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My wife was in tears when she received this on Christmas from our children. Truly a beautiful bracelet.
Submitted on Jan 17, 2013
By muttsmom, calif
Great catalog! Lovely, unique products! I love the beauty of this silver bracelet and the beauty of the sentiment engraved throughout... my only problem is that it is too large...many bangles are made too wide and slip off my hand when I lower my arm. Otherwise, it is truly a lovely gift!!
Submitted on Feb 27, 2010

Hearts Forever Bangle

Item #15815 - approx. 2.75'' diameter
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Engraved with the beautiful sentiment ''A mother holds her children's hands for a short while but their hearts forever,'' this stunning sterling silver bangle is the perfect gift to thank your mother for her endless devotion and love.

Shaped in the form of a Mobius strip, the bracelet represents the seeming impossibility of a plane without end, or one of infinite length, symbolic of the power of a mother's love: limitless, never-ending, and immeasurable. The lost-wax casting method and the hand finishing of each piece create a fitting homage for this message of endless love.
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