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4.6 Average Rating
By Dylan
I wish I could give this product a better review, as it worked great when I received it. Unfortunately, it completely stopped heating up after less than two weeks. I would recommend looking for a more reliable brand these don't seem well-made at all.
Submitted on May 18, 2015
By Francoise
Wonderful! It easy and fast to heat up. Easy to use. My only suggestion the bag could be a little longer. The water bottle slip off the bag.I would recommend this hot water bottle.I rate it 4 instead of 5 because of the bag.
Submitted on May 18, 2015
I bought several rechargeable hot water bottles just before winter last year and they were a big help for my husband who has severe arthritis.
Submitted on Apr 22, 2015
By Jeanmarie
I LOVE my rechargeable water bottle!It is a brutal winter in NY this year.The water bottle keeps the bed warm.The water bottle is still warm in the morning 7 hours later. It was recommended to me by a friend. And, I would recommend it to a friend!
Submitted on Mar 3, 2015
By Jean Ann
This hot water bottle is fantastic. Plug it in for 15 minutes and you have a heated "bottle" for the entire night. I will most likely purchase another one for my mother.
Submitted on Feb 7, 2015
By dderno
This is an amazing product. I heat it up, disconnect it, tuck it into the bottom of my bed and my feet stay warm all night. Love it!
Submitted on Jan 25, 2015
By Susan
Love it, love it, love it. I use it every night, and it is the truly perfect thing to take the chill off my bed before I go to sleep. Just right for winter in MN!
Submitted on Jan 24, 2015
By Gaely
Wow, oh Wow!!! Having been burned a zillion times by electric heating pads, this water bottle looked perfect and it is. It heats up within 10-15 minutes...not too hot, and takes a long time to cool down. So I bought another one, so I could have one heating while other one was on my latest aches or pains (but I rarely use #2 because the first holds heat long enough. So I'm showing my son this new water bottle and he says, "Oh, good, the extra one I guess is for me" and snatched it up (his very pregnant wife loves it) so I bought a third one. The only advice I have is keep is in the little pouch because it gets a bit slippery, being a satin material and the pouch holds it in place. If you are a person who likes to pamper yourself, this is a must.
Submitted on Jan 21, 2015
Best catalog I've seen in years. Terrific. Especially the hot water bottle.
Submitted on Jan 17, 2015
I love this thing. No wires to contend with and it stays warm for hours under the covers!. In the winter to get my cold feet warmed up - it is amazing.
Submitted on Jan 15, 2015
The most marvellous electrical object around!
Submitted on Jan 14, 2015
By chloe
Stays warm longer than regular hot water bottle
Submitted on Dec 27, 2014
By Honeybee
Fantastic for my bad back. I bought one for my mother-in-law and she loves it as well recuperating from surgery. Easier than water bottle and heating pads.
Submitted on Nov 22, 2014
By Eleanor K
I love this- I have been using it every night to warm up my bed, and it really does stay warm for HOURS! My feet warm up right away. I am planning to get some for my sisters for Christmas.
Submitted on Nov 12, 2014
By tati
okay, i love it. i have an old fashion hot water bottle which i love, but the convenience of this one, especially in a time of need for it is on time!
Submitted on Nov 1, 2014
By ana
This is a find-stays warm and is so simple to use.
Submitted on Oct 20, 2014
By Hot Water bjottle
I just used this item today. I love it... Came in handy for my back.. Great product....Thanks.
Submitted on Oct 11, 2014
By Erika
I love this. It stays warm for much longer than other heating pads I have used.
Submitted on Apr 13, 2014
This is the best purchase I have made online in a long time!! I posted a photo of it on Facebook and a bunch of friends wanted to know where I bought it. I love it.
Submitted on Apr 2, 2014
By Sonja, St. Louis
This is great; it not only stays warms for hours, but you don't have to deal with a cord while you are using it. Love it!
Submitted on Mar 30, 2014
Very handy. I use it on my belly before I goto sleep to aid digestion. Only problem is remembering to plug it in ahead of time.
Submitted on Mar 19, 2014
By Barbara B.
Mixed review. The cover keeps slipping off in bed. The heater trips the safety switch on the outlet. I have learned to unplug it before the water gets fully hot. Good news the water stays hot for hours and never gets too hot to be comfortable.
Submitted on Dec 6, 2013
By paula
The first one I bought was defective, but it was replaced immediately and the second one is perfect. Love it! Can't go to bed without it.
Submitted on Nov 23, 2013

Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle

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There's nothing like knowing that there's a hot water bottle tucked at the foot of the bed on a cold winter's night waiting to greet your chilly tootsies. Or as a comfort for cramps when you're feeling tender and maybe a little fragile. Or to cuddle up with on a dreary Saturday when you're doing a ''Downton Abbey'' marathon. Read more...

Warming up in just 10-15 minutes and staying warm for 2-5 hours, this hot water bottle is filled with a salt water solution and heats up by plugging it into a power outlet, making it more efficient than a conventional hot water bottle.

It's utterly simple and safe to heat and use, and the heating stops automatically once the temperature reaches 140-160F. Once disconnected, it is ready to use. Because you don't have to use water or heat the water, the Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle will become one of your go-to comforts. (Comes with 36'' cord.)
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