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4.5 Average Rating
By Sue Ellen
We have been enjoying Mexican Train for years but my sister's eyes are no longer able to clearly count the dots on the dominoes. However, no problem with her reading the numbers on this set and the sound effects are an added delight, except when playing with children who tend to repeatedly and for no reason want to activate the sound. LOL
Submitted on Apr 17, 2014
By gaga1996
I was so looking forward to playing this game with my grandchildren based upon the way you hyped it in your catalog. We played it last night and what a dud it was. The train noise went on much too long and was annoying. And the game was boring. I'm returning it.
Submitted on Dec 13, 2013
By jean bissell
Wonderful catalog. Enjoy everything I order from you.Thank you
Submitted on Oct 19, 2013
By So much fun!
Great game set for all ages. The colors and large numbers make it very easy for young and old to read.
Submitted on Oct 9, 2013
By Mattagami
I just played this game for the first time this weekend with my 14-year-old nephew, 86 year-old-father and 56-year-old brother. We had a great time! It took a little while for us to figure out exactly how to play, but it was great fun. We didn't keep score, but will try it that way when we gather again at Thanksgiving and play with more family members. The added sound that comes from the center circle was a funny addition to the game - we hit the button whenever someone won. We had almost as much fun trying to close the lid at the end of the evening without getting the sound to go off. This has proved to be a great family game. The only suggestion we have is that the maker should have had two more distinct colors for the 6 and the 9 sides of the dominoes - in dimmer light it was hard to tell the difference and my father struggled to see the difference most.
Submitted on Nov 13, 2012
By Barb
Great game!
Submitted on Aug 29, 2012
By Colo wannabe
This game is addictive and even people who hate board games love it! The dominoes with numbers are so much easier to see and play with than the dotted dominoes which, at the larger numbers, are difficult to distinguish. Add margaritas and off-key singing and you have a great night of entertainment!
Submitted on Aug 27, 2012
I did not open the game because I bought it as a gift. From the outside, though, it is a quality item and is a unique item that I have not seen elsewhere. My daughter, son-in-law and their 5 and 8 year old children are big game players and will love it, I'm sure.
Submitted on Aug 3, 2011
Kudos to you for having the Mexican Train game at such a great price.
Submitted on Jan 6, 2011

Mexican Train

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I was first introduced to this game in Mexico of all places! While my husband and I were on vacation, a couple asked us over to play it. Four hours later, we were still at it because we were having so much fun! Read more...

After that vacation, I bought my own game to play at home. We, in turn, had another couple over to play, and they liked it so much that they bought one too! It really is that much contagious fun!

Mexican Train is a domino game — easy to learn and so much fun. The basic object of the game is much like solitaire — you play numbered dominoes off of one another. But the game is much, much more than that, trust me. It is perfect for hours and hours of fun and you can have 2 to 8 players at one time. As an added bonus, other games are included: Chickenfoot, Super Dominoes, 48, 84, Moon, Straight Dominoes, and Solitaire.

One reason I love this particular edition of the game is that the chunky dominoes are clearly numbered with numbers instead of dots. The numbered dominoes make it easy to see, count, and tally scores at the end of each round. There's also an electronic centerpiece that makes either a train or barnyard rooster sound depending on the game you are playing.

I can honestly say that this is one game that a wide age-range of people can play and enjoy. My stepdaughter played it with her college roommates, a group of women got together and had hours of howling fun with it, couples can play with other couples — everyone I know who's played it loves it! Includes 91 double 12-number dominoes, 9 train markers, the electronic centerpiece, and a score pad.
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