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4.0 Average Rating
By Good Product
Really happy to find sunscreen made from safe effective ingredients and a high spf.
Submitted on Jun 1, 2015
By 4forme
This is the only sunscreen my friend who has had melanoma will use! It is awesome!
Submitted on May 27, 2015
By Kauai
I have very sensitive skin that reacts poorly to most sunscreen. This has been the best I have found that provides adequate protection without resulting in breakouts.
Submitted on Aug 1, 2014
By Julia S
It's no doubt a good product, or Isabella would not feature it. It feels a bit gritty to me.
Submitted on Jul 22, 2014
By lae
In the catalog this says "leaves no white residue". WRONG. It goes on white and it stays white. Very disappointed.
Submitted on Jul 21, 2014
By Feel Safer!
So glad to find no-nano sunscreen! Thank you!
Submitted on Apr 24, 2014
By grammy5
Haven't used it yet, but texture is great.
Submitted on Apr 21, 2014
By Verdicts not In
I have only started to use this product but I find it has a heavy feel on the skin. It is not "smooth" when you rub it in so I have not found it to be the answer to replacing a product another manufacturer no longer makes. It also has a slight, unpleasant odor but that does fade quickly. I plan to use this through the spring to see if my feeling about the product changes.
Submitted on Apr 20, 2014
By AKTeresa
I haven't used it yet, but plan to when summer gets here. A small sample felt very nice on my skin.
Submitted on Apr 14, 2014
By Becky
Great sunscreen. I love that it is ocean friendly. A lot of chemicals in sunscreens are causing damage to the oceans and this one allows me to swim and dive and not worry. Thank you Isabella!
Submitted on Sep 26, 2013
By kate
I trust the fact that when Isabella recommends a product, it is good and so I purchase it with confidence. I find that rubbing the sunscreen between my hands allows it to goes on smooth. I no longer worry if my sunscreen is good for me because it is.
Submitted on Aug 14, 2013
By great product
Bought this for my 17 yo daughter and she used it everyday of a 7 day trip through the High Sierras in Nevada and California. Not even a hint of sunburn and her skin was soft and supple too. Great Product!
Submitted on Jul 30, 2013
By grandma5
What can I works. You know how sometimes you try something natural because you know it's good for you, and boo-hoo it doesn't work...well, I have never had that problem with Isabella's products and this is no exception.
Submitted on Jul 23, 2013
By kimd
I bought this product because it said it didn't leave a white film. I was so disappointed. It left such a white layer that I looked like I had white makeup on.
Submitted on Jul 22, 2013
By Karen Bump
Worked to protect us, love the ingredients, but it's so dry that we used it up on one short vacation. It's not very spreadable because of the lack of oils so it coats but doesn't go far.
Submitted on Jul 8, 2013
By Lisa R
I am so pleased with this product! I love the fact that I'm not putting questionable ingredients - chemicals - on my skin to be absorbed into my body. Not heavy or greasy and does well under make-up.
Submitted on Jun 26, 2013
By Not what I'd hoped
I applaud everyone at Isabella for all they do, and I find their catalog very enjoyable and healing. So I'm sorry to say that I had to return this product. Its formula is wonderful--very non-toxic, as per Environmental Working Group's database--and it didn't cause break-outs with my acne-prone skin. But it went on sticky and wasn't at all moisturizing, so that it didn't work well underneath make-up. I use powder foundation, and the powder went on unevenly and my skin looked very dry without some moisture in my sunscreen. So while I think this would be a perfect product for someone who wants body and face protection during sun exposure, as a base for make-up, it really didn't work for me.
Submitted on Jun 12, 2013
By long hair lover
I have Vitiligo and must cover and use sunscreen. I like the consistency of this product and found that it was not too greasy or chalky on my skin and seems to protect my hands and arms well. I also used it on my face and it did not seem to clog my pores as other sunscreens I have used did. The one problem I had was that I got a little in my eye by rubbing my forehead even though it was dry and had been on for a while. The label warns against getting it in the eyes and I think that fine particles must have been involved. I have had several surgeries on that eye and it is sensitive so the experience was quite painful. I like this product and will continue to use it as I think it does what it is supposed to do, but I will use caution if I feel I need to put it on my face.
Submitted on May 26, 2013
By Susan K
Great product. So good to have a natural sunscreen -- mineral too.
Submitted on May 12, 2013
By Marianne
This is the sunscreen I've been looking for all my life. It does not turn my face into a greasy mess and it has no fragrance. Best of all, it makes my makeup last all day! It's a little runny and it feels a little tacky on the skin maybe that's why my makeup lasts. I have noticed no chalky appearance like so many other sunscreens cause. I highly, highly recommend this and I will definitely be buying this again and again!
Submitted on Mar 8, 2013
By greenmtngirl
I love that this sunscreen is all natural. I am very fair and spend a lot of time in southeast Asia so I order this a few tubes at a time!
Submitted on Feb 2, 2013
By Eva
This is the best facial sunscreen I have ever used. I will NEVER use anything else. I have very oily skin and could never find any sunscreen that didn't turn my face into an oil slick. This one goes on kind of clear with a completely matte finish. It is a dream for wearing under makeup or alone. I cannot brag on this enough if you have oily skin. It is wonderful!
Submitted on Oct 8, 2012
By greenmtngirl
My favorite sunscreen...hard to find a pure sunscreen and this one is great. As a diver I especially worry about the ocean and don't want to add to the chemicals. Thank you Isabella!
Submitted on Sep 30, 2012
By Pam
Finally a sunscreen that really isn't greasy. It is a bit tricky to blend since it is white and dries quickly, but once it's on it lasts all day and my face never gets oily now.
Submitted on Sep 1, 2012
Since I have rosacea, I thought I should use this sunscreen per my dermatologist's suggestion. But alas, the consistency of this product is too thick and I have to use care in using products on my face without pulling and tugging the skin.. So this is not for me.
Submitted on Aug 8, 2012
By ekateb57
Went on OK but as I walked and sweated it came up as a white gluey substance all over. I can't imagine what my face looked like but my arms were covered with what looked and felt like Elmer's glue. I would not recommend this. I have used other sun screens that did not feel this gross.
Submitted on Jul 25, 2012

Elemental Herbs Sunscreen - Sport SPF 33

Face and Body Moisturizing Formula
Item #18143 - 3 fl. oz.
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When it comes to sunscreens, we're not just picky; we're ruthless! Our quest to select the best of the best over the last 10+ years even led us to create our own sunscreen a few years back. Production came to a screeching halt, though, when we discovered this sunscreen. It is a dream!

It uses no nanotechnology and is made with 75% certified organic/100% GMO-free ingredients (all sustainably sourced). There are no harmful ingredients in the sunscreen (like Mexoryl, PABA, or Oxybenzone) so it's safe enough for a 6-month-old. And it's even reasonably priced!!! Read more...

Its SPF 33 offers full-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, it's biodegradable, and it's perfect for both face and body. In addition to the active ingredient of over 20% zinc oxide, it includes an abundance of anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients such as certified organic green tea, rose hip antioxidants, certified organic jojoba, extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, and more. Finally, I love the 3 oz. size so I can put it in carry-on. Sigh . . . I love this sunscreen.
Ingredients: Active Ingredient: Zinc Oxide 22.5% (Non-nanoparticle). Additional Ingredients: Organic Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Juice*, Water (Aqua), Organic Camelia Sinensis (Green Tea) Extract*, Glycerin, Caprylic Capric Triglyceride, Organic Rosa Canina (Rose Hip) Fruit Oil*, Organic Buriti (Mauritia Vinifera) Fruit Oil*, Organic Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters, Glyceryl Stearate, Methylcellulose, Stearic Acid, Organic Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil*, Organic Butyrospermun Parkii (Shea Butter)*, Xanthan Gum, Less than 1% of Total Formula Preservative Blend (Caprylyl Glycol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Ethyhexyl Glycerin).

*Certified Organic by USDA/NOP standards.

100% GMO-Free
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