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Customer Reviews

4.4 Average Rating
By Deb in Illinois
What a great product. Keeps skin feeling fresh and smooth.
Submitted on Jun 19, 2015
By pitlover2
I have been using this since I received it. I do like it. My skin does feel smoother.
Submitted on May 28, 2015
By SassiAani
Love this cloth!!! My only regret is not buying it sooner. I also have large pores and this little cloth cleans them so well they seem to disappear. I'll be buying this again!!!
Submitted on May 17, 2015
By Exfolia beauty cloth
Nice way to wash my face every day!! Skin feels softer.
Submitted on May 11, 2015
By oklbtsk
Not too rough. Just enough texture to work great!
Submitted on Apr 1, 2015
Love this product. I have now purchased my second one. You can really tell when it is time to purchase a new one. The fibers become smooth and your skin does not look and feel as good.
Submitted on Mar 25, 2015
By mkg
I have both oily and dry skin on my face. This product out performs any deep cleaning type facial cloth even without soap, and it does so gently. Thanks again for another good buy!!!
Submitted on Mar 23, 2015
By anonymous
The product works great and I would have given it five stars had it not been for the price. It seems really high for such a small item.
Submitted on Mar 23, 2015
By val
I know people were raving about this. Just using it as a regular facecloth. Not noticing the smoothing effect. Perhaps because I am a big fan of delicate exfoliating scrubs. So my skin is "there" already.
Submitted on Mar 3, 2015
By Boca lady
I have been using this cloth twice a week for a few years and find it is very effective for smoothing my face. It removes surface impurities and gives a fresh clean look. Be sure to use ample moisturizer after cleansing to restore balance in the skin.
Submitted on Jan 24, 2015
By mml
This is a terrific product! It really works well, yet gently!
Submitted on Dec 23, 2014
By NtnKtn
My last cloth lasted 5 months. I could tell it was time to replace because there was a subtle color change. I keep it in the shower and the difference in my skin texture before and after I wash is amazing. So smooth. Anything I put on my face afterwards absorbs better. I'm nearly 60 and my face feels like it did when I was in my 20's. This is a must-have for me from now on.
Submitted on Dec 18, 2014
This cloth is amazing. I'm ordering another for me and one for each of my daughters.
Submitted on Dec 17, 2014
By Laurel H.
Not as good as expected, but I have only used about a week now, but my skin is softer after cleansing with the cloth. I would still recommend it!
Submitted on Dec 5, 2014
By Viki
Love it works well
Submitted on Nov 21, 2014
By Helby
I've been using this for about a month, so I really do not see any marked improvement in my pores. I will keep trying.
Submitted on Nov 16, 2014
By love these cloths
I have been using these cloths for several years. I am an older lady, who finds most scrubs too harsh for my aging skin.These cloths do the job, and are much more gentle on my skin. I will continue to use them for as long as they are offered.
Submitted on Nov 9, 2014
By M. McKnight
I had used this product previously it revolutionized my entire skin care regimen. I would recommend this product most highly to just about everyone. Excellent find, and the price is reasonable.
Submitted on Oct 28, 2014
This cloth is amazing and no microbeads polluting the environment!
Submitted on Oct 9, 2014
I love Exfolia. From the 1st time I used it, I loved it. My face feels so smooth and looks healthy. I get asked what I do to have such nice looking skin. I recommend them. I bought them for all my sisters. Don't ever quit carrying them! I don't know what I would do.
Submitted on Sep 12, 2014
All of these skincare products - Enessa PlantCell Lifting Serum, Sea-Chi Creme, Argan Anti-Aging Moisture Gel, Jadience Purifying Toner, Exfolia Beauty Cloth, Enessa Iris Leaf Cell Repair, and Organic Honey Purifying Masque - are excellent. After 48 years ( I'm 59 ) of dealing with dermatitis type of acne, my complexion has cleared up tremendously. Many thanks for pure, natural products.
Submitted on Jul 19, 2014
By Wow
The best thing I ever did for my skin. I see better results with the Exfolia cloth than I do with my "sonic" scrub that I've used for 2 years.
Submitted on Apr 20, 2014
By Marjied
My face has never felt so clean. I have used exfoliation products but my face felt oily after using . I definitely will purchase this again.
Submitted on Apr 18, 2014
By anita a
I've been using Exfolia for several years. It has made my skin very soft and really keeps black heads at bay. I have oily skin and this is a very helpful product.
Submitted on Apr 16, 2014
By Shelly
I have been using this for years now and love, love, love it! Have purchased for my teens as well and it really helps to stop the break-outs! Wouldn't want to be without it.
Submitted on Apr 8, 2014
By Amalfi mom
The cloth has lived up to its promise! Although at first it appears too soft to be exfoliating the proof is in the feel of your skin afterwards. In addition my serum gets absorbed in a whoosh and it appears to me that that is making my anti aging products work better...I am a happy camper.
Submitted on Apr 8, 2014
By Exfolia cloth
Made my face so soft. Really notice diminished wrinkles. Recommend for anyone who wants to ramp up their face regimen.
Submitted on Apr 1, 2014
By Cindy
It does make skin feel softer and look smoother, but I have to remind myself to use it very gently, which is a nice thing to do for oneself. Haven't had the opportunity to use daily as I should due to life circumstances, but it is a nice product.
Submitted on Mar 26, 2014
By Merinya
Did nothing.
Submitted on Mar 25, 2014
By Susie S
Love love love this item - since I have been using Exfolia my skin has really improved! I buy this for all of the girls in my family
Submitted on Mar 20, 2014
By Kazee
Wonderful scrubber for cleaning my face. It rises out well, and hangs up to dry over night. Very easy to use!
Submitted on Mar 20, 2014
By scrub cloth
Was expecting the cloth to be more nubby so as to scrub my face more but I can't imagine how it does its job. Have noticed a small difference after a week's use. My skin on forehead is no longer flaking.
Submitted on Mar 20, 2014
By pat
Great cloth
Submitted on Feb 22, 2014
I have used exfolia for a year now. I love it so much that I have given one to both my daughters and my sisters as stocking stuffers. They now rant and rave about how beautiful their skin looks. I have even had people ask me if I had work done. This is the best product ever!
Submitted on Feb 19, 2014
By too harsh
This cloth is a little too harsh for my skin. And I only used it once or twice a week. I based my purchase on the other reviews, but not everyone is the same. I will just rely on masks and gentler soaps to exfoliate my skin. It was worth a try.
Submitted on Feb 8, 2014
By Lrainmelendez
My skin hasn't felt so soft since I was a child.
Submitted on Jan 31, 2014
By Caroline
This product has made my skin smoother and whiteheads are coming to the surface.
Submitted on Jan 23, 2014
By Melanie
Works good, but not great at least for me. Maybe I just expected a little more because of the reviews and description or maybe it's just my skin. . . . I would still recommend the exfolia cloth but I believe it depends on your skin.
Submitted on Jan 16, 2014
By Shaedin
Very gentle, yet affective. Does a great job.
Submitted on Jan 9, 2014
By truth56
This was a gift for my daughter so I can't say that I have even used this product. What I can say is that my daughter loves them and she's an Aethetician. Enough said.
Submitted on Jan 9, 2014
By Exfolia
I did not notice a radical change the first time I used it. I plan to continue using it and hope for results as claimed.l
Submitted on Jan 8, 2014
By 66andcounting
The Exfolia cloth seems to be working. My skin is softer than before. Blackheads and enlarged pores will take longer I think.
Submitted on Jan 8, 2014
By Becky
I use this every couple of days with the milky rich facial bar, and my face is as smooth as a baby's. Be sure to be gentle on yourself, but if you have dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin like me, this is the best exfoliator you can get.
Submitted on Jan 6, 2014
By naturelover
i am a 56 yr old woman with very oily skin. Excellent to use right before bed. No irritation and easy to clean.
Submitted on Jan 5, 2014
By Wendy
Bought this as a Christmas gift to myself and the 3 "girls" in my family - we all rave about the results - I will continue to use these for myself.
Submitted on Jan 4, 2014
By Happy User
Since using this, I've noticed a tremendous difference in my skin. Suffering from acne as a kid, I was left with blemishes and enlarged pores. Throughout the years, I tried using many other products to no avail. Most of them were simply to harsh for my very sensitive skin, while others did nothing. However, after using this, my blemishes have disappeared and my enlarged pores have been drastically reduced in size. I call this my miracle product. So glad I discovered this. I am indeed one happy user!
Submitted on Jan 1, 2014
By howellmash
This item is OK. I don't believe that it exfoliates as well as promised.
Submitted on Dec 30, 2013
By sablegirl
I am not as happy with this product. Considering my age, almost 68, I think it is to rough for my skin. I'm thinking of returning it because I can't use it.
Submitted on Dec 19, 2013
By Elaine-St. Louis
I have extremely oily and tough skin. I use one cloth on my face and neck twice daily with acne gel wash and after about a month, switch to a new cloth and then use the old one on the rest of my body not "delicate areas" of course with general body soap. It helps keep my skin clear and gets rid of the sticky oily patches that clog my pores.
Submitted on Dec 8, 2013
By Lynn
This makes your skin super soft!
Submitted on Dec 7, 2013
By maria
it did not work very well for me
Submitted on Nov 23, 2013
By Improvement
I'm a big fan of exfoliation especially at my age, 58. This cloth does the job but I use it every other day and my skin is relatively sensitive. Some exposed capillaries, but the cloth doesn't seem to affect them. Definitely noticed a difference in about a week or two of usage.
Submitted on Nov 7, 2013
By Nene
I really haven't used this enough to fully rate, but on the days that I have used it, my skin feels soft and smooth.
Submitted on Oct 26, 2013
By wanderer
Despite being 54 years old people often remark how young I look. Now I can't attribute that totally to Exfolia, but I have been using Exfolia for a few years. This fall my skin started to look dull, and old. Realized my Exfolia was nearly a year old. Bought a new one, and my skin is back to being clear and healthy again. It's a subtle improvement and took a few weeks, so don't expect miracles. The wrinkles don't really go away, but the texture improves and there is a clarity that looks younger.
Submitted on Oct 12, 2013
By Better than a brush
I could feel the difference the first time I used it. Bought one for an old friend who was visiting from North Carolina. She was impressed it with also.
Submitted on Oct 3, 2013
By 1HappyClam
I bought this with high hopes that it would solve my skin problems. I have sensitive, oily skin, with dry patches. Difficult to keep looking good. I had been using a natural bristle brush and seem to have developed an allergy, or something, and was frustrated with my inability to get the flaky skin off and my skin soothed. WELL....this is an amazing product. It does not irritate my skin, removes flakiness, and leaves my skin looking like it did in my 20s. An amazing product. Thank you, Isabella Catalog, for carrying this!
Submitted on Sep 22, 2013
By Basha
Very good for blackhead removal without hurting my skin
Submitted on Sep 21, 2013
By Ruth
This is good, but I would like to warn people to be careful because it can be too rough. Follow the directions! I kind of zoned out and rubbed too much, not a long-term problem though.
Submitted on Sep 12, 2013
By Picky from Olympia
My skin is sensitive but still needs to be cleaned and I have been looking for something that feels like I really got my face clean. This is the one. I use it with the Phyt's Cleansing Milk & it is amazing. The directions are very specific and since my skin is tender I have followed the directions to use it only once a week. That seems to be doing the work it promises. . . Just follow the directions & you will love the results!
Submitted on Sep 6, 2013
By Candis
An amazing experience. I couldn't believe the results the first time I used the Exfolia cloth. I immediately ordered more for my friends and family.
Submitted on Aug 18, 2013
By kate
Love love love. My dark spots on the my cheeks are fading.
Submitted on Aug 14, 2013
By Victoria
Love the cloth, easy to use and I see results of smoother, softer skin.
Submitted on Aug 5, 2013
By TLyn
My skin is smooth, silky and glowing after I use Exfolia on my skin. It's due to the Exfolia cloth and nothing else. I usually double the amount of cleanser, then start using the cloth. I also cut the cloth into small 2" squares. I use one side of the cloth for one side of my face, then switch, so both sides are used equally. Lasts about two months, using it once a week.
Submitted on Jul 29, 2013
By susie s
Love this product. I have bought this for all the girls in my family to use as well - because I love it so much. I really feel that it has made a difference in my complexion.
Submitted on Jul 10, 2013
By fitress
I tried these cloths and found that they work very well for exfoliating my face,and are very gentle which is important to me at my age.
Submitted on Jul 6, 2013
By Karen
I was surprised at how well this little cloth works. I will never be without one again.
Submitted on Jun 16, 2013
By lizzy's mom
Can't really notice that a difference since using this. I definitely don't think the results are anything like a microdermabrasion as it says in the catalog.
Submitted on Jun 13, 2013
By Nori M.
One of my daughters has battled with her complexion since she was a teenager she is 29 now. Over the holidays I noticed how nice her complexion looked and mentioned it to her. She told me she had been using this amazing exfoliating cloth she ordered from your catalog. She sent me the link, but I had just purchased one of those face scrubbing type of gadgets that runs on batteries so I kind of a blew it off. Well I found myself completely disappointed with it and thought what the heck so I ordered 2 of the cloths .One for myself and the other for my mom who by the way is 66 and you would never in a million years know it. Well long story short she said she had one so I gave it to my son who loved it! I loved mine. We are all unbelievably pleased with this cloth. Not only do all our complexions look great, but the brown spots I have on the side of my face have faded dramatically. We are all customers for life. Thank you for this amazing product.
Submitted on Jun 3, 2013
By Pat Heitmann
This is a cloth that keeps my skin smooth. Thanks!
Submitted on Apr 19, 2013
By ILeea
I really love this cloth, It does all that is stated online. The very first use of it made my completion brighter and soft. I'm a woman of color and it is really helping me rid my face of dark spots. I would recommend it to anyone. I use it at night daily.
Submitted on Apr 10, 2013
By Exfolia
This cloth falls short of doing a good job. I will not be ordering any more. I am sorry to say this product did not perform for me.
Submitted on Mar 24, 2013
By MarianneK
Was hoping this might help with my dry, flaky skin. I've tried using this a couple times but it made my face red and feel like it was burning, with no positive changes to skin texture.
Submitted on Mar 13, 2013
By Aaraa
I was not too impressed with this cloth - I found it irritating and unpleasant.
Submitted on Mar 1, 2013
By pheitmann
Exfolia is the best face cloth I could ever want. Following directions with repeated swipes over the same area has made my skin as smooth as my granddaughter's. I am very pleased with this product. Thank you
Submitted on Feb 20, 2013
By Melisa
Skin feels good after each use . . . haven't noticed any great differences in my skin but it does feel like a bit of a treat when I use it. I have acne and large pores and had hoped that it would help reduce at least one of these and it has not.
Submitted on Feb 11, 2013
By Lynn
This is a wonderful product. It leaves no residue like some of the cream exfoliaters do. My skin just feel smooth and soft.
Submitted on Feb 10, 2013
By kate
Submitted on Jan 31, 2013
By fitress
I have been using these cloths for over a year now, and I like them a lot. They are good for exfoliating, without being too harsh on my aging skin. I highly recommend them for anyone, but especially for someone a bit older.
Submitted on Jan 19, 2013
By Quick and Easy
This is my second purchase of the Exfolia cloth. I love how easy it is to use. My skin feels very smooth afterward.
Submitted on Jan 16, 2013
By Tricia
This cloth does a great job of exfoliating my skin.
Submitted on Jan 15, 2013
By Gayle
My face felt a little smoother, not a dramatic difference.
Submitted on Jan 7, 2013
By Ben
Not bad . . . I don't see any difference in my skin or my daughter's after a month.
Submitted on Dec 21, 2012
By d
I have been using these cloths for years along with a mild natural soap. You will want to use it respectfully, there is a lot of power in this soft material. Definitely use it with lather and never dry. I hope they stay around forever - so I keep a few extra on hand.
Submitted on Dec 13, 2012
By Jan Hobbs
I like this product, however I find it a bit difficult to find the time to use it as often as I should. All in all, however, I do recommend it for anyone wanting to exfoliate on their face - works far better than a mask.
Submitted on Dec 13, 2012
By Susan E, Port Angeles WA
Love it! Great. Bought one for myself and two more for gifts.
Submitted on Dec 9, 2012
By Gentle Exfoliation
As an esthetician, I appreciate the ability to gently exfoliate my skin daily without any adverse reaction. My sensitive skin is able to tolerate the mild action and is left smooth and clear.
Submitted on Dec 2, 2012
By connie from philly
My face feels softer and smoother than ever before. Will buy one for my daughter!
Submitted on Nov 18, 2012
By sjmorgan
This cloth has really made a difference in my skin tone and has kept away blemishes. My pre-teen daughter has been having some minor break outs and she's used it and noticed it cleared up dramatically, smoothing her skin and clearing up blemishes. It must be the deep cleaning action. Either way, we love the results so far. You don't need to use it everyday. A few days a week is all that is needed and be sure not to rub too hard, as it will be somewhat sore almost sun burned feeling. We learned the hard way. Will buy again so each family member can have their own.
Submitted on Nov 11, 2012
By Barbara G
Exfolia is just awesome. I love the feel of my skin after I use it. I find it less abrasive than other exfoliating products.
Submitted on Nov 10, 2012
By Not impressed
I expected after using this cloth that I would see results. After using it as instructed I saw no results and didn't enjoy the feel on my face. My cleanser doesn't lather well on the cloth and will not buy it again.
Submitted on Nov 7, 2012
By Mj
Can't really notice any difference.
Submitted on Oct 24, 2012
By Jean
I really love this cloth! It is so easy to use. I would rather use the cloth than smear grit on my face.
Submitted on Oct 21, 2012
By Gator Gal
The Exfolia cloth is second only to the Microdermamitt for sheer wondrousness. It does for my face, neck and decolletage what the Microdermamitt does for the rest of me. I don't think my skin has ever been this good soft, glowing, healthy-looking and I'm 55 years old. Not to mention what regular exfoliation does for my general feeling of well-being -- stimulates the circulation, pampers the biggest organ in my body and just feels divine. Both of these products last at least three months before they need to be replaced, and I don't intend to do without them again, ever!
Submitted on Oct 18, 2012
By RosemaryM
Another great product from Isabella catalog. The Exfolia cloth performs exactly as the catalog describes. I have only been using it for a few weeks and am seeing great results with it. My skin is brighter and softer and those pesky deep wrinkles are starting to look less. A couple of minutes with the Exfolia cloth a couple of times a week is all it takes.
Submitted on Oct 18, 2012
By Janice
Maybe I am used to another product. But it is a very good product when washing your face. My other cloth can be used dry and it just makes your skin bright in the morning. I would and will buy another Exfolia when it comes time.
Submitted on Oct 17, 2012
By Becky
Nice size, quick dry cloth. Although it didn't feel like it was exfoliating, I am sure it was doing what it claimed to be able to do.
Submitted on Oct 17, 2012
By cm
Fantastic-all that you said!
Submitted on Oct 11, 2012
By Michelle
Great cloth - does what it says.
Submitted on Oct 11, 2012
By sandee R
Best exfoliater.
Submitted on Oct 5, 2012
By A must-have
Works just as described, keeps my face smooth and soft. Allows facial products to work their best. Thanks!
Submitted on Sep 28, 2012
By Gator Gal
Along with the Microdermamitt, this is my weekly skin self-treatment. I've used the Exfolia cloth for nine months now and have also bought some as gifts for friends. Five quick scrubs back and forth over every bit of my nape, decolletage, neck and face, using a hypoallergenic non-soap liquid cleanser, and it's all smooth and soft and even my poikiloderma is much improved. The rest of my body gets the mitt, with more pressure and no cleanser. I've never had better-looking and -feeling skin, and it helps me go on getting away with no makeup but eyeliner and lip balm at 55! My husband endorses both the Exfolia cloth and the Microdermamitt too -- he likes the results -- on me -- just as much as I do!
Submitted on Sep 24, 2012
By Kelly L.
I noticed a difference in my skin after using the cloth ONE TIME. My skin is smoother & softer, and there is a slight reduction in hyperpigmentation. WAY cheaper than getting a facial. I will be buying these for all my friends.
Submitted on Sep 7, 2012
By Kathy
I have seen this in the catalog for quite some time, thought it looked interesting, but never ordered it until now. That was a huge mistake!! My skin feels softer than it ever has, and some "age" spots are actually fading. I plan on purchasing more for myself, and extra for "stocking stuffers" at Christmas! What a great product!
Submitted on Sep 7, 2012
By Dee
Even in my 50's I still have some acne with blackheads and whiteheads. EXFOLIA has really helped my skin look better and feel much smoother. I have bought 10 more to give as Christmas presents to my girlfriends.
Submitted on Aug 31, 2012
By Carol
This is a magic face cloth. I saw a difference in just one use. I'll be sure to get more when needed.
Submitted on Aug 6, 2012
By Jen
Fantastic! I purchased one for my daughter as well. It has really helped her control her acne better!
Submitted on Jul 26, 2012
By Amazing results
I got this for my husband who has been plagued with blackheads on his face and neck since adolescence. Often these developed into cysts. After just a few uses, his blackheads are gone and new ones haven't developed. I have large pores and was amazed that it reduced their size. This is the best skin care product I've ever found!
Submitted on Jul 21, 2012
By Daryl
I agree that this is a wonderful exfoliating cloth. I was a little skeptical about the claims and also afraid it would cause me to break out. I felt the difference in skin smoothness after the very first use. Having used it twice a week now for over three weeks, my fears of break outs are allayed.

As lovely as it, it is lovelier still when used with anther Isabella product, Enessa's Monoi Soothing Cleanser. My face is so happy!
Submitted on Jun 29, 2012
By Marilyn
Don't think I can adequately extol the virtues of this product. As the other reviews say, IT WORKS! My skin is smoother and my pores smaller than they have ever been thanks to this little green miracle. I have fewer breakouts and several people have commented on the healthy glow that my skin has. I have very sensitive skin and it does not irritate it in any way. Please don't ever discontinue this product.
Submitted on May 18, 2012
My husband bought me the Exfolia cloth for Christmas and I love it. I am ordering more before I wear this one out. It does a great job of exfoliating without irritation.
Submitted on Jan 14, 2012
LOVE your catalog. LOVE your products. The Exfolia cloth is heaven sent.
Submitted on Dec 14, 2011
These are awesome cloths I am re-ordering for myself and getting three others for gifts.
Submitted on Oct 27, 2011
By Darla L.
Wonder of wonders! This cloth actually does what it says it does. It is marvelous on my face which is now very smooth and my pores appear smaller. I love it. It is so easy to pack and take with you on vacation. I plan to order one for my husband and cousin. Thank you for having this product available.
Submitted on Aug 22, 2011
By Karen Harris
Be very careful not to overdo it, especially if trying to clear up clogged pores. They won't clean out completely like they do with a granular scrub, and you'll just make the surrounding skin red and sore if you overdo it with this cloth. Used correctly, it cleans really nicely.
Submitted on Jul 23, 2011
Skeptical, like most, but utterly surprised at how wonderfully this cleaned my face! A must-have product to have in your home!
Submitted on Jul 17, 2011
By Sharon
I am 73 years old. The cloths are worth every cent. I ordered enough to have one for my body which I keep in the shower and one just for my face. Not only does my complexion look much fresher, but the rough spots on my body are remarkably improved. I'll be ordering this item for gifts.
Submitted on Jul 16, 2011
By Kris
Gentle but powerful. Great for my sensitive skin. Does the job quickly and carefully.
Submitted on Jul 16, 2011
By susan
LOVE LOVE this Exfolia beauty cloth. Face feels great.
Submitted on Jul 13, 2011
By Exfolia beauty cloth
Love this product!! The best product that I have purchased from Isabella...had my doubts at first can this cloth really do what they claim it can do Far exceeded my expectations!
Submitted on Jul 13, 2011
By Cem
Love it.
Submitted on Jul 13, 2011
By Julie
The cloth leaves my skin feeling very soft and noticeably smoother. I've only been using it for two weeks, but I do think there is a lasting difference in my skin texture. My one small disappointment is that it is not entirely effective at makeup removal, especially one with sunscreen, so I find it best to remove the makeup first then wash with the cloth. I'd rather not have the extra step, but the end results are worth it.
Submitted on Jul 8, 2011
By HappyParker
I adore this exfoliation cloth, truly. I have been around long enough to know that you can usually cut the hype in half or more once you actually try a new product. This cleansing cloth really surprised me. It's gentle and effective. My skin feels incredibly smooth and downright squeaky clean. I use it with the Pomega5 smells divine cleansing bar. Two great products that go great together!
Submitted on Jun 8, 2011
Love, love, love both the sea-chi cream and the exfolia beauty cloth. I will be a lifelong user and customer.
Submitted on Feb 22, 2011
I ordered the Sea Chi creme, Pomega 5 cleansing bar, and Exfolia cloth and am incredibly happy with these products -- My skin looks 5 years younger and feels like velvet.
Submitted on Jan 13, 2011
By johanna
I have used lots of scrub methods before and nothing has been as effective AND gentle as this! The microbeads, crushed shells, and seeds cleansers made me breakout. Washcloths, waffle-weaves, and scrubbie sponges never felt like they did enough. This Exfolia cloth seems to know where to get that extra scrub in and leave other areas alone!
Submitted on Aug 28, 2010
By Jennifer, NC
Was skeptical at first about this cloth... how could it make the kind of difference that was promised All I can say is buy this cloth--it makes such a difference in the feeling of my skin and it feels so clean and soft.
Submitted on Jul 22, 2010
The exfolia cloths are AMAZING. They keep my dry and sensitive skin soft, minimize pores, and prevent breakouts. I've been using them for 6 months now and don't plan to stop. I've bought some for my whole family.
Submitted on Jul 20, 2010
By Kat
Please don't ever stop carrying these--they are the best! They make my skin super soft.
Submitted on Nov 30, 2009
By shorebird
This is a great product that really lives up to its reviews. My skin feels so much smoother and softer after only three uses.

It's definitely part of my skincare regimen!
Submitted on Oct 2, 2009
By Ki
Love it!! I love how much softer and cleaner it makes my skin, and how much better my products work.
Submitted on Jul 14, 2009
By Believable!
I was very skeptical. But this product proved me to be incorrect. I work nights; I used the cloth the day I received it, and my co-workers thought I had a facial. My pores have shrunken and my problem with blackheads is nearly non-existent. Buy this product and leave the chemicals behind.
Submitted on Jun 13, 2009
Great products. Terrific catalog. Please send me another catalog or two--I've given the last two away along with the exfolia cloths. Both have been well received by the recipients.
Submitted on Mar 20, 2009
By TheFitWife
I love this product and now consider it one of my secret weapons in my skin care arsenal.

I was kind of skeptical at first because some of the reviews say the cloth is better than microdermabrasion. I've never had microdermabrasion, but in just one wash the cloth really did smooth out my skin far better than any other product I've tried out there before. And it seemed to help keep me from getting as shiny the next day! Plus, my skin is fairly sensitive, so it was a bonus to use a fragrance-free product.

I've even shared my great experience on my blog for all my friends and family to read:
Submitted on Mar 11, 2009
'The Exfolia microexfoliating cloth that I ordered from you a few weeks ago is the BEST THING EVER! My skin has never felt so smooth and soft, and my lifelong enlarged pores are almost invisible…and my many brands of microdermabrasion scrubs that never did much of anything have gone into the trash!' -- MW

'I LOVE this cloth! I have had several microdermabrasion treatments before and NONE of them compare to this cloth. The Exfolia Beauty Cloth does everything a microdermabrasion treatment would without making my skin dry and flaky.' -- KH
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The Exfolia Beauty Cloth takes your your skincare regimen to the next level, no matter what cleanser you use. Of course, we were a little skeptical when another esthetician told us it was superior to microdermabrasion. How could an exfoliation cloth achieve those kinds of results? While we don't want to go on record as saying that it's superior to microdermabrasion, it's pretty darn close — and definitely safer (not to mention a lot less expensive!). It deep cleans your pores like you wouldn't believe, enhancing the penetration of your masques, serums, and moisturizers. Your makeup will glide on your skin after using it. Read more...

The fibers in the cloth are 70 to 100 times thinner than human hair, and they're formed in a parallel direction to your skin's surface, enabling the cloth to penetrate under dead skin cells while delicately removing them. Because of its wicking action, it collects 99% of the impurities on your skin's surface, unclogging pores, combatting acne and blackheads, minimizing wrinkles, etc.

Do you see why we're so enthusiastic? My skin hasn't felt this soft since I was four. It's ideal for all skin types, including sensitive, but not recommended for those with rosacea. (Wash your cloth with soap and rinse well after each use. Replace every 3-4 months.)
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