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By Stephanie R
I truly love this bracelet! The labrodite has so many facets to it. I have recieved many, many compliments everywhere I go! The holy medal on it I think is that of St. Bernadette. I don't know the significance of this medal for me personally but her story is very inspiring.
Submitted on Jun 19, 2015
By Susan
I trusted that I would receive the medal that I needed and I was very happy when my labordorite bracelet arrived. I wear it often and layer it with other bracelets for a different look.
Submitted on May 25, 2015
By Lisa
What a beautiful bracelet......the stones sparkle with inner light, just as they do in the photo. It's my new favorite thing to wear.
Submitted on Mar 17, 2015
By 32687
Love it
Submitted on Dec 12, 2014
By Glynn
Beautiful bracelet. I am thinking of ordering another one.
Submitted on Feb 6, 2014

Holy Medal Bracelets - Labradorite

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I am so excited to bring you these special stretch bracelets. I fell in love with them and knew that we had to offer them. Sometimes in life,we get subtle messages; subtle signs that help guide us on our paths. That is what you get when you order one of these bracelets. Each bracelet comes with its own holy medal -- every single bracelet is different. The vintage holy medals come from all over the world. Each medal represents a saint and has engraving on the front and back. When you order a bracelet, you have to trust that you are going to get just the saint you need to watch over you the most in your life. Read more...

It is about trusting and letting the universe send you what you need. In addition to the holy medals, these bracelets are made from faceted 10mm labradorite stones. Since all the medals are different, you could get a solid silver one, an intricately carved one, or a simple beautiful one. No two are alike. These are stretch bracelets and one size fits most wrists.
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