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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much Solay (sole) solution should I take every day?

A. Every morning, take one teaspoon of brine mixed in a glass of good quality artesian or spring water. Drink this on an empty stomach before taking breakfast. The amount of water is up to you, but you only need one teaspoon of sole for your daily intake.

Q. Are there any negative side-effects when drinking Himalayan Sole (so-lay) regularly over a long period of time?

A. One teaspoon of Himalayan Sole contains approximately 411mg of sodium. This very small amount of salt has an incredibly positive effect on your whole body, and normally does not cause any danger even when taken regularly. But be careful about using commercial table salt. The USDA recommends a daily intake of no more than 2,500mg of sodium depending on your body weight. Himalayan Crystal Salt can be more readily metabolized by the body than refined table salt. This is the reason that it’s good for seasoning your food and for all your cooking and baking needs.

Q. After taking the Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole on an empty stomach you recommend not to drink any coffee. Does this also apply to black teas, green teas or herb teas?

A. Black teas and green teas are acidic like coffee and have strong diuretic effects. The best is to drink an herbal tea after the sole.

Q. Can the Himalayan Sole solution go bad? How should it be stored?

A. The sole can be kept indefinitely. It will never go bad. It can be kept anywhere. It doesn’t have to be refrigerated nor kept in the dark. However, it is recommended to keep it in a closed container to keep it free from dust and other airborne particles.

Q. How long will the starter jar last before needing a refill?

A. The Sole Jar for one person using it will last 2-3 months before it dissolves completely.

Q. As I use Sole, how can I tell I'm continuing to get the highest concentration of salt or need to refill with salt?

A. As long as there is visible salt in the jar, it's at the highest salt concentration of 26%. It cannot be over salted as it stops dissolving at 26%.

Q. Can I use the Himalayan Sole therapy along with my fasting?

A. The Himalayan Sole therapy is a good complement to fasting. It helps to eliminate the toxins and also provides vitality and support to the body as it labors to rid itself of toxins. Just be sure to drink sufficient amounts of water while fasting.

Q. Can I drink the Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole in the evening instead of in the morning?

A. The benefits of the Sole therapy are realized best when taken on an empty stomach. You can also do the Sole therapy in the evening but you should keep this rhythm as the body maintains the frequency pattern of the salt for 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

4.1 Average Rating
By Sandy
Every morning I have my cup of "soul". This is the most gentle way to restore one's physical being. I have already ordered the refill salt so I won't run out.
Submitted on Jun 9, 2015
By D V Burgess
Great product!! I use it daily with systemic enzyme and it alleviates inflamation and aches while at the same time providing energy.
Submitted on Oct 11, 2014
By Impossible to tell
I had to stop using it. It brought on pain I hadn't had before. I may go back to it after a conference, to see if I get similar reactions. My husband is still taking it, but hasn't noticed any change in his knees. He thought his carpal tunnel was feeling better but then it came back. If this is supposed to detox you, aren't we going to see some increased "output?"
Submitted on Jul 21, 2014
By Ann Arbor Jan
I like it so far. I am one of those few people whom the doctor wants to have extra salt. I do tend to drink a lot of fluid and use little table salt. This replaced taking electrolyte pills. So far, I feel pretty good. Can't tell if it is from the Himalayan salt until I finish the course, go off and notice the difference, but so far, I'd say it has a positive effect.
Submitted on Apr 17, 2014
By Lanning6
I'll admit the taste is not the greatest. But this product has been a miracle for me! I was skeptical at first, but after suffering for years with joint and back pain, I was willing to try anything. The first few days I didn't notice any changes. I almost quit but I was determined to give it two weeks, however on the 5th morning I woke up, got out of bed, and was standing at the kitchen sink getting ready to drink the days dose. When I realized that I had done all this without stretching or popping my back and that this was the first time I was able to get out of bed with no pain in 16 years!!! I'm not saying my results are typical but surely it's worth a try for anyone who suffers. I wish I could say more to convince people to just give it a go.
Submitted on Apr 14, 2014
By Dee
Very salty. Difficult to drink every morning. Haven't noticed any difference as of yet. I'll keep drinking.
Submitted on Mar 8, 2014
By Pixidust
It may work okay but I didn't give it a fair shot, just tried a few sips before throwing it out. I just couldn't stomach the salty taste. It's like mineral water which I can't stand.
Submitted on Dec 31, 2013
By Great Detox!
I have only used this product for a couple of weeks, yet I DO notice a change in my bodily system. I wish I could drink this more than once per day, but I trust Ann, and will only do this the way it's intended!
Submitted on Dec 29, 2013
By melanie
Had used salts previously but never replaced them. Since I purchased them from you I use them daily first thing in the am, and I know the days I forget.
Submitted on Nov 26, 2013
By Linda
1 tsp in a glass of warm water daily is just what the doctor ordered. Helps keep the body less acidic. I had been grinding Himalayan salt daily and this makes my life so much easier. Thank you.
Submitted on Nov 22, 2013
By sue
I'm not sure about this product. I don't think it harmful in any way. I'm a big fan of salt lamps and caves. I need to use it a bit longer.
Submitted on Oct 11, 2013
By Gardenkat
Submitted on Sep 21, 2013
By Effect?
Not sure if it's doing anything for me. Having been using it for a month now. . . Certainly makes the water very salty.
Submitted on Sep 3, 2013
By easy enough!!
I'm not sure about all the health claims - although I hope they are true! - but this is simple way to get electrolytes! I couldn't stomach the whole glass of diluted water so drink 1 tsp of the mixture straight followed by a glass of water.
Submitted on Jul 25, 2013
By Bittybee
Am feeling stronger by the day!!!!
Submitted on Jul 13, 2013
By DeAnna
I live in Texas and continue gardening and walking the dog all summer. I have to be really careful about getting more than dehydrated, but actually depleted. I like being able to take this quick step in the morning to make sure my trace minerals are replaced.
Submitted on Jul 11, 2013
By BettyMemphis TN
This product only took a few days for me to realize my body was better. Had more energy, clarity, just an overall healthy feeling.
Submitted on Jun 11, 2013
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Himalayan Salt is unique. More than 200 million years in the earth have processed this salt, resulting in a treasure trove of 84 minerals which are in an ionic form instead of the colloidal form of regular sea salt. Digestion is not required for Himalayan Salt because the ionic mineral form is ''cell ready,'' allowing for easy assimilation by our bodies, especially when taken with a glass of water on an empty stomach. Read more...

Contrast this to sea salt's minerals, which are mostly colloidal -- a larger size than ionic -- making them more difficult for the body to digest and use. (Sea salt is still an important nutrient that feeds the probiotics or friendly bacteria in the digestive tract.) When Himalayan salt is added to water, the result is a solution in which the 84 ionic minerals and the water have an interwoven structure that is electrical in nature. This imparts energy directly to those areas of our body that are weak, thereby enhancing our vitality and our immune system's ability to regenerate those areas of our bodies requiring healing. The salt is immediately available for use throughout the body shortly after drinking it as the liquid sole -- the concentrated solution of 84 minerals from the salt and water. Taking 1 teaspoon of sole daily will re-mineralize your body, process stored toxins, and assist to detoxify the body of mercury and heavy metals. (Directions are included with the 16 oz. Starter Jar, which is filled with Himalayan salt crystal stones to which you add water. The stones in the jar will last 2-3 months before needing a salt refill, assuming use by one person.)

Results vary, but it isn't uncommon to hear of people experiencing more regular bowel movements, increased energy, better sleep, reduced duration of colds and flu, better joint movement, and more. Since so much of the human body's composition is water, it makes sense that replenishing the necessary minerals and electrolytes it needs with pure, unrefined ionic salt and pure water is essential to overall well-being. Sole is inexpensive and simple to make part of your morning routine. See what it can do for you.
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