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How to Meditate

A Practical Guide to Making Friends with Your Mind
By Pema Chodron
Item #34404 - Hardcover Book - 175 pgs
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Understanding how to work with our minds is the foundation of meditation according to beloved teacher Pema Chodron. When something is bothering you, or you are in physical pain, you can work with your mind, with your own response to the situation. Read more...

You may not be able to change the external circumstance, but you can always change how you are viewing or holding that situation within yourself. This is the foundation for freedom in life, and there couldn't be a more important skill to learn.

That's why Pema Chodron continues to teach about meditation and its invaluable gifts year after year. She knows how much we need this essential life skill. I think that this latest book is truly the very best she has written so far. It is as if she has distilled the greatest jewels of all her years of teaching and simplified them into what she considers to be the essentials of a life-long practice.

To me, it is the most readable, accessible, and elegantly written little book on meditation available today. I wish someone had given me such a book when I was starting out in life. That's why I am giving it to all the young people I know, and why I keep a copy by my bedside to support me in keeping my practice alive and on-going and something I look forward to each day.
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