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By m
too small for my finger to travel around labrynth, comfortably.
Submitted on May 9, 2015
I bought two of your Labyrinth Prayer dishes. They are amazing. I used mine and it is the best tool I have found for centering prayer. I gave the second one to my priest and he just sent me a note saying how wonderful it is and how much he loves it. It is beautiful and holding it in my hands is amazing. Thank you for the wonderful piece, which is so much more than art. I am sure I will order others and share it with other friends.
Submitted on May 7, 2015
By travelingmama
I read all the reviews about wishing the grooves were bigger in order to fit my fingers. I thought well I have small fingers and maybe everyone else's are big. I do have small fingers but the grooves are small with some tight turns, however after a few times I found I adjusted. I love how it feels in the palm of my hand.
Submitted on Feb 6, 2015
By cmk
I bought one of these bowls for myself a few years back. I loved it so much I gave one to my sister.
Submitted on Feb 19, 2014
By Gary Land
I purchased this item for my wife for Christmas. She and her meditation friends are enjoying it very much.
Submitted on Jan 14, 2014
By Gary
Beautiful and meaningful, but somewhat difficult to use with wide fingers.
Submitted on Mar 30, 2013
By A lovely item
Very good quality. I bought it for a gift and would love one for myself.
Submitted on Dec 10, 2012
By Susan E, Port Angeles WA
My best friend took me to a labyrinth for my birthday and I bought this to memorialize the experience. It's perfect! It's good quality and has a message with it to give to the recipient. Love it!
Submitted on Dec 9, 2012
By Chelsea Gal
Love it. Wish it was a little more flared out to make it easier to follow the labyrinth with your fingertip, but I've gotten more used to it, and still think it's great. I can easily think of a few people this would be a great gift for, too!
Submitted on Jul 16, 2012

Cretan Labyrinth Bowl

Item #15236 - approx. 3'' diam.
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The labyrinth, having just one path (unlike a maze), inspires confidence and calms even those in the throes of life transitions. It does not ask us to engage our thinking minds in order to be present with it. It holds a quiet, safe place for the intuitive, symbolic mind to come forth and be more present than it may ever get a chance to be. And perhaps most importantly, it helps us see our lives in the context of a path, a pilgrimage. Amidst all of the twists and turns of the labyrinth, its one path leads to the center. Read more...

(The labyrinth on the wall of Italy's St. Lucca Cathedral is believed to be the oldest wall labyrinth, dating from the ninth century. Here, pilgrims traced the path with their fingers before entering the cathedral as a way of quieting the mind before entering sacred space.)

Using a finger labyrinth is surely a form of meditation. While you trace along the carved grooves, your mind can empty, knowing that the path predictably leads to the center and then out again. (Using the non-dominant hand for tracing engages your intuitive, receptive side and offers a balancing for the two hemispheres of the brain as well.)

The pewter Labyrinth Bowl is hand-finished, oxidized, and polished with the care of an artist who takes pride in her work. This small piece invites you to take a deep breath and find a few moments in your day to slowly run your finger along the path. Centering and elegant, it provides a sophisticated reminder that there is more to your life than what might meet the eye in any hectic moment. Inscribed on the back of the bowl in a labyrinth pattern is a quote from Psalm 25: "Show me your ways...teach me your me in your truth....."
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