much that I bought it again. I put it on at night after cleansing and serum. You only need a few drops. It makes my 52 year old face very smooth.
Submitted on Jul 22, 2014
By Val
I love sea buckthorn seed oil! I'm 38, and I've been having problems with adult acne for years. Sometimes I'd have bumps, sometimes my skin would be dry, and sometimes it would look quite red. I finally figured out that I have rosacea. I decided to try the sea buckthorn seed oil because it is supposed to help rosacea. Wow! I can't believe the difference in my skin after using this oil for two weeks. Not only are almost all of the red acne marks gone, but my skin looks more youthful and healthy overall. I just want to remind women to take the warning about not using when pregnant or nursing seriously because sea buckthorn is a blood thinner.
Submitted on Jun 12, 2014
By Kathy
I love this product! This is the first time my rosacea has been tamed. My skin is soft, redness has diminished and the dryness completely gone! There is an odor that vanishes very quickly and is at first very earthy but not objectionable. All in all a wonderful product!
Submitted on Apr 16, 2014
By Deanna
I am using this as a nighttime moisturizer based on the catalog copy. Not wild about the smell, although it does dissipate quickly. It is effective but I will probably not buy again I would prefer something that is not straight up oil, and would like to find a product that is creamy, and provides more hydrating and plumping.
Submitted on Apr 12, 2014
By Green eyed girl
I like the way this makes my skin feel, and I actually like the "earthy" fragrance.
Submitted on Mar 25, 2014
By Catherine K.
I can't see that this product reduces age spots, as I believe the review mentioned, but I still like the way it makes my skin feel and I have reordered.
Submitted on Mar 7, 2014
By donna
Like the product a lot. I use it as my night time moisturizer. Not oily and absorbs nicely into my skin. Seems to help my redness and breakouts caused by a botched chemical peel a couple of years ago. Would recommend highly.
Submitted on Feb 25, 2014
By Jean
The smell is pretty bad & I don't think it fades after being on your face...
Submitted on Feb 14, 2014
By ekil
After a few nightly applications I found this to help my rosacea calm down. While it doesn't smell great kind of a blend of horse sweat and decaying grass, it's earthy and I really don't mind it because my skin looks better.
Submitted on Jan 9, 2014
By Susan Atom
This oil is amazing! It cleared up my rosacea in just a few days! I love it!
Submitted on Jan 2, 2014
By Joanie
I LOVE this product. I have tried everything on and around my eyes. Sibu has really made a noticeable difference in the puffiness, and the wrinkles. I still marvel that I can have both on the same area. Anyway, I just ordered 3 more bottles. I won't be without it.
Submitted on Dec 30, 2013
By Sea Buckhorn Seed Oil
This product saved my face! I have had Rosacea for a couple of years and it would come and go but always gave me a hard time. This year Psoriasis came along with it. My face was covered with sores. When I started using this product the sores calmed down and now all are healed. It was a miracle for me and I will keep it close at hand always.
Submitted on Dec 30, 2013
By Good Oil for Great Skin!
I think I'm beginning to notice a positive change in the way my skin looks and feels! Great product, at a terrific price!
Submitted on Dec 29, 2013
By Great stuff!!!
I read many of the reviews before making my decision which product to buy. This oil is amazing - yes, the odor isn't a flower garden but it quickly dissipates and the oil isn't greasy after application. It is one that I recommend and will purchase again. I use it after I wash and towel dry my skin.
Submitted on Dec 27, 2013
By Gym girl
I have been using this product for about 3 weeks. My face is more hydrated & smoother than before. I use it morning & night.
Submitted on Nov 25, 2013
By beverley
The sea buckthorn seed oil has helped my rosacea immensely. I read a review in the catalogue and took a chance. I am very happy. I have tried everything that is out there! Thank-you Isabella.
Submitted on Nov 25, 2013
By happybuyer
I am 60 years old and have many skin issues like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. Sea buckthorn seed oil works wonders for them all. I use it primarily for rosacea. It soaks in quickly and helps to keep the redness down.
Submitted on Nov 18, 2013
By PattiK
I was having a very hard time dealing with both rosacea and psoriasis especially on my face. I have been using the Sea Buckthorn oil every night and my face is finally looking better. My Dermatologist had given me 3 prescriptions that didn't help after a while, so this product saved my face. Thank you Isabella Catalog for offering such great products!
Submitted on Nov 17, 2013
By suzy
I ordered this for my face, just because the reviews sounded good and I sometimes have redness, but haven't tried it yet. I read on the label that it was good for acne, though, and my 14 year old who has severe, inflamed acne tried it. It really helped tremendously with the inflammation. When he puts it on at night, his face is MUCH less red. Unfortunately, it looks a little oily and has a slight smell, so he doesn't want to use it in the morning before school. I think that if he used it morning and night he would be very pleased. Think it's a great product for acne.
Submitted on Oct 6, 2013
By erintodd
I've been using this for a variety is issues, and have been pleased with it so far. I put it on acne spots and scars, as well as any patches of eczema, and find that all it takes is a few drops to make a big difference!
Submitted on Sep 28, 2013
By Martie
Love this product. Even seems to help with puffy eyes from lack of sleep. Keeps the skin around my eyes moist.
Submitted on Sep 23, 2013
By Shirley
It absorbs readily into the skin and no icky, greasy feeling. Skin feels quite smooth.
Submitted on Sep 10, 2013
By good skin
Not sure I needed this to help with a rash on my neck. Didn't seem to do a thing---maybe the rash had been a reaction . . .
Submitted on Aug 16, 2013
By Dee
Dermatologist appointment this Friday. I have a feeling she's going to be amazed. Almost through the bottle all ready, but have been using it on that elbow that has been leaned on for over 70 years, old melanoma scars, and wherever my monthly melanoma check takes me. I may even be fading out a few freckles. LOVE it. Oh, the face! Well, I start there and no, I don't look like June Cleaver but I don't mind what I see.
Submitted on Jul 30, 2013
By Cecelia
I reordered this because it really works.
Submitted on Jun 30, 2013
By bmarie
After trying many, many products over many years that ultimately made no difference in my rosacea symptoms, this has been shockingly effective! Thank you! . . .
Submitted on Jun 14, 2013
By lizzy's mom
I haven't used this long enough to notice any real difference in my skin. But, after I wash my face and apply this oil it feels great like I've really done something positive to care for skin. The smell is different, but not at all offensive.
Submitted on Jun 13, 2013
By Sherry
I saw results after first use. My face feels so soft and complexion has evened out. Also use it on my nails and it gets rid of the cuticles. Love, love this product! Am ordering another one today. You can't go wrong by trying this oil.
Submitted on May 19, 2013
By Donneine
I've been using argon oil and after reading about the benefits of the sea buckthorn oil I switched. I haven't been using it that long, but so far I do like what I see.
Submitted on May 5, 2013
By Peggy
Love this stuff. I tried the prescription meds for my rosacea and they did nothing to help. I still have the rosacea , but after using this product it looks a great deal better. The redness is much less. Thank you!
Submitted on May 2, 2013
By Abbe
This stuff is amazing! I use about three drops on my face in the morning before I put on my moisturizer and about 3 drops at night mixed in with my nighttime moisturizer. After about 2 weeks, I've noticed my skin is significantly softer and the tone more even. The smell definitely takes getting used to, but it dissipates fairly quickly. The bottle is REALLY tiny but the dropper helps ensure no oil is wasted.
Submitted on Apr 26, 2013
By Dee
This oil does exactly what it says it will do! I finally have some relief and healing for my skin!
Submitted on Jan 24, 2013
By jqline37atx
This is just wonderful! A little goes a long way. The scent grows on you!
Submitted on Jan 17, 2013
Very impressed with this product. Never before have I had any success with treating chronic facial blotchiness, but this product worked in days. . .
Submitted on Jan 8, 2013
By Gayle
After several applications, only a minimal improvement of scaly patches. Do not care for the aroma.
Submitted on Jan 7, 2013
By Linda D
This is great. Sinks in quickly and I can feel an immediate softness. My skin drys quickly in the cold and this helps a lot.
Submitted on Jan 3, 2013
By Leaves skin smooth
Reasonably priced. I may be too old to think my little bumps and skin problems can be cured with any product but this feels great on my skin and since people are always commenting on how nice my skin looks, at 63 what more do I really want
Submitted on Dec 26, 2012
By Woodsy and wonderful
I LOVE this stuff! I pat it on before bed and wake up with baby soft skin! It smells like a walk in the woods after it rains...seriously, there is no unpleasantness about it!
Submitted on Dec 7, 2012
By DeeDee
Love this stuff! I have started to use it in place of the night cream I've used for years. I've noticed that my skin is soft and the oil seems to help keep it free from blemishes. I plan on introducing this to all my friends!
Submitted on Dec 2, 2012
By Nancy D
At age 51 I have been having annoying acne forever....and this oil ! has helped immensely. I think it soothes my skin, gets rid of redness and irritation. With my skin changing this has been a blessing. I'm going to let my teenage son try it next. I'll leave an update after I do.
Submitted on Nov 11, 2012
By Melody
At 43 my skin seemed to need something different than a moisturizing cream. This oil was that solution. I use it right after toning while my face is moist. My skin just drinks it in. It is a very good product and I will buy it again. The smell doesn't bother me a bit. As someone else said "earthy." I agree. If anyone is not satisfied with their facial cream, try this product.
Submitted on Nov 8, 2012
By Wow!
I had a bad excema outbreak on my cheeks, and this cleared it up in a day! I have been using it nightly and have been thrilled withe the results. I much prefer using this to the steroidal creams that had been prescribed to me. Side benefits included the immediate clearing of a couple of imbedded whiteheads that had been resistant to other treatment.

I also tried this with the fabulous Creme de la Creme face mask, and oh my gosh -- I could not believe how fabulous my skin looked. I got so many compliments, including a "did you have something done" question!

The smell is not offensive, it just smells botanical to me. My cat happens to love the smell and comes running to sniff my face after I've applied it.
Submitted on Oct 19, 2012
By Gabby
This amazing oil even softens my granny whiskers!
Submitted on Oct 19, 2012
By Ann
I love this. It makes my face so smooth.
Submitted on Oct 10, 2012
By Lori La
I love this product. My skin looks the best it has in years. I'm buying 3 more and giving one to my daughter
Submitted on Sep 28, 2012
By Susan L.
I bought this product after reading about it in the Isabella catalog and elsewhere. As it has a relatively inexpensive price, I didn't have much to lose if it didn't help my sun-induced rosacea and dryer skin. Fortunately, it helps with both and keeps my overly sensitive skin calm! I have to use more than the directions indicate when I apply it to my whole face, but since I only use it on too-much-sun days, the bottle lasts a while. I am now on my second bottle, which has a dropper instead of the old shaker top that produced very little oil with each shake. I prefer the dropper.
Submitted on Sep 22, 2012
By Lauri
I would highly recommend the Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil. It's very effective and well worth the price!
Submitted on Aug 27, 2012
By Laura - Kingman, AZ
This oil is really nice. It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling conditioned without being greasy. I rather like the earthy fragrance!
Submitted on Aug 17, 2012
By Abby
Initially I didn't care for the smell, but I've gotten use to it. I am seeing a lightening of dark spots and not suffered any breakouts. Just 2 drops on my face while it is still damp after washing it before bed seems to do the trick.
Submitted on Aug 14, 2012
By cricket
You're right, it does not smell good at first, but the odor subsides. I have used the product on one side of my face to see if I could tell a difference and so far I cannot. I have sensitive skin but I have had no negative reaction, which is good. I will finish the bottle and then determine if I will reorder.
Submitted on Aug 11, 2012
By Debett2
Soaks in pretty quick. Leaves skin feeling soft. Still feels good in morning.
Submitted on Aug 2, 2012
By Friendly shopper
Great, works well for acne as in my case while being gentle to the skin. Smells earthy. I like it as a night oil because it is so rich.
Submitted on Jul 20, 2012
By kh
I ordered this as it was suggested as a substitute for the Rosehip oil that you no longer carry. Unfortunately it does not support/heal my skin as the Rosehip did! Please bring back the rosehip oil!!
Submitted on Sep 7, 2011
By Ana
I've always had problems with my skin -- if it's not too dry it gets too oily. I tried proactiv but it didn't work for me. My sister told me about this product and I sent for it. It was my first bottle and I have amazing results -- not even going weekly to get a facial, my skin looks so good. Before I had to use a concealer for blochines on my cheeks and now I only use powder as makeup -- its great.
Submitted on Aug 25, 2011
By Kris
Love this therapeutic oil. Melts right into my skin, great results quickly. I will definitely order more!
Submitted on Jul 16, 2011
By gt
Haven't seen any difference yet, as of 2 weeks.
Submitted on Jul 16, 2011
By Sea Buckthorn oil
It is what I expected, and there were not any problems with the ordering process.
Submitted on Jul 13, 2011
By Wendy
This is one product that works. I bought it for my husband and honestly as soon as he used it you could see results. I'll keep one around just in case!
Submitted on Jul 5, 2011
By Jess
Great! Love it!
Submitted on Jun 29, 2011
I am a repeat customer--many times over. On this trip I've returned yet again for the sea buckthorn oil, Estrella toothpaste, Lavera mango milk shampoo, and picked up another perfect gift.
Submitted on Jun 9, 2011
I occasionally get eczema around my joints. On my latest breakout, I applied this oil and within minutes the itch and swelling disappeared. Really! It came back several hours later until this 'bout' was over so I carried this little bottle with me for three days - applying more when the itch returned. This works much better for me than any of the drug store anti-itch meds and I feel a lot better about using this natural remedy over some the prescription creams I used to use. And, it is just as effective, if not more effective, than the prescriptions.
Submitted on May 27, 2011
By application makes all the difference
At first, I followed the instructions in the description for application and simply applied it after cleansing before bed. I washed and dried my face and proceeded to apply the oil. However, it took copious amounts of the oil to cover my face and it only seemed to sit on top of my skin. Then after about 6 weeks of that, I gave up and there it sat in my cabinet. Then I ran across some instructions online about using essential oils in your skincare. The recommendation was to apply while the skin is still wet and what a difference that made! I am now ordering my second bottle because I love it. And I am not bothered by the scent at all, in fact, I find it very pleasant.

Hello from one of the Isabella estheticians! I’m so happy the Sea Buckthorn oil is making a big difference for you. Any oil or moisturizer should always be applied when your face is damp, as this helps to seal in the hydrating benefits, and as you’ve found out, it does make a difference in how the your product absorbs! I notice you mentioned that the instructions you found online were for using essential oils. So there’s no confusion for others here, I’m thinking you just meant oils and not essential oils, right There actually are no essential oils in the sea buckthorn oil we carry. It’s 100 sea buckthorn seed oil. Essential oils used in aromatherapy and for their therapeutic and preservative qualities are very different from other oils such as argan, sea buckthorn, olive, etc. Essential oils are the concentrated extracts derived from plants’ leaves, roots, leaves, stems, or blossoms. Generally, they always need to be diluted with a carrier oil before applying to skin. I’m probably giving TMI here, but I just didn’t want there to be any confusion. Thanks again so much for taking the time to write to us!
Submitted on Mar 24, 2011
Love this product and the Exfolia beauty cloth.
Submitted on Feb 19, 2011

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

Topical Treatment
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Because Kathleen and I try so many skincare products, we're not easily impressed. Ninety-nine percent of the products submitted to us make us go ''ho hum.'' Not this one! I came into the office one morning and asked Kathleen, ''Are you loving that sea buckthorn seed oil?!'' She was and is.

This therapeutic grade organic oil is known as a natural remedy to fight wrinkles and age spots, and we're here to tell you it delivers. We both use it instead of a night cream and love how we look when we get up (well, as much as can be expected for two women in their 50's!). You may not be thrilled with the scent at first, but it almost immediately dissipates.


It's suitable for all skin types, and in addition to being fantastic for preserving a youthful skin tone and texture, sea buckthorn seed oil has long been used as a treatment to aid in the relief of eczema, acne, rosacea, burns, and wounds. This particular organic oil is sourced through fair trade agreements with local harvesters in Tibet.
Ingredients: 100% therapeutic grade Organic Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil.
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