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Fingerprint Collection Bracelet - Child

By Designed By Chinaberry
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Your child is a sublimely unique, utterly matchless being. No one on this whole planet is like that little person. That's why we are so excited to offer you a bracelet that is, itself, unique: a bracelet with your child’s/grandchild’s fingerprint cast as a sterling silver charm.

This particular bracelet comes with material to make one child’s fingerprint along with a sterling link chain bracelet.

When you order, you will receive a kit containing easy-to-follow instructions and the clay with which our jewelry artist creates the fingerprint pendant.

Due to the clay's shelf life, you will need to make your imprint within a week of receiving the kit. (Once you open the clay, it must be used immediately because it starts to dry out right away.)

Once you return the imprinted clay to us, the artist will transform it into a piece of jewelry that will be one of your most cherished, ever. She can also engrave up to three initials on the back of your pendant (info is included in instructions).

If you are planning to do a fingerprint of a young child, please note that children under 3 often do not have defined fingerprints, so the finished imprint will be faint and delicate, but still unique to your child. However, the fingerprints of children younger than 12 months are so undefined that the silver will end up with little to no impression.

If you'd like your bracelet to hold more than one person's prints, you can order additional fingerprints, either for an adult or child (use “fingerprint” as your search word to find these additional fingerprints).

Sorry, no rush shipping on the finished fingerprint jewelry. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the entire process.
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