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4.1 Average Rating
By oklbtsk
Works well diffusing. I use it on 15 seconds on then off15 seconds hoping it would last the night with no lights. It doesn't and the red light flashes and it will wake me up. Hard to turn off so I just unplug it. The setting and power buttons are not actual buttons so it it hard to operate when sleepy! Very quiet and mist is very fine. 2-3 drops of oil work great.
Submitted on Apr 1, 2015
By Pilgrim
Submitted on Mar 20, 2015
By Trixie
love this product-using the Isabella essential oils as well and sleep great.
Submitted on Mar 13, 2015
Love it.
Submitted on Jan 15, 2015
By Appearance only
these are for gifts so I haven't used one yet but I am very pleased with how they look and the quality of workmanship. Based on that, my expectations in there performance is high.
Submitted on Dec 14, 2014
By Megan
Before purchasing, researched endlessly for a reliable diffuser. Figured Isabella was a great place to purchase due to product reviews. It is still working after a month but diffuser shuts off well before water runs out, must refill often, much more than description in catalog. Aroma is faint, have tried adding more essentil oil than recommended but still can barely smell with it sitting next to bed. Was hoping to given entire room a wonderful scent but range is extremely limited.
Submitted on Nov 19, 2014
By Pat E
Too small.
Submitted on Nov 15, 2014
By GJones
This diffuser is "just okay." Based on past reviews, I had high expectations that weren't met by the actual product. The fan is very loud, and at times, it sounds like it is going to take off. My room is a little large, but even sitting very close to the mist, I am not able to smell it as much as I would like. In my opinion, it is very expensive for what it delivers.
Submitted on Sep 15, 2014
By Ann
Love this diffuser! So happy I purchased is compact in size and very quiet (and at a reasonable cost).
Submitted on Jul 15, 2014
By Julie
I had been thinking about buying a diffuser for my treatment room when I saw this one in the Isabella catalog. Over the years I have learned to trust that Isabella carries really nice things. And it was true with this product. I really like this little ultrasonic diffuser. I've been using it about two weeks now and it is great. I do a body therapy called Core Synchronism and my treatment room is 10x12'. This diffuser works great in there. I set it at the every 15 second setting, more to conserve the water-essential oil mixture than anything. It could be set on the full time mode and be just fine too. Besides doing a very fine job of diffusing the scent, it's nice looking. I'm very happy with my purchase. Thanks, Isabella, for another wonderful product.
Submitted on Apr 21, 2014
By Sweety
I really enjoy this product. The color changes are pretty, even my husband remarked about them. The mister put out a lot of fragrance for a small amount of essential oil and water. I use distilled water because my tap water is very hard
Submitted on Apr 20, 2014
By ChristinaVV
I really enjoy this diffuser. I thought it was a little pricey but it is well made. When I diffuse my oils, it fills the whole room.
Submitted on Apr 17, 2014
By Sandy
Easy to use and works as described. Colors are a nice option, as is the blinking light to indicate low water level. Most effective for a personal space. I'd like to have a larger reservoir set on constant mist, it doesn't take long to need a refill. You can go through a bottle of essential oil fairly quickly, even at three or four drops at a time.
Submitted on Apr 17, 2014
By npcanaday
I was so looking forward to this diffuser, but I must admit I am disappointed. This little guy works well and it is finished beautifully, but it doesn't really spread the nice smell around my house. As a matter of fact, I can't barely smell anything at all, and yes, I am following the instructions and using Isabella's oils. Was really hoping for a lot more.
Submitted on Apr 3, 2014
By Adrienne
Love it! It is very well made and stylish. the cool vapor with my essential oil of choice is soothing, especially in this dry heating season of a morbid winter. Lasts longer if you put it in alternating mode. if you keep it running you will need to fill it more often.
Submitted on Mar 22, 2014
By Pleased
I especially like the fact that I can completely turn off the lights when I want to--like at night time.
Submitted on Mar 21, 2014
By Susie S
This is the perfect accompaniment to my therapeutic oils. I love the gentle mist.
Submitted on Mar 20, 2014
By Summer M
Lovely. Beautifully stylish, truly quiet, soothing colors, quick dispersion of essential oil molecules ... Furthermore, when the water level gets too low, the light changes to gently flashing red as a warning signal, which is very helpful. I highly recommend this product.
Submitted on Mar 4, 2014

Eco Spa Ultrasonic Diffuser and Ionizer

Item #34374 - 4.5'' x 4.5''
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Many people know the health benefits (emotional and physical) of aromatherapy. To safely and effectively diffuse essential oils into the air, though, you need to use ultrasonic diffusion. Standard diffusers use heat to disperse essential oils, but heat actually alters the molecular structure of the oils, greatly lessening their therapeutic value. Read more...

Ultrasonic diffusers deliver a micro-fine cool mist of essential oils into the air, where they remain suspended longer than by other means. This in turn produces negative ions, increases oxygen availability, and releases natural ozone. As an esthetician, I can't speak highly enough about the mist that hydrates not only the air, but your skin as well.

Whether you need to let go of stress, clear your sinuses, uplift your spirits, increase mental clarity, or reduce airborne viruses and unpleasant odors, you can create the desired atmosphere depending upon the essential oils you use.

It is very quiet. Also, it features 7-color LED lights that you can use with the lights alternating colors, as one single color, or without any light.

Made of solid oak and glass, this diffuser fits with just about any d├ęcor. Although it's compact enough to fit on a small shelf, don't let its size fool you. It provides coverage up to 600 sq. feet! (Essential oils not included.)
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