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4.5 Average Rating
By Great item
I used this to extend a bracelet versus a necklace The majority of it hangs but I am able to wear the bracelet now. It was a good purchase.
Submitted on Apr 30, 2015
By Janet M
Had needed for long time. perfect.
Submitted on Apr 12, 2015
By Gail
Same as gold tone light weight even adds to necklaces
Submitted on Mar 26, 2015
By Deb
These are hard to find. Needed this for several necklaces.
Submitted on Nov 13, 2014
By Candace
This extender can be used in many different ways and is just the right length I need for the necklaces I use it with. The clasp could be a tad easier to work would be my only objection. With short nails it sometimes has been a challenge.
Submitted on Jun 29, 2014
By Works but
For the purpose intended it works, but I suppose I could have found something better a little cheaper. I needed a new clasp for a necklace and this jumped out at me. I don't like how the lobster claw works, though, it takes some fussing with. Once secured, it stays secured, and is then another struggle to remove.
Submitted on Mar 21, 2014
By Sue S.
The extender is just as described and I use it often. I have a sturdy neck & need the extra length so that my necklaces drape more gracefully.
Submitted on Mar 19, 2014
By jglannmitchell
Love this item. Plan to order more.
Submitted on Jan 1, 2014
By hblakeman
With this i can finally wear one of my favorite necklaces again. Very happy.
Submitted on Dec 20, 2013
By flossie
Just the right size for an extender
Submitted on Nov 18, 2013
Nice product.
Submitted on Nov 8, 2013
By Everyone should have one
Occasionally I have a necklace that is either uncomfortably small or will look better with some outfits were it just a little longer. This does the trick.
Submitted on May 16, 2013
By Quality Connector
The quality of the silver connector or extender is excellent and came exactly as described in catalog. I can use mine to extend my silver necklaces, but I really like to use them to link my silver bangles to keep them together and to keep from losing them as I did once before. That loss prompted my first order. I have since ordered another one to link another set of bangles.
Submitted on Apr 23, 2013
By Cool Cat3
Nice necklace extender. Sturdy enough to hold a necklace with a little weight, and looks good. I like that it's real sterling silver.
Submitted on Mar 31, 2013
By Sally
It does what is should. . .
Submitted on Mar 29, 2013
By Lucky1
As promised. NIce.
Submitted on Mar 2, 2013
By necklace extender
This is a perfect item to have to change the length of a necklace.
Submitted on Jan 11, 2013
By ami
Good quality. Just what I needed to extend the lapis necklace my mom left me.
Submitted on Jan 7, 2013
By Su
I probably should have returned this--or paid more attention to the length when ordering, as it doesn't extend the length of the necklace much at all. Further, the odd clip you press the level or both sides at once is hard to manipulate with my fake nails. Having said that, it's silver so it doesn't bother my skin and I don't need to use it often so I'll keep it. However, consider closely whether or not you want to buy this item.
Submitted on Nov 18, 2012
By Becky
I received a beautiful and expensive 16" sterling silver necklace for my birthday and I just loved it! The only problem was that it felt a tiny bit tight. I'm picky about feeling anything around my neck so when I remembered seeing the necklace extender in the Isabella catalog I was thrilled. I ordered it immediately and it solved the problem perfectly. The extender is light so it does not cause the necklace to turn, is well-designed so it does not tangle in my hair like many necklace clasps do, and is sterling silver so I don't have an allergic reaction to it. And I love that I can use this with lots of my necklaces to increase their versatility.
Submitted on Nov 1, 2012
By Nancy9
Just as advertised.
Submitted on Sep 1, 2012
By Peggy
It's OK. I bought one for me and one for a friend. . . . Smaller clasp than I thought. I would not buy this again. Although,m I am sure many people would think it great and just the right size. I just happen to like large clasps.
Submitted on Aug 26, 2012
By loving husband
It's very easy to use and looks nice too.
Submitted on Aug 18, 2012
'The silver necklace extender I bought from your online catalog worked so well that I decided to buy the gold one too.' -- JH
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Necklace Extender

Item #11059 - 2'' LARGE LOOP EXTENDER
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Do you have a favorite necklace that you wish was just a little bit longer? Well, wish no more! This pretty piece of sterling silver chain will extend any necklace up to 2 inches — just hook it on your necklace and fasten, and you can adjust your necklace by any length up to 2 inches.
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