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4.5 Average Rating
By Diane
I love this little bowl ! I bought it for myself & have it displayed near a "Namaste" plaque on my wall. The bowl is very small as represented with its size of 2 inch diameter, but that is part of its charm!
Submitted on Mar 23, 2015
By Dawn
A very close friend of mine is a yoga instructor so I am always looking for gifts like this for her. The bowl is very small so may hold a one or two rings at the most. It comes in a draw string bag. It would be nice if it was larger as it would be more functional. Beautiful green color so it's pretty.
Submitted on Mar 20, 2015
By Dtolbert
This is the 2nd time I have ordered this lil dish. I just love it for my yoga buddies! And $$ goes to a good cause. )
Submitted on Feb 28, 2015
By Judy
I have three giving bowls - all unique - beautiful color and workmanship. Thank you.
Submitted on Dec 15, 2014
By Sue
This has no functional purpose, as It is about 2 inches across. But, it is so beautiful in its tiny simplicity that I find it serves perfectly for its aesthetic value as a daily reminder to be grateful.
Submitted on Dec 11, 2014
By nisedc
pretty. inspires a feeling of peace.
Submitted on Dec 8, 2014
By Barbara
Just as adorable as the "dream" bowls I have purchased with you.Love to see those back.A loving dish to hold in the palm of your hand and the perfect gift for anyone who practices yoga ( mind or body)
Submitted on Nov 16, 2014
By Jeanne
This was a gift to myself. When I saw it I fell in love with it - so cute and comforting to hold in your hand.
Submitted on Oct 6, 2014
By Robin S
This was a bit of a disappointment. It's a very tiny little "bowl". I expected it to be much larger. I was going to give this to my Yoga teacher as a gift, but once I saw it I decided against it. Way too small to be used for anything.
Submitted on Mar 25, 2014
By sammi
Unique for a gift. It is what I expected. Pleased with it
Submitted on Mar 23, 2014
By Texas Gal
This piece is tiny, but absolutely beautiful. It holds my wedding set when I am cleaning my home, and makes me smile when the job is done and I retrieve my rings.
Submitted on Mar 22, 2014
By lora
Love It, and will always be glad that I have it. It's very special and also a great gift idea.
Submitted on Mar 16, 2014
By Elizabeth
My daughter, a personal Pilates Instructor. ends her emails with "Namaste." I purchased this for her. She was extreme delighted when she open it. First the bowl, then as a Peta person, she loved the added touch some of the proceeds go to helping animals. From her reaction to seeing it, telling me how much she liked it, I'm probably being unfair giving only four stars. Let me do this, five stars from my daughter, four stars from me. I gave it four stars only because of it's size. Which is probably my fault. I thought it was going to be big enough for her to set on the table by the door as clients came in they could put their keys in it. Far as quality goes it was flawless and exactly as the picture, aside from me thinking it was larger. As I look a the picture now I see my mistake. My daughter loved it, loved the size and said she will move it to different areas of her studio.
Submitted on Mar 5, 2014
By Dosy
I have given these as gifts, and each time I give one, the recipients simply adore this tiny dish!
Submitted on Feb 24, 2014
By lndkay
It was a birthday gift for a close friend. She loved it. It is so delicate and makes a big statement. She is using it as a color start for her bathroom renovation.
Submitted on Jan 29, 2014
By Jean R.
This is the most precious little dish I own. I have it out so I can see it all the time. It's a constant reminder to be kind to and accepting of everyone.
Submitted on Jan 23, 2014
By Namaste bowl
Perfect gifts for my Yoga friends.
Submitted on Jan 13, 2014
By Gail
Cute bowl but very very tiny
Submitted on Jan 12, 2014
By indigoinmotion
Its simplicity and tiny size add to its charm. Love it.
Submitted on Jan 11, 2014
By Namaste
Beautiful concept and great presentation as a gift. Not sure if I would purchase it for myself. Would be nice for display on a personal altar and as keepsake.
Submitted on Jan 5, 2014
By Prana
Tiny and sweet. Less is more!
Submitted on Jan 3, 2014
By Puzzled
Turned out to be much smaller than I had anticipated. Not sure who I'm going to give this to at this point. It may just go into the emergency gift stash.
Submitted on Dec 9, 2013
By namaste bowl
I love the feel of this little bowl. The color & texture are very soothing.
Submitted on Dec 1, 2013
By miss pam
Smaller than I thought it would be, but sweet!
Submitted on Nov 21, 2013
By coxhelrose
I was surprised to see how small these bowls are, but my yoga classmates really liked them.
Submitted on Nov 20, 2013
By Donna
I thought it was going to be a bit larger, that kind of disappointed me. All in all I was thankful because those who received it as a gift were pleased.
Submitted on Oct 20, 2013
Not as impressive in person as I had hoped. I kept it for myself rather than give it as a gift as I had planned.
Submitted on Sep 29, 2013
By pat l
A tiny, subtle reminder to honor those around you.
Submitted on Sep 3, 2013
By Mary Ellen
So sweet
Submitted on Jul 14, 2013
By beautiful
The pictures in the catalog do not do justice to this bowl. The presentation is beautiful - the tiny bowl comes in a fabric pouch inside a box. It's a wonderful, thoughtful, and beautiful gift.
Submitted on May 7, 2013
By Cynthia
This small bowl has a beautiful feel in the palm of the hand. It was given as a gift to a relocating yoga student to hold as a reminder that our group will remember her with every Namaste.
Submitted on May 2, 2013
By butterfly
I ordered two so that I could have one for myself. Love it!
Submitted on Apr 8, 2013
By Sue
I bought 2 and gave as gifts to a fellow yogi and to someone that will be happy that part of the proceeds go to Animal Rescue.I wish it was larger.
Submitted on Mar 30, 2013
By Sally
Excellent little gift. I just gave one each to mom & daughter friends of mine following mom's cancer diagnosis. Something positive to, literally, hold on to.
Submitted on Mar 29, 2013
By penjo
I had a friend undergoing 6 weeks of radiation. I sent this to her and she loved it, took it with her to treatments everyday. It is small, precious and meaningful.
Submitted on Mar 23, 2013
By Lafu
It's very much smaller than it appears in the catalog!

A Note from Isabella Customer Service: Thank you for your review. We're so sorry this product wasn't the size you expected. To avoid confusion, we always include measurements in our product descriptions in our hopes that that this will give you a good idea of the actual size of each item.
Submitted on Mar 19, 2013
By M.G.
Quality made, sweet little gift with a lovely message.
Submitted on Mar 13, 2013
By Stephanie
Beautiful little bowls. I gave one to my beginning yoga instructor as a thank you and she appreciated it. I have one I keep on my nightstand as a reminder to myself.
Submitted on Mar 12, 2013
By Sandy
I have bought several of these to give out to family and friends. They make the perfect small gift. Namaste!
Submitted on Feb 23, 2013
By Sue from Ne
I love these! They are the perfect gift -especially for those b-days and other occasions that sneak up on you. I like to have them available just in case.
Submitted on Feb 10, 2013
By Namaste bowl. Dissatisfied
WAY too small Tiny. Picture doesn't reflect how small item really is.

A Note from Isabella Customer Service: Thank you for your review. We're so sorry this bowl wasn't the size you expected. To avoid confusion, we always include measurements to give you a good idea of the actual size of each item. We included the rings in the background of the picture to give another example of the smaller size.
Submitted on Feb 4, 2013
By Susanne
Perfect size for my altar I may order some for gifts.
Submitted on Feb 3, 2013
By Judy
Love it! Just right size to hold one scented wooden ball . . . An option of a little larger bowl would be wonderful.
Submitted on Jan 29, 2013
By Reiki Jan
This is a beautiful little bowl. We bought it for a friend and she fell in love with it instantly. We read the size before we bought it, and that was part of the attraction.
Submitted on Jan 24, 2013
By BClaire22
Precious!! Can't wait to give it to my friend in March.
Submitted on Jan 8, 2013
By canoe1
Loved it! All my friends who received it, love it as well. Beautiful to hold in your hand.
Submitted on Jan 7, 2013
By Beautiful
This was exactly what I expected. I always appreciate that. Thank you.
Submitted on Dec 28, 2012
By Marybeth
This was a gift for one of my best friends and she loved it.
Submitted on Dec 24, 2012
By Donella
This is a perfect little gift for a yoga friend. I gifted it to someone who always thinks of and reaches out to others. Now when she holds the bowl in her hands during meditation, she will be reminded that someone thinks lovingly of her.
Submitted on Dec 24, 2012
By Jeannie
Cute. Great for the price.
Submitted on Dec 21, 2012
By Dawn
This is the sweetest little bowl. I am so happy with this purchase!
Submitted on Dec 14, 2012
By porceleen
This tiny item got such big appreciation when received as a gift from me, that I've bought another to give as a gift to someone else, too, and really, it is so very charming and well made and perfectly priced that I'm thinking of buying a handful to keep on-hand because this is really the perfect little universal gift, whether for your best friend, an office co-worker, a child's teacher, a spouse's wife, etc. I'm definitely getting more to have these on hand as thank you gifts, too. SO CHARMING!
Submitted on Dec 6, 2012
By gp
Purchased two of these petite bowls to offer my yoga teachers as a holiday 'thank you' token from me as a grateful yoga student. Am certain they will be received in the spirit as they are offered. Thanks, Isabella, for providing an affordable & tasteful price range of gifts to give - as well as high end lovelies to add to my 'dream' list!
Submitted on Nov 18, 2012
By Fran
Smaller than it looks but very nice

A Note from Isabella Customer Service: Thank you for your review. We're so sorry this bowl wasn't the size you expected. To avoid confusion, we always try to include measurements & dimensions in our product descriptions in our hopes that that this will give you a good idea of the actual size of each item.
Submitted on Nov 18, 2012
By namaste bowl
Perfect little gift when you just need something that says you were thinking of a person and who doesn't need a little "peace."
Submitted on Nov 14, 2012
By Mattagami
I love this little bowl - yes it is small, but I love the size. My thumb fits very nicely in side and it has been a great centering device for me. I also bought one for my 20 year old nephew to whom I'll give it at Christmas. I've added this to my small altar in my meditation room. It's a great addition.
Submitted on Nov 13, 2012
By Dee
Cute. I knew it would be small from other reviews. Mindful and different. Love the animal rescue aspect.
Submitted on Nov 12, 2012
By Flower
Very pretty. Delivered all in one piece and packed nicely.
Submitted on Oct 31, 2012
By Tresa
Submitted on Oct 16, 2012
By Connie
This is a gift for a friend who practices meditation and mindfulness. I know she will love it!
Submitted on Oct 14, 2012
By Sylvia
So much smaller than I expected.

A Note from Isabella Customer Service: Thank you for your review. We're so sorry this bowl wasn't as you expected. To avoid confusion, we always include measurements in our product descriptions in hopes that this will give you a good idea of the actual size of each item.
Submitted on Sep 5, 2012
By Debra
This is the sweetest gift to give. Both receivers were totally taken with the simply and beauty of thus little gem.
Submitted on Sep 2, 2012
By Liz B
Bought as a gift and she loved it!
Submitted on Sep 1, 2012
By P.D. Brevard, NC
Very sweet. A lovely reminder every day.
Submitted on Aug 29, 2012
By gigi
Perfect small bowl. I wanted it for my altar and it is just right, plus part of the proceeds benefit critters! Just perfect in every way.
Submitted on Aug 23, 2012
By River
Love this pretty little green bowl for putting my wedding ring in before washing dishes. Perfect.
Submitted on Aug 17, 2012
By Pam
The bowl was smaller than expected but I still love it!
Submitted on Aug 6, 2012
By Paula
I have this in my bath, and when I look at it each morning it makes me smile.
Submitted on Jul 15, 2012
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Namaste Giving Bowl

Item #26257 - approx. 2'' in diameter
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You don't even have to hold this sweet little glazed clay bowl to know that it is handmade; it is obvious that it is a one-of-a-kind piece, and that is part of what we love about it. But it is in holding it that tension might dissipate and a smile may spread across your face (everyone I've seen hold it ends up smiling) because you realize it simply has to have been made with love. Nothing that looks and feels so down-to-earth could have come from an assembly line.

Pleasing to give and to receive, this special piece has its own handprinted drawstring bag, and 10% of the profits from its sale are donated to Animal Rescue charities. Namaste! Because these are handmade, each bowl will vary slightly in size, shape, color, and design.
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