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By cruz13
I love my lavender lamb. I bought one for myself and for my 11 year old daughter. She sleeps with it every night but that's all I've gotten out of her. I am 49 years old and am sure to have my lamb by my side at bedtime or a much needed time for relaxation and a possible nap! Lavender is my favorite scent and cuddling with my lamb and absorbing the wonderful scent quickly calms me.
Submitted on Mar 6, 2015
By Alice Q.
Lovely is the perfect name for this sweety! Love it!!
Submitted on Jan 24, 2015
By Monique
I had bought one for a young mother who now has three children. They lived the lamb so much that I had to order two more so each one would have his own,
Submitted on Jan 23, 2015
By cute & cuddly
It's just as adorable as the pic and smells good too!
Submitted on Jan 12, 2015
Very cute, very soft and smells very comforting. Didn't realize it's only for age 2 and up, but still a cute baby gift.
Submitted on Dec 15, 2014
By Barb R.
Love this lamb!!! The lavender scent is so comforting!
Submitted on Nov 18, 2014
By Cuddly Soft
This lamb is very soft. The lavender scent is delicate, not heavy. It makes a wonderful little neck pillow.
Submitted on Sep 25, 2014
By ski-golf
Lovey is soft and smells great as promised. I bought one for each of my teen-aged daughters. Their only criticism is that they'd like the lavender smell to be stronger.
Submitted on Aug 27, 2014
By sweet
I love my lamb. So soft, so sweet, the scent is very subtle. In hard times this is a very nice gift or for oneself.
Submitted on Jun 22, 2014
By Joan
Lovey is now Sweetie Pie and my sister loves him. He is a warm and loving pal. I made a good choice for her and for Sweetie Pie.
Submitted on Sep 12, 2012
By Charsplace
I've bought this adorable lamb twice as gifts. The first for a handicapped child and the second for my daughter, who was going through some health issues. It's so soft, cuddly, and aromatic and truly gives comfort to the recipient,. My third purchase will be for myself!
Submitted on Sep 11, 2012
By Karen Howell
My friend received Lovey and it had no smell to it whatsoever. She promptly called your company and reported this to them, and within a week she had a new one that smelled wonderful. She has since returned the defective lamb with your sticker you sent her, and we are completely satisfied and happy with this purchase. She loves it and I will be purchasing another one soon. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Submitted on Sep 6, 2012
By Barb
Sweet and fragrant.
Submitted on Aug 29, 2012
By Adorable!!!
Lamby is the softest, sweetest lamb to be created! My granddaughter who is 20 months carries her around everywhere-from morning to night! Than you for such a sweet product.
Submitted on Aug 22, 2012
By annie
I sleep better now that I have Lovey. It truly does help me. I would highly recommend it to anyone having problems falling to sleep and staying asleep! I am a 67 yr old Grandma and I love my Lovey!!! Thank you!
Submitted on Jul 24, 2012
By Betty
I have now ordered 3 of the Lavender Lambs. I sleep with mine every night and even take it on vacations! He is becoming like the Velveteen Rabbit with one ear and fur rubbing off!!! Two of my grandchildren wanted them so I got for them. We love ours.
Submitted on Jul 24, 2012
These make wonderful gifts for those sick in the hospital. Much more lasting than flowers.
Submitted on Jan 19, 2012
By Rose
My 2-year old grandson loves this little lamb.
Submitted on Jul 17, 2011
By Linda
I have a lot of sleep problems due to chronic pain and stress, but this little guy put them all to bed! I even noticed our new puppy calmed down around him!
Submitted on Jul 15, 2011
Lovey the Lavender Lamb is going to be in an Easter basket for a very special little girl. Thank you for offering such mindful products.
Submitted on Apr 5, 2011
My mom suffered and finally succumbed two years ago to Alzheimer's disease. One day, during her illness, while I visited her in the memory impaired home where she resides, I noticed many of the residents had dolls or stuffed animals in their arms. These familiar objects seemed to comfort its owner. Shortly after, I saw in my Isabella catalog Lovey, the Lavender Lamb. I ordered it for my mom, and from the day she received it, it never left her arms. Every night at bedtime, the aides placed Lovey on Mom's pillow. The lavender scent and ultra soft exterior were so soothing! When Mom broke her hip and went to the hospital, Lovey went with her. When Mom died, Lovey was beside her.

There is a great deal of anxiety, tension, and restlessness exhibited in Alzheimer patients. My main concern and focus was on trying to alleviate or at least mitigate these symptoms for my mom. Finding Lovey and giving her to Mom was a tangible way for me to comfort her, and symbolized my constant love and devotion.
Submitted on Jan 14, 2010
I bought one for myself 2 weeks ago and I love it.
Submitted on Dec 11, 2008
'I included Lovey the Lamb in a "care" package for a friend who had just had a mastectomy. While she was immediately taken by Lovey's soothing lavender scent, what turned out to be an unexpected bonus was that by hugging Lovey, she was forced to keep her arm down and immobile as the doctor had ordered no small task for this type-A lady!. When I tip-toed upstairs to say goodnight, there she was, snuggled in bed with Lovey tucked under her arm. I can't thank you enough for the comfort and usefulness Lovey provided during a very stressful time.' -- MA, Coronado, CA

'This Lovey, the Lavender Lamb is the perfect gift for a dear friend facing very serious surgery. Thank you.' -- PZ

'I love your products, especially the ones with lavender in them. They are so relaxing and delightful and help the migraine headaches I get.' - MEL
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Lovey, the Lavender Lamb

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Ever since I can remember, I have gone to sleep cradling something in my arms. Usually it was a small foam or buckwheat hull filled pillow. That is, until Lovey came along. Read more...

Now this little precious is what I hold onto as I drift off to sleep. He is so incredibly soft and huggable! Best of all, in the winter you can pop Lovey into the microwave for 30 seconds before you get into bed and have a warm lamb to snuggle with. Squeeze him gently to release the fragrance of lavender.

The lavender/flaxseed insert is removable and the polyester cover is cold water washable. What could be better than falling asleep with a soft, warm, fragrant hug?
This is not a toy.
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