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4.8 Average Rating
By Mary
Very good guide. I fell asleep the first time but the listened to it sitting up and blocked everything out of my mind. Would be great for caregivers and parents, single or not. Coming home from work as a young parent, getting dinners prepared and bath time and reading, this is a wonderful relaxation mode and does not require any other resources, but tape and a comfortable position in which to listen to the guide. I am older now and understand the value of relaxation. I sure did not understand when I was raising twin boys, but this would make a wonderful gift for anyone needing those 5 or 10 minutes to get to understand the value of taking care of themselves.
Submitted on Nov 8, 2013
By burkie
Really enjoyed this CD. It has helped me relax. I listen to this at least once a day.
Submitted on Oct 27, 2013
By Cindy
Provides relief from long-term depression and stress!
Submitted on Aug 2, 2013
I have really enjoyed the Relaxation and Wellness CD. I used it on my husband after he had surgery while recuperating. He went from cranky with pain to calm and tolerant. I saw the big shift with my own eyes. I recommend it highly
Submitted on Dec 10, 2012
By Zip
The meditation is really calming and helpful overall. I enjoy most of it. I find that the part when she mentions people caring for you and loved ones supporting you, even those who have died, is a bit too heavy and makes me sad instead of calm or peaceful. It seems oddly out of place for meditation, and I've never experienced guided imagery like that in meditation. I've begun to skip that part, which is unfortunate.
Submitted on Oct 12, 2012
I am a hospital chaplain and use these tapes in my work - very successfully. Thank you.
Submitted on Feb 13, 2012
My sister was playing this CD in my mother's hospital room while she was dying. I found it very helpful, tho I did not hear all of it. I now I want it for myself.
Submitted on Apr 22, 2011
Love her work -- Belleruth Naparstek.
Submitted on Jul 26, 2010
I am having terrible pain and can't wait to have this helpful CD.
Submitted on Jun 27, 2009

Relaxation & Wellness

By Belleruth Naparstek
Item #8726 - Compact Disc - 38 min
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When a friend recently underwent quadruple bypass surgery at a hospital known for its respected cardiology department, he was instructed to use the guided imagery audios they had to help reduce any anxiety and to visualize a positive outcome -- in general, to integrate the mind with the body to create the best chance for well-being and healing.

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It has taken a long time for Western medicine to acknowledge the benefits of engaging the whole self on the journey toward health, but it appears that integrative medicine is here to stay. Truly, we are complicated beings, and research is proving that what we think, how we imagine, how in tune we are with our bodies can profoundly affect our lives. Belleruth Naparstek is a pioneer in guided imagery.

It all began when she was a full-time psychotherapist and part-time teacher at Case Western Reserve University's Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences. Now, along with colleagues as well-known as Andrew Weil, Bernie Siegel, Jack Kornfield, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ken Cohen, and many more, she works to bring the benefits of guided imagery, affirmations, and meditation to those experiencing the challenges that life so often brings. We hope this CD will both heal and enrich your life.

The Relaxation and Wellness CD is designed to promote feelings of peace, calm, safety, and support; reduce anxiety and stress; encourage hope, confidence, balance, and optimism. To help face any stress situation, or for general anxiety.
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