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By I love this!
I have exercise induced asthma and sinus issues and the inhaler really helps me feel better. Just 10 minutes a day, and sometimes I use it right before I got to sleep if I'm stuffed up. I still need to take medication, but just a small amount and it's under control when I use the inhaler.
Submitted on Oct 14, 2014
Cannot say enough about the Himalayan Salt Inhaler I bought about a year ago. It works amazingly well. Takes so little time, and the results are unbelievable. I have allergic asthma, and this prevents trips to the doctor and medications. I am going to buy one for my son who has a lot of sinus problems. You have to try it to believe the results.
Submitted on Jan 3, 2014
By KR21017
I was diagnosed with asthma recently. This stuff helps keep me medication free and breathing well.
Submitted on Dec 13, 2013
By BettyMemphis TN
I have used the Himalayan Salt Inhaler for over a year. Good results.
Submitted on Jun 11, 2013
By songwriter
I have to admit I haven't used this yet. This is just a replacement for the inhaler that shouldn't need changed for a while. The salt in the inhaler will last a long time if I don't get it wet.
Submitted on Apr 10, 2013
By Suzy
Do NOT hesitate to buy this. I have asthma and have always gotten bronchitis EVERY time I get a cold. Well, so far this winter, I have gotten two colds, but by using this inhaler I have NOT gotten bronchitis either time. I swear by it. I am so thankful because the strong anitibiotics I need to treat bronchitis have terrible side effects so not having to take them is a major relief. I got my BFF to also buy this inhaler and it had same effect for her. So, again, DON'T hesitate to buy this. It is an incredible find.
Submitted on Feb 20, 2013
By Salt
Just the right amount.
Submitted on Nov 26, 2012
By 410 Gary
I haven't had to use the replacement salt I ordered, but if the replacement salt is as effective as the salt that came in my inhaler it is perfect.
Submitted on Oct 10, 2012
By Salt for Inhaler
Very good salt.
Submitted on Sep 9, 2012
By Radiant Grandmother
The Himalayan Salt Inhaler, for me, beats the neti pot hands down. For one, I can use it anywhere without having a wet mess to contend with. Besides aiding the sinuses, it reaches the whole respiratory system. I have used the salt inhaler for about 4 years now and am looking forward to a fresh batch of the refillable salts. As a retired massage therapist and foot reflexologist, I have tested many natural products and am still happy to make recommendations to friends and family when I find something that really works.
Submitted on Jul 3, 2011
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Himalayan Salt Inhaler Replacement Salt

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Since salt is naturally anti-microbial, there is no reason to replace it in your Himalayan Salt Inhalerâ„¢ unless the salt gets wet from saliva, accidental submersion, or, should you wish, after 5 years of regular use. We offer this replacement salt which can be put into the inhaler once the inhaler is thoroughly dry inside. Packaging may vary.
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