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4.2 Average Rating
By maxine weldon
Perfect, I just love it!
Submitted on May 4, 2015
By Lisa in NC
These sticks smell heavenly after being ignited and the flame has gone out, but do not "smoke" for very long. I use a fireplace lighter & hold the gas to "flame" a stick, then "rest" it in an abolone shell, once it "punks". My previous experience with Palo Santo tells me that, when thinner (about one half inch), the stick burned better and was somewhat more reusable several more times -- at both ends -- before I discarded it. Nevertheless, the aroma is wonderful and I'm glad to have it in my home again!
Submitted on Apr 20, 2015
By Best alternative to sage
I like to smudge a room or space but have found the sage products give me a histamine reaction. So finding this product has been a blessing. I enjoy the smell and the relaxation it brings without the stuffy nose. A lovely alternative to other smudging traditions.
Submitted on Mar 30, 2015
By Have not udes yet
I have not used this yet but I am sure from the appearance of the product that I received that it will serve it's purpose.
Submitted on Mar 22, 2015
By Julie T
As advertised. Smells great.
Submitted on Mar 20, 2015
By yram12
will purchase again
Submitted on Dec 23, 2014
By Megan
Love the smell but can't get stick to burn more than a few seconds without going out. Tried several different sticks to make sure it wasn't just a bad one. Sticks I received definitley do not burn continueously as pic portrays. Must re-light constantly.
Submitted on Nov 19, 2014
By Pat E
I like the scent and it is easy to use.
Submitted on Oct 7, 2014
By TRGwenn
I was not satisfied with this purchase as they would not stay lit altho they were brittle dry. Plus, the scent was too bland for my taste. Sage bundles are a bit too heavy so I was looking for something milder. Unfortunately, these did not meet what I was looking for.
Submitted on Sep 3, 2014
By pattyb
Lovely fragrance.
Submitted on Aug 26, 2014
By Dee H.
I haven't been able to burn it long enough.The aroma and I don't mesh well.
Submitted on Jul 25, 2014
By Mandy
We are really enjoying these.The aroma gives one a feeling of peace and calmness. Plus the scent is not overwhelming.Very Nice.
Submitted on Jul 24, 2014
By Juaniece
I love the smell of this Holy Wood!
Submitted on Jun 25, 2014
By palo santo wood sticks
Nice smell, gentler smoke than the sage sticks that have been around. You get a LOT more than explained or expected...way enough to share with friends...will enjoy these and they fit exactly what I was looking for to "clear" my home space.
Submitted on Apr 16, 2014
By Abbie
I've always used Sage bundles to smudge a home and never heard of this before. I am so pleased with it, it has such a wonderful sweet smell. If it were to go on sale I would definitely stock up!!! Thank you Isabella!!!!
Submitted on Mar 23, 2014
By AnnM
Great smell. Very nice incense.
Submitted on Mar 22, 2014
By LuzG
I have not burn any yet.
Submitted on Mar 22, 2014
By Sarah A
I love this for smudging. I personally love the scent, although my family doesn't necessarily agree. But that doesn't keep me from using it.
Submitted on Feb 25, 2014
By Best Stuff Ever
I like trying new incense but have a problem with odors that are too sweet/spicy as well as those that smoke a lot. I wanted to find something for smudging that didn't reek like sage. Well, this is it! There is a bit of smoke with this, but the smell that it leaves is similar to cedar/pine, almost astringent which is good. My mother, who is not into this kind of thing at all, really liked the smell left afterwards. She noted it smelled "clean." One note, after burning for a short time the scent lingers for quite some time afterwards. Some people may really like this, some may not. Just be aware. I have noted, some people say that this doesn't burn very long, but it's fine because it doesn't need to, to give the scent.
Submitted on Feb 19, 2014
By WhiteLightHealing
This wood is very sacred. I have not used this as incense but it is extremely protective and also very cleansing. I carry a piece with me and notice an immediate feeling of uplift. These pieces are big so I cut them in half and put a piece in with crystals that I used and it keeps them considerably more clear. There are still a few big jobs that need to be cleansed in other ways. So I highly recommend this not as incense but as a sacred piece carrying many blessings.
Submitted on Feb 6, 2014
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Palo Santo

Holy Wood
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A mystical tree grows in South America known as Palo Santo, or Holy Wood. Related to Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal, this aromatic wood has been used for thousands of years by shamans and the Incas, often burned for space clearing and in ceremonies. Believed to be energetically cleansing, its smoke may remind you of citrus, mint, and/or neroli. Read more...

Some indigenous people rely on Palo Santo for all sorts of benefits, but we can speak to its properties as a space purifier, as a reverent and helpful addition to a house blessing or ceremony, and even for its ability to deter mosquitoes and flying insects from being the nuisance they can be.

Since the wood is very dry, you can hold it over a lit candle for 30-60 seconds to ignite it. Extinguish the flame and begin cleansing -- space, aura, car, etc. Blowing on the ember will encourage more smoke. Each stick can be re-lit numerous times.

Our Palo Santo comes from branches that have fallen from the trees in Peru, since there is a restriction on actually cutting the trees. Some find the smoke from Palo Santo less irritating than Sage, so if you are inclined to use herbs for space clearing, you may love this Holy Wood. It's very special. The size and number of sticks will vary.
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