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3.7 Average Rating
By lemon juicer
this product did not work well for me. I use a lot of lemon juice at a time, and this was meant more for a few drops at a time. It is a cute way to show off a lemon dropper.
Submitted on Apr 23, 2014
By Rose
Nice, but the juicer part really does not fit flush into the little bowl, so I really have to watch how I set it down so it won't tip over. But it's functional and cute!
Submitted on Mar 26, 2014
By Caroline
I love this juicer! It is cute and works very nicely when I want to add lemon juice to anything. I just get the juice and nothing else and the it looks great on my counter top. I ordered it, had to wait for a bit, but it was so worth it. Thank you.
Submitted on Jan 6, 2014
By judymn
Once you get the hang of it, this really works well, and it has become a mainstay of my kitchen. Great invention, and good design, too.
Submitted on Dec 23, 2013
By Lyda H
Love it. Best thing I have ever purchased.
Submitted on Oct 10, 2013
By Amber
Looks pretty but I found it to be ineffective as far as getting a lot of juice from the lemon.
Submitted on Aug 22, 2013

Juicynista Lemon Juicer

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Considering the health benefits of lemons and what a tasty difference the juice makes in so many dishes, no kitchen should be without a Juicynista! I was given a juicer like this over 30 years ago (but not nearly as attractive), and it's still in my Top 5 list of kitchen ''must haves.'' Read more...

I have tried literally dozens of other types of lemon juicers, and they're a joke compared to this handy tool. Finally it's available in the U.S. (I had been searching for them for years!) All you do is poke a lemon with the base of the spout, twist, squeeze, and pour as much juice as you want. You can place the lemon (with the inserted spout) in the ceramic cup on your table during your meal, and everyone can squeeze their own fresh juice into their beverage or on their food. If there's still juice left in the lemon, you can then simply transfer it to your refrigerator as is, until the next time you want some freshly squeezed juice.

It's so simple, with no tedious prep work or laborious clean-up. (Both parts of the juicer are top-rack dishwasher safe.) I worship this juicer. The cup measures 3.5'' diam. x 2'' tall, while the spout is 2'' diam. x 4'' long.
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