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4.4 Average Rating
By NatB
This is the best product I have ever used. I wish I had known about it before I went through several months of Accutane treatment -- this is better, with none of the side effects!
Submitted on Nov 14, 2014
By THE thing for cystic acne
Literally the only the thing that works on cystic acne. It doesn't work instantly -- it sometimes takes a few days of persistent application -- but heavens, this is effective! It's pretty good on ingrown hairs, too.It's worth knowing up front, though, that at least for me, it isn't all that useful in treating garden-variety acne. This is definitely a specific spot treatment, but if you happen to have that particular type of spot, it's great to have this in your medicine cabinet. I'm grateful that Isabella brought this product -- and Enessa in general -- to my attention. This and their other products are not one-size-fits-all solutions, but once you realize that, it's well worth trying to find the one that's right for you. Why bring that up? Bless their enthusiastic hearts, Isabella's catalogue descriptions do tend to be a little over-the-top and/or over-broad. When everything is described as the best and the greatest, it can be hard to tell the difference between them. Personally, I'd prefer a bit more specificity.
Submitted on Oct 23, 2014
By Amazing
I had one spot that had been driving me crazy for months. One application of this, and it has not recurred, after three weeks. This stuff is magic.
Submitted on Oct 15, 2014
By Shona D.
This stuff is great! I like the smell of cloves, so I don't mind that it is pretty strong, but keep that in mind. I would use something that smelled much worse, if it did as much as this does to reduce the number of breakouts and minimize the severity length of the breakouts I do have. Thanks!
Submitted on Jul 9, 2014
By DiDi54
I can't tell you how wonderful this stuff is. It is absolutely amazing! You put one drop on a blemish, go to sleep, and the next day, it's almost completely gone. This one is used for the blemishes that are under the skin and kind of hurt. I also use the Rescue for the ones that are on top of the skin. Both are ridiculously effective! And because it is organic, I know that I am not putting chemicals on my face. The clove in this product acts as an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic, and it's all natural. Everyone should have a bottle of at least one of these products as it can be used for other things, such as bug bits, bee stings, etc. I can't say enough wonderful things about both products!
Submitted on Apr 26, 2014
By Cystic acne comtrol
Amazed at the results. I have tried everything to address the cystic acne I developed after menopause. Many trips to the dermatologist, oral medications and creams that cost a fortune. After three weeks of use, my face is so much clearer. Wonderful product!
Submitted on Apr 1, 2014
By Jp
Love this stuff. It works!
Submitted on Mar 27, 2014
By Tess
Works so well my 15 year old daughter "borrowed" my bottle. She likes it better than her prescription acne medication. So I ordered myself another bottle. My 17 year old son tried some and now wants his own bottle. Will be ordering another.
Submitted on Jan 31, 2014
By Virginia
I really struggle with cystic acne and this actually brings the swelling and redness down
Submitted on Dec 29, 2013
By Ann
It really works
Submitted on Dec 28, 2013
By Carol
WOW, after searching for years and going from doctor to doctor, I have to say that Clove Acne Control works to perfection.THANK YOU.
Submitted on Nov 9, 2013
By Works really well!
This is an oil, so it's best used at bedtime rather than with makeup. It works really well and clears up even deep, painful blemishes within a couple of days. Since it's unhelpfully a spray, I spray it in my palm and then apply it with my finger to the spot. I recommend it.
Submitted on May 14, 2013
By Mary
I had one menopausal hormonal cystic bump on my chin for over 2 months. This took care of it in less than a week. I've since put this on any bumps that are starting up and they are gone by the next day. It smells wonderful and doesn't dry out the skin horribly like the "teen" products. Speaking of which, this keeps disappearing from my bathroom my teen daughters love it, too. I will definitely be purchasing this again.
Submitted on Apr 9, 2013
By sbc
I have been using this product for over a month, and I'm not really happy with it unfortunately . . . I have cystic acne and this product has done very little to help it. I do think that it does help a pimple shrink slightly, but it dries out my oily skin terribly. I'm still left with a large cyst, but now it's covered with surrounded by flaky skin that looks even worse when I try to cover the pimple with makeup. For me, it doesn't shrink the pimple enough to put up with the dry, flaky skin that draws even more attention to my bad skin. In addition, it's very strong smelling, and I worry that other people can smell the strong clove smell when I walk in a room! You're supposed to use it 3 times a day, which isn't realistic due to the strong smell wouldn't want to apply this at work and have everyone smell it. Not happy with this product.
Submitted on Apr 2, 2013
By DM Pharmacist
When my daughter developed cystic acne I was very concerned. I know how painful it can be and I know it isn't easy to deal with. We tried everything on the market: over the counter and prescription. Being a pharmacist, I was really discouraged. Saw this and figured, why not try it. So glad we bought this product--it worked when nothing else did!!!!!! Thank you!!
Submitted on Mar 19, 2013
By marilyn kyle
Smells fabulous, works fabulous, but only on the deep cystic acne. If you don't see a difference over night, you probably won't see a difference!
Submitted on Mar 4, 2013
By jen
Smells nice, but I didn't notice any difference even after a week of use.
Submitted on Feb 20, 2013
By Herbie
My adult acne comes with very oily skin and this oil only seemed to compound my problem. It never really absorbed into my skin and it caused me to develop many whiteheads. I think this is probably a fabulous treatment for someone battling acne without extremely oily skin. I'm hoping the Rescue Oil will be a better match for me.
Submitted on Feb 15, 2013
By birdygal
This definitely seems to work although it feels greasy when it goes on. I had a big breakout on my cheek last week. It was gone within 3-4 days.
Submitted on Feb 13, 2013
By Melisa
I think I will try the stronger one - this is better than other essential oil products I have used and it does seem to speed up the process a bit but I would like to see better results. . .
Submitted on Feb 11, 2013
By Aaraa
This is a good product. Cooled the inflammation of my acne and provided immediate relief. I could feel the bumps minimized shortly after using the product. It is important to apply as you feel your skin getting irritated through out the day.
Submitted on Jan 24, 2013
By Thumper
I have suffered for years with cystic acne. I had always had a clear complexion most of my life. It wasn't until I got into my late twenties that I started to suffer from cystic acne. I tried everything from a dermatologist to over the counter remedies and aside from totally drying out my skin, nothing worked. The clove acne control has been fantastic. It doesn't dry my skin and has actually shrank the cysts to nonexistent. Thanks for such an amazing product. It has literally saved my skin.
Submitted on Jan 15, 2013
By georgiacatlover
Great product. Really helps keep skin clear without over drying. Still need additional acne products, but this is like a booster serum!
Submitted on Dec 26, 2012
By Leela
Have only had for a week, waiting for results. The scent is wonderful!
Submitted on Dec 7, 2012
By Does what it claims!
I was getting large, painful pimples on my chin that would take over a week to heal. I use the Clove Acne when I felt a pimple starting to form. I applied the clove several times a day and the pimples never did appear. This really seems to work. The only thing I don't like is that it is a spray application and I really don't spray it. Just press lightly so that some of the oil dribbles out. You don't need that much for a small area. Wish they would change the dispensing method. But would not hesitate to buy again.
Submitted on Dec 5, 2012
By DM Pharmacist
This works! I am a pharmacist and when my daughter was suffering from cystic acne it was quite a trial. We tried everything out there and not one prescription item helped her. This was her ticket to clear skin! Thank you!!
Submitted on Nov 19, 2012
By julieknits
Bought this for my son who has used it three times a day for about three weeks. It has helped with his acne, but it is not a cure. I would say it cut his breakouts in half.
Submitted on Nov 9, 2012
By DM Pharmacist
My daughter suffers from cystic acne and as a pharmacist and her mom I really felt that I had failed her in trying to find something that would work. Trust me, we tried everything on the market except Accutane -- nervous about that one. When I saw this in your catalog I figured why not Well, IT WORKED and IT WORKED WELL!!!!!!!!!! A thousand thank yous!!
Submitted on Nov 4, 2012
By Lindy in IN
I love the product but not happy with the container delivery system. The spray is too forceful and you have to use your fingers to spread it. Wouldn't a dropper work better to deliver spot on.
Submitted on Oct 21, 2012
By bengaltigerlily
This is a wonderful product. I get one cystic blemish right before my period every month - like clockwork - and a few light applications of this oil zaps it into oblivion. Also, you only have to use a tiny bit so the bottle will last forever. It probably costs the same as department store blemish-control products of the same size, but you'll get a lot more for your money from this product due to the quality and potency of its ingredients, not to mention its overall effectiveness.
Submitted on Sep 5, 2012
This not only works well on adult acne without drying your skin, but it works well to soothe more personal problems as well e.g., irritation, itching.
Submitted on Jul 28, 2012
By Deb in Virginia
Definitely works! Doesn't burn or irritate skin like tea tree oil does. . .
Submitted on Jul 27, 2012
By steph s.
Effective, and I like that it has natural ingredients
Submitted on Jul 22, 2012
By rhinestonegypsy
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this oil! It is not oily at all . . . sinks right into your skin and rapidly clears up the blemish.
Submitted on Jul 19, 2011
By Barbara
I wish I had discovered this product 20 years ago. This is the first product that I've tried that has actually worked for my occasional but stubborn adult onset acne. A real skin saver. Thank you Isabella !
Submitted on Jul 14, 2011
The sea buckthorn capsules are keeping my hair soft and manageable and I'm sure they're helping my nails grow too. I love them. Also loving the clove oil.
Submitted on Apr 15, 2011
I love these products -- the Enessa Clove Acne Control & the Organic Honey Masque. They're the only products I have used that really work.
Submitted on Jan 26, 2011
The girls are desperate for the clove oil... We love your products.
Submitted on Sep 9, 2010
Love everything about your catalog. The Rescue and Clove Oils have been a blessing for my 14 year old. Thanks.
Submitted on Sep 1, 2010
By Kirstin
Best thing I have ever found to help with cystic acne. After I stopped taking the pill, my hormones went nuts and I suffered with severe cystic acne around my chin and lips for years. I tried every type of over the counter skin care and finally went to my doctor. This was the only thing that ever worked and it was far less expensive than anything else!
Submitted on Jul 28, 2010
By Senabean85
I have struggled with cystic acne for years. I recently found out I am pregnant and wanted a more natural remedy for my breakouts. This product works better than any other acne spot treatment I have ever tried. It works quickly without having the drying effects of a product loaded with chemicals. I am so thrilled with my purchase that I am recommending it to all my friends.
Submitted on May 12, 2010
By Julie
I am 41 years old and have more acne and pimples than I did in all of my puberty years! I bought this product recently for those monthly, hormone related, "deep" pimples that I get. And it worked great - with in a few days they were completely gone. But the best part is that for the first time ever in my life I noticed some pain and swelling on my lower eye lid - I was getting a stye. Reading about styes on the internet - they are essentially pimples around the eye. I have been applying the clove oil for the last 2 days around the area of my lower lid - and the stye is much smaller and does not hurt. I think a few more days of treatment and it will be gone! I am so excited because I have seen styes that will last for weeks!
Submitted on Apr 18, 2010
Your products are amazing. The Clove Oil is fantastic -- You are my favorite catalog retailer.
Submitted on Feb 4, 2010
I am very pleased with your products and the variety of first class items. I especially like the Enessa Clove Oil and the Sleep Therapy. They are excellent! -- MJ

I love this product. It even works to heal acid ulcers on my tongue. It is really amazing. -- JD

Your products rock. Especially your clove oil. -- LP
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What do Jennifer Aniston and I have in common? We both keep our skin clear with this antiseptic Clove Oil blend concocted by aromatherapist and former spa owner, Michelle Ornstein. People came to her day spa from far and wide to get their hands on this formulation. From well-known celebrities to everyday people, a growing number of fans swear by this blend for zapping cystic acne and even those bumps and irritations on the bikini line.

Acne treatments don't have to be toxic (getting rid of your acne as well as the health of your skin!) in order to work. Clove essential oil is a strong anti-bacterial agent that naturally gets rid of toxins and reduces swelling. This formulation packs quite a punch in eliminating those pesky pimples wherever they may crop up. It's recommended that you apply three times a day for best results.
Ingredients: 100% Golden Jojoba, Essential Oil of Clove, and others.

The statements on the Isabella website are not meant to take the place of medical advice for any symptoms. Although essential oils have been used effectively for centuries, Isabella accepts no liability for any adverse reactions you may experience. If pregnant, suffering from a medical condition, or taking medication, please consult a health care practitioner before using any product containing essential oils. Please discontinue use if sensitivity occurs.
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