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By Diana
A lovely addition to my work area. I am a health care provider and I love seeing it on my wall.
Submitted on Mar 11, 2013
By Debmsw
I bought this beautiful statue to honor and to help me mourn the loss of a very special pet. My 18 year old blue streak Lori Remi was an amazing and beautiful bird. The day Remi died I saw this beautiful statue. I knew I wanted to honor Remi. She'd lived through so much with me. She survived a terrible infection three years ago. Birds are so sensitive and usually when they get sick it is all over by the time you know they are sick. But Remi let me hand feed her multiple times a day and dutifully took the antibiotics she hated. She beat death that time. This time she couldn't. The little memorial I created, with this beautiful statue as a focal point is where I placed a picture of Remi, a few of her bright red feathers and a cross I had placed on her cage 3 years ago. Seeing this lovely statue next to my memories of Remi makes feel close to her and is a sweet reminder of my little bird. Thank you.
Submitted on Aug 11, 2012
By Uniquely beautiful
I literally could feel the love when I unpacked and held this lovely statue in my hands... the love that went into its meticulous creation, the love that wrapped it carefully in tissue paper and sent it to me. It is hard to explain how this little statue touches my heart - thank you for having it - special. Isabella is the only place I would ever find something like this. She will have a place of honor in my home.
Submitted on Jan 8, 2011

Healer of Difficult Situations Statue

St. Rita of Cascia
Item #12654 - 8.5''h x 3.25'' w
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When I find myself going through tough times, I so appreciate the friends who acknowledge my pain, rather than pretend it doesn't exist. With such support, I find comfort, strength, and healing. When I saw this beautiful, handmade statue of St. Rita, ''Healer of Women; Patron of Those in Difficult or Impossible Situations,'' I knew I had to give her to one of my friends who is facing an ''impossible situation.'' It's the perfect gift of acknowledgment and hope. Read more...

Not being a Catholic, I'm not that familiar with patron saints, but I am told that St. Rita is currently having a resurgence of popularity in Italy. (Plus, would you believe she's also the Patron Saint of Baseball?!) This statue comes with the story of how she overcame adversity (from a hellish marriage to the loss of her two sons) during the Middle Ages.

To get the effect of medieval craftsmen, the Mississippi-based artist carved the original statue in clay and then works with a slurry of gypsum and other natural materials for the molds. His wife paints each piece so it resembles weathered bronze. Whatever your religious persuasion, may St. Rita's comforting presence illuminate a path of empowerment and healing for you. It's beautiful indoors or out, hanging on a wall, or standing.
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