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4.6 Average Rating
By wanda
I love this cream!!
Submitted on Jun 17, 2015
By Nora B
This is my favorite night time hand cream. Not greasy, easily absorbed, and the scent is lovely.
Submitted on Jun 16, 2015
Love it. Just buy it to smell it! Great for gifts.
Submitted on May 29, 2015
By cazgal
Rich and creamy. Smooths into skin easily leaving hands silky and never sticky. Soothing aromas make it the perfect last step to your night time routine.
Submitted on May 14, 2015
By Velma
This lavender cream smells wonderful and really softens my hands. I love to use it at bedtime, smells good and relaxes before dropping off to sleep.
Submitted on Apr 26, 2015
By Kahopeti
this is my very favorite winter hand cream. And I will use it year 'round , because I love the scent, and the texture. I keep it right at my desk.I got two extra for gifts. It is the best.
Submitted on Mar 5, 2015
By pampered hands
Wonderful hand cream
Submitted on Feb 28, 2015
By Kathy R
Great moisturizer and it smells wonderful!
Submitted on Feb 25, 2015
By Bridget
Love the smell Love the texture. The only hand cream that doesn't leave my hands sticky.
Submitted on Jan 24, 2015
By Deenie
I look forward each night to using this wonderful handcream I put it on just as I get into bed so that I can experience the beautiful fragrance as I drift off to sleep. I'm hooked!
Submitted on Nov 3, 2014
By Chatti Patti
Best hand cream on the face of the earth!
Submitted on Oct 16, 2014
By Love this stuff!!
I have used this cream for years, since I first saw it in your catalog. It is my favorite, ever, though I can't buy it all the time, due to the price. It's a treat for myself.
Submitted on Oct 9, 2014
By KimD
The smell is heavenly, just heavenly and the cream is nice and smooth. It doesn't leave your hands greasy. I didn't give it 5 stars because it's not the most emollient hand cream I've ever used and because the scent fades in the jar over time. That said, it's still very nice. It would be a good cream without the great scent, and the great scent is worth it even if the cream isn't the very best. All in all, it's a really nice product. I've given it for gifts and the recipients always rave about it.
Submitted on Oct 8, 2014
By Soft hand
this is a very good hand cream. The scent is a little strong, but it does fade after awhile.
Submitted on Sep 25, 2014
By Forest House Herbals
I bought the lavender rosemary shea butter cream. I leave it on my desk and use frequently throughout the day. It is a wonder product. It does what it says it does and has the most pleasing fragrance! thank you for producing this wonderful cream.
Submitted on Sep 17, 2014
By mindy
Definitely moistens and has a wonderful fragrance. Best to apply at night before bed, as it tends to be a bit greasy and takes a bit of time to work itself in. Hard to do anything involving a grip for a bit. Also, that lavender aroma is very calming as you drift off.
Submitted on Aug 20, 2014
By luci
Great product. Nice scent, creamy consistency.
Submitted on Jul 1, 2014
By Linda
I love this lavender cream and keep it by my bed to use before I go to sleep when it soothes my hands and I get the soft scent of lavender before falling to sleep.
Submitted on Apr 26, 2014
By Andi
Love this product! It smells wonderful and feels incredible!
Submitted on Apr 21, 2014
By Lori
Hand creme is nice, but is no different from my other hand creme. Smells nice, but not enough for me to purchase again..
Submitted on Apr 20, 2014
By Karen
Love this hand cream! Not too oily and leaves my skin soooo very soft. Can't count the compliments I've received regarding the scent! I ordered 4 just to make sure I won't run out anytime soon.
Submitted on Apr 14, 2014
By Tina G.
This is my second purchase of this lotion. I am a nurse and wash my hands A LOT! This is probably the best lotion I have found. My hands feel soft , and it absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feeling. The lavender scent helps me sleep too.
Submitted on Apr 7, 2014
By Mary
This hand creme is really great!! It's light, smells wonderful, and really moisturizes your hands. I just love it! Will continue to buy it as well.
Submitted on Mar 19, 2014
By Kate P.
My first time ordering this cream, but I love it! Just a light fragrance of Lavender with the added benefit of Shea Butter. The cream is not too heavy to use during the day, but has superior softening affect!
Submitted on Mar 14, 2014
By MarnyLee
I really like this cream. It smells great but does not rub in right away. I put it on my hands before I go to bed and put on lightweight gloves.
Submitted on Feb 21, 2014
By olga
nothing special and 'aroma' is way too strong
Submitted on Feb 18, 2014
By KarenRH55
Love this hand cream. The smell is heavenly. It is creamy without being greasy. Rubs in quickly and gave my winter skin relief that I have been looking for. I just wish it came in a larger container!! !I will be ordering this cream again. I've noticed a great improvement in my psoriasis and the splits I experience in my skin during winter cold have healed nicely. I put a healthy amount of this cream on my hands every night before bed, put on cotton gloves and when I wake up in the morning, my hands look and feel amazing.
Submitted on Jan 30, 2014
By Fresh and long lasting
Clean smell, soaks into skin quickly. I lost my jar in my desk and when I found it a year later it still was still delightful!
Submitted on Jan 17, 2014
By Tina
lovely, thick hand cream. I put it on at night, the lavender helps with sleep. Feels good on the skin, not greasy, absorbs quickly.
Submitted on Jan 16, 2014
By Kim
I have purchased this item in the past. It is so comforting in cold weather and helps bring back moisture in my hands. Good stuff!
Submitted on Jan 6, 2014
By Bbenson
A handy size to keep in the kitchen and use after cleaning up. It has a nice fragrance and penetrates well,
Submitted on Jan 4, 2014
By lav rose shea butter
The Lavender Rosemary Shea Butter cream is wonderful. It will really help with that winter dryness and cracking of skin. And despite how small the jar may appear to be, it is long-lasting. Try it!
Submitted on Jan 3, 2014
By Shaker Heights
Wonderful smell, smooth, non-greasy.
Submitted on Jan 2, 2014
By RASPhily
My daughter and I both love this product. The scent and feel are lovely especially in winter on very dry hands.
Submitted on Jan 1, 2014
By Pat E
Boy was I surprised at the small size of the container. I guess I should have read the quantity beforehand. It does smell nice and absorbs well and my hands are much less dry. So effective...
Submitted on Dec 31, 2013
By Natasha
Love this item - so effective and smells heavenly...
Submitted on Dec 15, 2013
By Sunshine Pancakes
Very nice hand cream. Stays on, smells nice. Very nice fluffy cream.
Submitted on Nov 26, 2013
By Corinne
What a lovely moisturizer. Where has this been all my life
Submitted on Nov 23, 2013
By Laurie
This is my absolute favorite hand lotion! It smells so great and absorbs quickly without feeling greasy.
Submitted on Nov 18, 2013
By Happy farm girl
I have been feeding my goat hay in short sleeves and I am allergic. So my arms have a rash. And I can only use this lavender rosemary shea butter cream, it is the only thing that helps! I have terrible dry skin and if I use anything else I break out in an itchy rash. I put it on every morning and every night. I go through the stuff very quick.
Submitted on Oct 16, 2013
By Connie
Love. love, love this product. So creamy, so luxurious, and nothing else smells this heavenly.
Submitted on Oct 10, 2013
By suzy
Nice pleasant cream. Reordered for a friend who uses just a dab on her face. She really likes it.
Submitted on Oct 6, 2013
By Katie
I really love this cream. It smells so good and I wish it came in a bigger jar!
Submitted on Sep 29, 2013
By Boxersmom
Jar is much smaller than I thought it was going to be for the money. Product is ok but doesn't work any better than hand cream I had been using.
Submitted on Sep 8, 2013
By Heavenly!
This is my second or third jar. It smells heavenly and leaves my hands soft but not greasy.
Submitted on Sep 7, 2013
By pancyp
Personally I am not crazy about the smell of this. However, I think there is something in it that helps my skin. I get this weird allergy on my fingers and my skin peels. I have had to get prescription ointments in the past. I swear when I use this it takes care of that problem. I put it on at night and my skin feels really soft and nourished in the morning, and that weird allergy does not come back.
Submitted on Aug 25, 2013
By Dee
Love this hand cream. It smells wonderful and it sinks into my hands fast.
Submitted on Jul 7, 2013
By beachreader60
Scent is light and cream is non-greasy. What more can you ask of a good hand softener. I will be sharing this with friends and family.
Submitted on Jul 3, 2013
By Shirley
This hand cream is also one of my favorites as well as my daughter's. It absorbs quickly and hands feel great.
Submitted on Jun 14, 2013
By dbon
I love this hand cream. I ended up giving it as a gift. Now I will need to buy more.
Submitted on Jun 6, 2013
By nancy
This hand cream truly heals your hands without making them greasy.
Submitted on May 30, 2013
By Karen Bump
I keep this little container of lotion in my purse and travel with it. Love the smell, the feel, often share it with others when they wonder what the lovely aroma is wafting over from my desk at work.
Submitted on May 27, 2013
By BF Memphis TN
This is the best hand cream I have ever used. Smells great
Submitted on May 9, 2013
By Nancy B.
good to use at night with gloves
Submitted on May 1, 2013
By garden gal
WOW, if ever there was a cream a garden gal like me needed, it's THIS one!! Am using it daily and nightly and you're right---your skin just drinks it in. Rich but not greasy at all. My hardworking feet love it too. The subtle aroma helps me relax after a hard days work. Thank you Isabella, I'll be sharing this with everyone I know!!
Submitted on Apr 10, 2013
By Mary
This should come with a warning. If you buy this, beware that you will never want to be without it.
Submitted on Apr 9, 2013
By Deb
This product was so greasy that I used it only at night and saw no improvement in my dry hands. What a disappointment!
Submitted on Apr 6, 2013
By chloe
My husband uses this on his psoriasis twice a day. The condition hasn't disappeared but the plaques aren't as big and don't cause the itching. He'll keep using it
Submitted on Apr 5, 2013
By Smooth as silk
I use this on my hands and feet before bed- softens and smells great!
Submitted on Mar 31, 2013
By Vicki B
I love this hand cream. Typically I buy unscented products, but this one is so good that I make an exception.
Submitted on Mar 31, 2013
By mj
Great lavender smell. Very soothing.
Submitted on Mar 23, 2013
By MarianneK
Best hand cream I've found! Makes my hands soft without being greasy. And I can get right back to using my hands without having to wipe any excess off. I'd love to find a fragrance-free face cream version of this!
Submitted on Mar 13, 2013
By Annie S.
I have chronically dry skin, and my hands are the worst. So, based on the write-up of this product, I expected it to yield impressive results. This was not to be! I find the salve to be dry, and, actually difficult to apply, and, I always wash my hands to moisten them before I apply it. Even then, it is not easy to apply and, I have to really rub it with force to get it to spread evenly over my skin. Then, it is a bit "gluey" feeling. I follow an application with wearing gloves to sleep in, and can honestly say that I have not experienced the benefits the write-up states that it affords.
Submitted on Mar 3, 2013
By Greatest Ever !!
This is the first item I have ordered from Isabella. I love lavender. It is such a clean scent. This cream is the ULTIMATE in both scent and in how it works. I have very dry hands during the winter and nothing seems to help them. Not even those expensive lotions that state they are made specifically for very dry hands. I crochet and I have had to give it up in the winter months because the yarn gets caught on the dryness of my hands. Yep they are that bad!! I got this yesterday and used it three times. Last night I was back crocheting and not one time did the yarn catch on my skin. This morning they are still soft and smooth. I LOVE THIS !!! Thank you so much!!! I am back to order more!!
Submitted on Feb 28, 2013
By Karen murphy
I have been using this product for a few years now. It isn't greasy at all and I love the scent. I have tried some other products in-between and always come back to this one. I ordered three this time, so I won't run out for a long time.
Submitted on Feb 25, 2013
By vpete
This is a wonderful product, everything from the scent to the texture, and it works
Submitted on Feb 23, 2013
By Kat
Bought this cream before and liked it so much I got some more for family members.
Submitted on Feb 17, 2013
By coffeehugger
UM-M-M-M! Need I say more
Submitted on Feb 15, 2013
By Celtic Wmn
This product has a wonderful scent. It is very calming to the skin. It leaves a very light and clean scent and no after film.
Submitted on Feb 7, 2013
By Felina
Soothing and smooth with a lovely lavender fragrance!!
Submitted on Feb 6, 2013
By Suzzz
This is exactly what I hoped for. It smells great and lasts a long time. Great gift for the future.
Submitted on Feb 6, 2013
By Angelwren
Excellent cream! I love to use it at night before I go to bed. The lavender scent is soft just enough-- and the other ingredients make my skin feel soft in morning. Shea butter has so many healing properties. This cream exceeded my expectations!
Submitted on Feb 2, 2013
By Lavendar Shea Butter Cream
Use this product nightly - strong scent is relaxing and cream really re-hydrates dry, chapped hands. Love it!
Submitted on Jan 13, 2013
By Sharon
Love this product!
Submitted on Jan 11, 2013
By Marcie
Item was Christmas gift. Was well received.
Submitted on Jan 8, 2013
By Lynne
I have only used a few times. So far so good.
Submitted on Dec 31, 2012
By peddienurse
Wonderful and feels so nice. The scent is fabulous!
Submitted on Dec 24, 2012
By Minnesota Farm Girl
Love this product! Wish it came in a bigger container.
Submitted on Dec 2, 2012
By Lizzi
My favorite hand cream.
Submitted on Nov 28, 2012
By Esther
Really love this cream. Very light yet very moisturizing. Scent is wonderful. I would definitely buy it again.
Submitted on Nov 25, 2012
By boomerkaren
Great for dry hands, love the smell, bought several jars to keep in different rooms. . . a little bit goes a long way.
Submitted on Nov 25, 2012
I really like this hand creme. It does just what it says. Smells good and makes hands soft.
Submitted on Nov 16, 2012
By Cathy
What a great hand cream!
Submitted on Nov 13, 2012
By Lavender Rosemary Shea Butter
I love it.
Submitted on Nov 12, 2012
By pl
Not too impressed. I have used other products that are more effective.
Submitted on Nov 11, 2012
By Very soothing
This product is very nice. It is absorbed quickly and the scent is nice, too.
Submitted on Nov 4, 2012
By artful
Love it! Will be buying several more for presents.
Submitted on Oct 23, 2012
By Caro-Sue
Wonderful stuff. Works great. Love the way it soaks in without a greasy or slippery result.
Submitted on Oct 22, 2012
By trailrunner
Good hand lotion but it's not great. I bought it to use overnight while I sleep and REALLY hydrate during the night but, for that purpose, it doesn't do the job. For the purpose of simple hydration after washing your hands, it does a great job and does not leave a greasy feeling.
Submitted on Oct 15, 2012
By Chicago Mom
Really love this stuff! It's become a staple. It smells great and is quite moisturizing.
Submitted on Sep 28, 2012
By Elaine
Lovely hand cream that smells great and leaves no greasy residue. It leaves me with a serene feeling.
Submitted on Sep 24, 2012
By Hilary
I love this lotion! I ordered several containers to have in different rooms of the house. It is one of the better lotions I have used.
Submitted on Sep 15, 2012
By Joyce, Newport News, VA.
I instantly fell in love with this hand cream. I like it because it's not a liquid. I plan to buy more to give away as gifts for the holidays. I keep the jar near my computer & use it daily.
Submitted on Sep 14, 2012
By Susie, Tallahassee
My hands just soak this up, and it has such a marvelous scent.
Submitted on Sep 13, 2012
By Irishgirl
Wow is this cream wonderful! I am a Type 1 Diabetic with very dry hands and feet and when I read about this moisturizer I thought I'd give it a try- I only use natural products. I think it worked great on my hands...not so much on my feet but they are another level of dry! It has a nice relaxing smell too so it's great to put on before bed.
Submitted on Sep 13, 2012
By new gotta have
This is the best hand cream. Absorbs completely, nice scent, not to strong. This has become my must-have item for my hands
Submitted on Sep 1, 2012
By Lavender Lovers
Wonderful. Leaves skin so soft.
Submitted on Sep 1, 2012
By ellimaeshui
Have re-ordered this lovely hand cream many times, which I use at night for its soothing scent as well as moisturizing quality.
Submitted on Aug 30, 2012
By Wyndi35
This cream is AWESOME and the delivery was super fast. My skin was rough and dry and splotchy, and after putting it on twice, it was soft and smooth and the skin tone balanced out. I LOVE THIS!!!!
Submitted on Aug 23, 2012
By deb
Submitted on Aug 8, 2012
By Soothing & Smoothing
This emollient cream absorbs and helps heal even the most dry, rough skin. It smells great but doesn't linger in scent. I showed it to my friend and she bought two after trying it. I highly recommend it.
Submitted on Aug 6, 2012
By Gwendolyn Melton
I really love this creme. It makes my hands look and feel better. Will continue to use.
Submitted on Jul 19, 2012
Great product. Had terrific results with a post surgical scar and also releaving the itch of bug bits.
Submitted on Jul 9, 2012
By Michelle
This cream is awesome! I've ordered and re-ordered it for myself and for gift bags to my sisters. The cream is very soothing--especially nice right before bed--I slather it on my forearms, hands, elbows, and it soothes me to sleep. The aroma is very intoxicating. And my hands wake up soft and smooth.
Submitted on Feb 2, 2012
By NorthernSW
Okay, I'll be honest. This smells so good, that I don't actually know how well it moisturizes. It DOES moisturize, and I've purchased another jar, but it has this wonderful aroma that helps me fall asleep after putting on my hand cream before bed!
Submitted on Nov 22, 2011
By Kalana56
I received my first jar of this as a present. I have since re-ordered and I love the smell of the shea butter very much. I had a candle that I loved that had rosemary/lavender and this has the same wonderful fragrance. In addition, I live in the high desert where our humidity is mostly in single digits. This keeps my hands from cracking in the winter and fights the gardener's hands in the summer. Love it and would recommend it to anyone having dry hand problems.
Submitted on Aug 18, 2011
By Sage
Nice scent but rather non-absorbent, left a waxy feel.
Submitted on Jul 16, 2011
By arabar
I have chemotherapy-induced skin rashes that are calmed and sometimes erased by this cream. The rash continues to come back with each chemo treatment but this cream has worked each time. Yay!
Submitted on Jul 15, 2011
By turtledove
LOVE IT!!!! My hands have never been so soft. I live in a very dry climate. This cream is wonderful! Will order more when I run low on it.
Submitted on Jul 14, 2011
By Lavender Rosemary Shea Butter Cream
I love it. I work in a market in the fresh meat counter and I am continually washing my hands. I apply my cream several times a day.
Submitted on Jul 13, 2011
By Loretta
I love the smell of this cream and keep a jar at my desk and night stand.
Submitted on Jul 13, 2011
By Debbie
Love it!! Give it as gifts to everyone I know.
Submitted on Jul 7, 2011
By Pamella from Texas
Five stars isn't a high enough review for this product. I have been using this yummy Shea Butter for 2 years at least, maybe even more. My only complaint is the jar isn't big enough! I could use a pint size jar or larger. I love everything about it from its smell that instantly turns the room or car into a magical place of the creamy healing smoothness of the butter itself. Lavender soothes my mind and the Rosemary gives me the smells of my Herb garden. My hands and elbows and knees have never looked or felt younger. Thank you for selling me my first jar and the many more to come.
Submitted on Jul 5, 2011
By sharon
Excellent for my garden-damaged hands. I felt relief almost immediately, using just a small dab was effective.
Submitted on Jun 29, 2011
I just wanted to let you know how much I love the Forest House Herbals lavender rosemary hand cream. I am an RN and my hands always get SO dry in the winter. And it smells wonderful! My husband even commented on it. Thanks for carrying it!
Submitted on Jun 9, 2011
By Trisha
It did not keep my hands moisturized and something in it caused co-workers who had allergies to go into sneezing fits.
Submitted on May 1, 2011
I love these products.
Submitted on Mar 23, 2011
This product is GREAT.
Submitted on Mar 23, 2011
By Chris in NJ
I tend to be allergic to just about everything but my body really loves this Lavender Rosemary Shea Butter Cream.
I use a ton of it -- it's the best thing on Earth! Every night before I go to bed I use's like a healing ritual that makes me feel so good, and the combination of lavender & rosemary is perfect.
Submitted on Mar 13, 2011
By Patrick
I'm a carpenter and woodworker with sandpaper hands. I found this jar of cream on my wife's nightstand and tried it one night. In the morning my hands felt great. As a man I even enjoy it's nice smell--it's soothing and helps me relax before I go to sleep. Now I use it all the time and even have my own jar. This product is a winner!
Submitted on Nov 17, 2010
I tried this cream and fell in love with the creamy texture and dreamy scent.. Ahhhh.... But after a few applications, the itchies started as the allergies kicked in. It's not the first time I've reacted to a natural product, though I haven't yet identified the offending ingredient.. I WISH I could use it. But for someone else who doesn't have allergies, this is a wonderful cream.
Submitted on Jun 23, 2010
By Liz in MA
At first, I just enjoyed this cream because it smells positively wonderful, and it is rich, yet absorbs quickly. But when I went to see my dermatologist in the middle of a miserable, dry, cold New England winter, and she told me that my hands which have been plagued with severe eczema for over 20 years! looked fantastic and that I was clearly taking very good care of them, I was 100 sold on this cream! Wonderful stuff!
Submitted on Apr 4, 2010
By excellentcreme
One of the best products in the catalog....will certainly buy again!
Submitted on Nov 30, 2009
'What a great cream. I think that it may be curing my psoriasis... but time will tell.' -- NC
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Having dogs, cats, a goat, and garden, I must wash my hands 15 times a day. To try to combat the effects of this constant washing, I keep hand lotion beside every sink in the house and in every bedroom. I am always looking for the perfect stuff to rub into my poor, chapped, dry skin.

I knew that the Lavender Rosemary Shea Butter Cream was special when I found myself walking all the way across the house to use the one jar I had. Made from Shea butter and vitamin E, this hand cream has a lovely, light lavender fragrance and is totally non-greasy. Skin just seems to drink it in -- it is very rich. I love to carry this in my purse and it is perfect for airline travel since it is compact, non-breakable and less than 3 oz.
Ingredients: Spring Water, Shea Butter, Sunflower & Olive Oils, Essential Oils of Lavender & Rosemary, Emulsifying Wax, Glycerin, Vitamin E & Citric Acid (as a preservative).

The statements on the Isabella website are not meant to take the place of medical advice for any symptoms. Although essential oils have been used effectively for centuries, Isabella accepts no liability for any adverse reactions you may experience. If pregnant, suffering from a medical condition, or taking medication, please consult a health care practitioner before using any product containing essential oils. Please discontinue use if sensitivity occurs.
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