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By a gift
Really enjoyed this- and the perspective. Easy to read but stays with you in a great way.
Submitted on Jul 25, 2013
By NY shopper
A very moving story. I love the format of the book. The author is a true inspiration!
Submitted on Jul 20, 2013
By DonnaU
A moving book. I liked it very much.
Submitted on Jun 12, 2013
Jenn Weinshenker tells what could be a desperate story with such courage and optimism. I love her unique writing style and found her voice to transform a clinical experience of hospital visits, rehabilitation etc. into uplifting poetry. She poignantly names and honors the survivor present at the core of each of us. This is a surprisingly upbeat story of a phoenix rising from the ashes!
Submitted on Jun 2, 2013

Down the Road

For a Time It Seemed Life Was Over and Then Everything Changed
By Jenn Weinshenker
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Elisabeth Kubler-Ross said the most beautiful people she's known are those who have known trials, struggles, and loss and have found their way out of the depths. When I think of inspirational women who have found their way out of the depths, I think of Jenn Weinshenker. It's hard to read her story and not be deeply moved -- and changed in a good way. Read more...

Life changed for Jenn on June 20, 1994 when a car crashed into her van. As she puts it,''Normal was gone.'' For years she couldn't make sense out of words, follow a recipe, or move fast, and every step sent intense pains shooting through her body. A constant loud noise echoed inside her head, she saw double, and vertigo was relentless. Oh, and did I mention she didn't have health insurance and that her husband left her to cope with all of this as a single mom? Before you think,''Stop! This is too sad. I can't bear to hear any more!'' I'm here to tell you this book is not a downer at all. Although Jenn has endured unthinkable trials, her book is not about being a victim or offering syrupy answers for difficult questions.

This page-turner documents the real journey of a real and raw woman you will fall in love with because of her vulnerability and courage. In the process, you'll gain a greater perspective for when ''normal'' feels gone from your own life. You'll end up believing,''If she can rebuild her life into something so wonderful and productive, what can I accomplish if I set my mind to it?'' Because of Jenn's brain injury, she writes in a unique style which seems idiosyncratic at first, but ends up only adding to the ease and expressiveness of the book. The prevailing message is that no matter what curve ball awaits us down the road, we can not only survive, but thrive. This book is a treasure.
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