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By Elisa
Love it, so beautiful. It's a pewter piece so the picture makes it look smoother than it is, but still a gorgeous piece and a new fav piece in my collection. Happy Birthday to me
Submitted on Jun 12, 2015
By Paula Paglione
Beautiful statement piece! Striking!
Submitted on May 7, 2015
This is a singularly lovely pendant and will make an appropriate gift for my Granddaughter. Thank you
Submitted on Apr 26, 2015
By Grandmother to 14
This was a gift for my daughter's 50th birthday. The description of the moon phases fit the phases of her life perfectly and brought sweet tears to her eyes. She was thrilled with the beautiful pendant and has received many compliments on this meaningful gift. Your catalog is a treasure trove of thoughtful, meaningful and very uplifting items.
Submitted on Apr 17, 2015
By Moonview
This is a most unusual piece of jewelry, and it is much larger than it looks in the catalog, which thrilled me. Your catalog and quality of items cannot be beat, and I love to sit with the catalog and read each and every description of an item. I always pass along your catalogs to friends and hope that they will become new customers of yours. Keep up the good work!
Submitted on Apr 25, 2014
By Mary
Unique and so creative. As a lovely design, it is beautiful in its own right. When the compliments come, I offer the explanation of the phases of the moon -- over the top! Thank you. I'll wear it often.
Submitted on Feb 16, 2014
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Phases of the Moon Pendant

Item #34356 - 18'' chain
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Never have I had so many complete strangers compliment me on a piece of jewelry. As beautiful it is, I think its symbolism eclipses its tangible beauty. Renowned jewelry designer Ken Kantro has captured the eight phases of the moon in this stunning pewter pendant (1.5'' diam.). Read more...

The center Mother of Pearl stone represents the moon in all its glory and is circled by the eight lunar phases, from new to full. The design itself is subtle yet powerful, much like the moon's energy.

As the author Deng Ming Dao wrote,''What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature, and its power is never diminished.''

Let this elegant pendant remind you that just as each phase of the moon has its own distinct manifestation, we too will experience many different phases in our lives, while the essence of who we truly are is never diminished. The pendant hangs from a rhodium-plated chain.
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