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4.7 Average Rating
By nemama
This body soap is so luscious that it gets me through New England winters without a separate moisturizer. That makes it entirely worth the price, and it smells heavenly.
Submitted on Jun 5, 2015
By Love it!
Great soap. I like the bigger size.
Submitted on Feb 15, 2015
By Singer
Love this soap. No more dry skin in winter.
Submitted on Feb 14, 2015
By Ol' Prune
Good news-this soap is moisturizing, has just a subtle scent, and when used on a "waterfall" style soap tray, lasts quite a long time at the bathroom sink. For those of us who wash our hands often, an actual moisturizing soap is such a benefit! This large size is more economical and can be cut into smaller pieces. However, this is an untidy soap. I do wish it also would come in a liquid form, since wetness makes it so sloppy, for example in the shower. I cannot say the white milky miracle goat milk soap is any better, both are good.
Submitted on Aug 5, 2014
By Louisville Lady
I have used both this Butter Me Up soap bar and your Milky Rich Facial Bar. This is a nice bar but doesn't compare, in my opinion, to the Milky Rich Facial Bar. The great thing about this bar is that it is very large but, at 16, it should be a good size. By the time the shipping had been added, my order ran nearly 25...pricey.It was nice to try but, in the future, I will stick with the Milky Rich Facial Bar when ordering "special" or "pampering" soap from Isabella.
Submitted on Apr 24, 2014
By Carol
Wonderfully moisturizing. Probably won't buy it again, however, because it only lasted a couple of weeks.
Submitted on Apr 1, 2014
By Nicole
This is really six star soap, they just did'nt have enough stars to click for me to tell you so. If you were wondering if this soap is really buttery and creamy and wonderful, my answer is buy three and save on husband swears by it for shaving.
Submitted on Mar 21, 2014
By Love It!
This soap is everything that the description and the reviews say and more. I love using it on my skin - it makes it feel so soft. And I really love the subtle scent. In particular, I have been using it on my dry cracked heels, along with a foot scrub, and my heels have never felt so good. I was also having particular problems with dry, itchy skin on my legs to the point they were keeping me awake at night until I used the common anti-itch cream on them. And even that would take a while to have an effect. Once I received this soap, I started using it right away, and I have had no episodes of dry itchy skin on my legs since. This makes me very happy. As I do with my other handmade soaps I have purchased, I cut the bar into smaller pieces. This makes the soap last longer since the rest of the bar is not sitting water during my shower. I have been able to make a handmade bar of soap last several months this way. This soap is a pure delight. I hope that Isabella continues to carry it for a long time.
Submitted on Feb 23, 2014
By red in kansas
Wonderful moisturizing. My skin loves it.
Submitted on Dec 6, 2013
By tdugan
I just love this my skin doesn't feel stiff when I get out of the shower.
Submitted on Dec 1, 2013
By MRose
This is a wonderful product. Since using it I no longer use creams and my skin feels so soft and smooth. Wonderful for a 70 year old woman.
Submitted on Oct 9, 2013
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A friend gave me a bar of this soap for Christmas last year. Truth be told, as an Isabella employee who has access to extraordinary soaps and as a part-time esthetician who owns enough cleansers to keep the inhabitants of a small village clean for a month, soap wasn't on the top of my wish list last year. But that's before I tried this amazing bar! Now it's the only body soap I use. Read more...

This super-enriched cleansing bar with shea and babassu butters, and avocado oil makes your skin SO soft that you do not need to use a moisturizer after your bath or shower, yet you feel squeaky clean at the same time. No matter how many soaps you have in your bathroom right now, this is one you've got to experience.
Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Safflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Babassu Oil, Infusion of Dandelion Root, Rooibos, Comfrey, Burdock Root, and Sum Scent Blend (a blend of essential oils).
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