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3.0 Average Rating
By Ro
Love this! I've been using them on my chin and upper lip, and both areas are becoming less unsightly every day. Thanks!
Submitted on Nov 12, 2014
By Rose
I have only tried them once, I thought they would be different. It really hurts to pull them off. I think I could have bought the brown mailing tape and cut strips, much cheaper and probably same effect.
Submitted on Mar 26, 2014
By jaallred
Well, where do you get the rose water you are supposed to use with this. Didn't see it on your site. Kind of let down for now. I'll see if my drugstore has rose water. I'll keep you posted.
Submitted on Feb 20, 2014
By mary
I have a hard time getting them to stick so I don't know if they work or not.
Submitted on Dec 31, 2013
By JoAnna
I sent them back without using. The instructions are vague and the kit is incomplete. Too risky for my face.
Submitted on Nov 29, 2013
By maria
They really work with regular use!!!!
Submitted on Nov 23, 2013
By Arlene
I really like them - but I could not find rose water to use with them. That could be the reason they did not come off easy. Not sure. I know that Rachel Welsh uses these and she looks great. I'll keep looking for the rose water.
Submitted on Oct 9, 2013
By Cathy
Very uncomfortable and very hard to get off.
Submitted on Jun 5, 2013
By Makes a difference!
I've been using Frownies for over a year. The line between my eyes is definitely diminished as long as I use them regularly.
Submitted on Jan 16, 2013
By Judy
I was sensitive to the glue and it was not what I expected. Once the "Frownies" were put in place, it was uncomfortable and I did not like the smell of the "glue." Great concept, but disappointing product.
Submitted on Nov 20, 2012
By laurie
have not noticed any improvement
Submitted on Nov 13, 2012
By shawas
Works for a bit of time.
Submitted on Nov 8, 2012
By Erika
I don't have deep lines, but they are starting to become noticeable. Since I started using these I have seen real improvement. I have been using these for about 3 weeks. Will definitely keep purchasing as they seem to work better than skin creams.
Submitted on Aug 12, 2012
By Debett2
I found these uncomfortable to wear.
Submitted on Aug 6, 2012
By mimi
I find that I can use the strips twice and it definitely diminishes the puffiness in my under eyes. I will definitely order these again.
Submitted on Jul 18, 2011
By Frownies
I think this product is tried and true, however, I haven't used it long enough to say I have gotten many benefits. I like the fact that it is natural. Will have more solid information in a month or so.
Submitted on Jul 10, 2011

Frownies Corners of Eyes and Mouth

Item #16418 - 144 patches
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What do Sophia Loren and our own Kathleen have in common? They both swear by Frownies to keep their wrinkles at bay. I had no idea they're made of all-natural ingredients (vegetable-based adhesive on unbleached paper); otherwise, I would have offered them here a long time ago! Obviously they work; the company's been in business since 1889, when they were called ''Wrinkle Eradicators.''

Frownies are little adhesive patches that train the underlying facial muscles to relax while you're asleep. First you wear them every night for 30 nights, and then you use them four or more times per week for maintenance. Instructions are included, or you can check out our video, but application is super easy.  Read more...

Moisten the shiny side of each patch with either water or toner, and then using your fingers, smooth your skin while pressing the patch on with your other hand. To see results, you'll need to leave it on for a minimum of three hours, preferably overnight.

Because they prevent your muscles from moving, think of it as natural Botox without the toxins, animal cruelty (yes, for every batch of Botox produced, unbelievable animal cruelty took place), and expense. You'll wake up with smoother and younger looking skin every morning. (It's the first product I recommend now to men who ask me for an effective way to banish their wrinkles.)
Ingredients: Unbleached natural kraft paper with water-activated vegetable starch based gum adhesive that is water activated.
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