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By Happy Retiree
OMG, this is the very BEST thing I have bought in years! I have all sorts of very small purses so that I can be hands free and still have phone, credit cards, id and cash. BUT, all my smalls either hang from my shoulder or wrap my waist. Since my new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, when in my pocket, render ssitting impossible, I bought this. I am retired and live where we walk to a movie and walk home (who wants something sitting beside you on your chair in a movie theatre?). While in a movie or elsewhere about our small community, I just want the phone and perhaps credit card and money. I sometimes wear cute belts and sometime not but this wonderful thing will cip directly to the pants OR to a belt. And I don't put my cell on a table or counter and walk away without it. IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Submitted on Aug 28, 2014
By Cholla miki
I love it. Hands free. Well made. Could use a key ring.
Submitted on Aug 27, 2014
By Hip Clip Plus
Love it! Is nice to have more space and a more durable fabric. Easy to wear and looks good too.
Submitted on Aug 7, 2014
By K
very handy
Submitted on Jul 22, 2014
By slides a lot
This "pocket" is adorable. It holds my phone, bags for doggy deposits, and tissues. However, it is not large enough for keys. I always carry just two--house and car, and if I clip them to one of the clips on this pocket it slips until both clasps are together. I think it would work better if I wore jeans, So, it's useful, but not useful enough in all circumstances or on all kinds of clothing.
Submitted on Jun 19, 2014
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How did I ever get by without one of these? I've never liked being a slave to a purse. Who wants to bop down to the beach lugging around a big purse? And when I'm walking my 100-lb. dog, the last thing I need is a purse to contend with, but I do need my keys, cash, phone, and plastic bags. An updated, bigger version of what we have carried in the past, this wallet/mini-purse clips to your pants, shorts, skirt, bathing suit, backpack -- anything. Read more...

It has an open pocket on one side large enough to keep your smart phone, digital camera, and passport accessible, and 2 zippered compartments in front to securely keep your cash, credit cards, ID, and lip balm. You can either attach your keys to the clippable keyring or put them in a zippered compartment. No more worries about finding your keys or leaving your purse somewhere.

Perfect for travel, going out dancing, heading to the gym, or when you've got your hands full with a couple of toddlers or a 100-lb. dog. It's small, sleek, and ultra secure once clipped, especially if you choose to use both stainless steel klips (which also keeps the pocket from swinging so much if you're out jogging). Think of it as ''the fanny pack's cooler cousin.''
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