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4.3 Average Rating
Submitted on Jun 19, 2015
By shojon
My wife has very dry and sensitive skin. She really likes this soap as it hydrates and is very creamy. Nice scent, not too strong and it seems to last ok for a mild, very foaming soap. Definitely worth a try if you have dry skin.
Submitted on May 25, 2015
By Donna L.
I bought a big bar of Butter Me Up soap and I liked it so much that I bought 6 of the little bars so I could share them with friends and get them hooked on it too.
Submitted on Apr 11, 2015
By Bette Mac
Oils of this soap feel very good on my skin.
Submitted on Mar 23, 2015
By val
Have purchased this before. Love the scent! My skin loves the not-drying formula.
Submitted on Mar 3, 2015
By barbara
This soap does seem very helpful to my dry skin, but I still require lotion for certain spots. The scent and creaminess of the lather are pleasing.
Submitted on Nov 3, 2014
By Stella
Has a great scent and lathers very wel the way that I like!
Submitted on Oct 23, 2014
By Janet
Best soap ever. Expensive, but well worth it. Wonderful how it leaves my skin soft and clean.
Submitted on Oct 19, 2014
By mina rosales
this soap has a lot of suds but I would prefer different fragrances
Submitted on Oct 18, 2014
By Louise S
So creamy! And good to your skin. Does make you feel very soft like you are washing with butter!
Submitted on Jul 21, 2014
By Ginny Fitz
This is the only one I've tried, but I loved the suds and feel on my skin. It did not irritate like commercial soaps do. Thank you!
Submitted on Apr 1, 2014
By cindy
Excellent soap. Love the scent.
Submitted on Mar 20, 2014
By Nancy
You will love this soap...especially if you have dry skin...I have on bar on ALL my sinks. It makes a great gift!
Submitted on Mar 15, 2014
By BB in VT
This soap is just as described. It is a soft soap that glides on and leaves your skin feeling yummy. I would recommend this soap.
Submitted on Feb 25, 2014
By Sherry
My husband takes this soap in his gym bag. He swears by it to ward off dry skin, especially in the cold winters here. Great product!
Submitted on Feb 19, 2014
By Excellent Soap
I already have used this soap up! It soaked right into my dry skin! It smell wonderful and makes your skin soft...
Submitted on Feb 9, 2014
Love this soap!
Submitted on Jan 25, 2014
By Smooth, soft skin plus a great aroma
I love the chocolate orange fragrance of this bar and I step out of the shower with smooth hydrated skin. The bar does not feel oily as I am using it. I wonder how it makes my skin so supple. Great product!
Submitted on Jan 25, 2014
By Sue
This is a very nice soap. I decided to use it when I began to have some dry skin itchiness due to cold weather and dry air in my home. The itching stopped after my first use. I wish it lasted longer but that's to be expected of a soap high in oils and emollients. Really great to use in winter.
Submitted on Jan 14, 2014
By naturelover
I only use pure soaps. I use this butter bar after showering and I have no need to use body lotion. No overwhelming smell so doesn't interfere with perfume
Submitted on Jan 5, 2014
By Barb
I purchased this as a gift. I was a little embarrassed to give such a small piece of soap as a gift. I don't think that I got value. I have no comments on the quality of the actual soap as I did not use it myself.
Submitted on Dec 30, 2013
By sablegirl
I really like this soap. This too, I cut into quarters and keep the other ones dry so they last longer. It makes my skin feel good. I scrub with it, rinse then rub the soap on me again and let it sit a minute then rinse. Feels good.
Submitted on Dec 19, 2013
By Heidi-Colorado
Amazing fragrance, leaves you squeaky clean. AND it goes splendidly with the marble in our bathroom!
Submitted on Dec 5, 2013
By Eisenheim
What a lather -- so creamy. You look forward to bathing with it. The soap of the future...
Submitted on Nov 20, 2013
By Deb
Very nice. Nicely moisturizing
Submitted on Nov 15, 2013
By AZFriend
I would give more stars is I could. I have dry, sensitive skin, and I live in the desert. I have used it for several years now and keep a good stock of the soap. I use it for shower mainly.
Submitted on Oct 26, 2013
By Butter Me Up
I just purchased this after years had gone by since I had last used it. WHAT took me so long I loved it then and I love, love, love it now. I don't even need lotion after I have bathed with this.
Submitted on Sep 19, 2013
By Boxersmom
Soap is a little small but it seems to work well. Had a rash and after a couple days, is gone. Lathers up well!
Submitted on Sep 8, 2013
By happyshopper
A nice soap. Not sure I would buy again, but some may enjoy it as much as the catalog description suggests.
Submitted on Sep 7, 2013
By CrystalB
Love it! Creamy, smells good. Only complaint is it didn't last long enough!
Submitted on Aug 4, 2013
By Becky
Used it and really loved it. Handmade soap is so loaded with clean scents and gentler on our skin.
Submitted on Jul 29, 2013
By Cecelia S.
This soap is wonderful--my skin no longer scratches aftera shower!!!
Submitted on Jul 20, 2013
By Trish
Soap smelled really good, but lasted less than 2 weeks
Submitted on Jun 21, 2013
By Barbara
... When I tried it I fell in love. All mine, and I strongly suggest you splurge and treat yourself.
Submitted on May 10, 2013
By Kaye
This is the best soap I've ever used for several reasons. One is that no ingredient in it is a chemical - they are all ingredients that one can recognize or easily research to see that they are natural. It lathers very nicely which some other soaps that are natural don't. And my dry, flaky skin seems to have improved with use and not just continue getting worse as other 'natural' soaps have caused it to do. All in all, a very lovely soap.
Submitted on May 7, 2013
By old knitter
I love this soap for my dry skin. Yes, the scent is kind of "rustic" so if you're into flowery scents you may not like it but I like the clean fresh scent. It is my little splurge for myself.
Submitted on May 3, 2013
By Jo
Like the Milky Rich Facial Bar from the same company, it smells yummy, feels okay, but is a very small bar of soap that really only feels good in the shower and is more drying than moisturizing. . . Again, I am in my mid 50's so need a lot of moisturizing, this might be the perfect thing for a younger body, but understand that one bar only lasts a couple weeks.
Submitted on Apr 8, 2013
By Doll Lady
I love, love love this soap. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth.
Submitted on Apr 7, 2013
By Deb
I was so disappointed in this soap. It felt great lathering up in the shower and rinsing off but after three days I had a snow shower of dried skin cells when I took off my socks! It took several days of using other products to get my skin back to normal.
Submitted on Apr 6, 2013
By Lyn
This soap is wonderful! Your skin feels so smooth and soft and really doesn't need lotion.
Submitted on Apr 3, 2013
By Carol
I found this to be small, soft - not well-cured.
Submitted on Mar 29, 2013
By newways
I love this little bar of soap. It really does leave your skin very soft and with dry skin that comes with winter weather....I reach for this soap with each shower.
Submitted on Mar 26, 2013
By Pam H.
This soap felt so smooth and soft, I looked forward to my morning showers. The only thing I didn't like was that it didn't last long, it seemed to melt away.
Submitted on Mar 25, 2013
By Sonja, St. Louis
Great soap, but does not last long enough.
Submitted on Mar 19, 2013
By Lea
This soap smells nice but it's not very substantial . . . and it didn't have much impact on my skin.
Submitted on Mar 16, 2013
By Karen murphy
I have been using this soap for years now. I love the scent and how my skin feels after using it. I am very happy with this product.
Submitted on Feb 25, 2013
By Nice but....
I have terribly dry skin and thought I would give this soap a try. You name it I've tried it. First of all, the soaps are really small . . . They melt really easily and I keep mine in a covered soap container. The fragrance is pleasant but a bit unusual. The soap does lather nicely. The size and the fact that they melt easily I just can't justify in purchasing them again.
Submitted on Feb 25, 2013
By Kristine
I live in a dry climate, and when the cold hits, my skin suffers. This bar works like magic. After just a couple uses, my skin stops itching and looks visibly softer. Well worth it.
Submitted on Feb 20, 2013
By Sherrie
Very nice soap, soothing to the senses. The one thing, if any could improve this, would be to have it last longer.
Submitted on Feb 14, 2013
By Meemo
While it certainly smells good and is a lovely soap, I did not find it to be highly moisturizing.
Submitted on Feb 11, 2013
By minsker
Love this bar! Everything you claim, cleans, and moisturizes - will never use anything else!
Submitted on Feb 10, 2013
By Reiki Jan
I asked my husband how he liked the soap. His reply was, "Yeah, OH YEAH, THIS IS WONDERFUL. My whole body feels good and my dry back feels terrific and not dry at all."
Submitted on Jan 24, 2013
By nancy a
My skin is VERY DRY This works better than goat's milk soap I have used for years. I highly recommend it.
Submitted on Jan 21, 2013
By Bejay
I love this soap. It is everything they said it would be. I love how it leaves my skin soft and smelling clean. I haven't used lotion or any soap since I started using Butter Me Up Soap.
Submitted on Jan 7, 2013
By foxtrax2000
I have good but aging skin - I'm 51. Always on the look out for something that will clean gently and thoroughly. This is it. Moisturizing but not heavy, rinses completely. Keep your eyes closed though, it does burn a bit.
Submitted on Jan 4, 2013
By D.Stricker
Awesome soap. Just as promoted.
Submitted on Jan 2, 2013
Sorry, this was a major disappointment. I had planned on giving it as a gift, with other bath items. The color is very muddy, not a bit appealing. The packaging left a lot to be desired. As a result, I kept it for my own use.
Submitted on Dec 30, 2012
By minsker
You've got me hooked! The best bath soap I have ever used! Telling all my friends about it.
Submitted on Dec 30, 2012
By Acb
Didn't like the scent.
Submitted on Dec 30, 2012
By Butter Me Up Soap
I don't know how well this soap works because the smell was too awful that I couldn't imagine using it.
Submitted on Dec 26, 2012
By cjh
I like it, but can't tell it moisturizes much, smells masculine though
Submitted on Dec 8, 2012
By yogajan
Very moisturizing. It feels like you're washing with butter.
Submitted on Dec 3, 2012
By Sunshine Pancakes
Love it, will order again. Also get the milky soap; it's excellent as well!
Submitted on Nov 29, 2012
By Esther
Really nice soap. I have dry skin and it really made a difference. I think the catalog said it was so moisturizing that you wouldn't need moisturizer. I didn't really think that could be true but it was.
Submitted on Nov 25, 2012
You've turned me into a convert! Will never use any other kind of soap. I love the squeaky clean and the wonderfully soft feeling of my skin after using this product.
Submitted on Nov 18, 2012
By Dicksie
I absolutely love it! Feels and smells great and is very gentle on the skin. A fabulous product!
Submitted on Nov 15, 2012
By Butter me up soap
So far I like this soap. I don't feel like I can give an honest review without trying this soap for a bit longer . . . But time will tell how long it lasts and if it really does moisturize as the description says it will.
Submitted on Nov 8, 2012
By Granny Grace
Absolutely the best soap I have ever used. I have really dry skin and am a senior citizen and it's hard to find products that I don't react to. This soap is fabulous . . .
Submitted on Oct 24, 2012
By sp
Love this the most! Probably won't shower without it ever again!
Submitted on Oct 19, 2012
By Attitash
Soap is very good for the skin . . .
Submitted on Oct 16, 2012
By Lin. Of Bayside
This soap is yummy. Truly moisturizing. . .
Submitted on Sep 27, 2012
By Linda N
My husband has been complaining of dry skin with half dozen other products. With "Butter Me Up" soap, all I heard was "Ahhhhh." It's a little messy and doesn't last as long as regular soap, but it does the trick for dry skin.
Submitted on Sep 24, 2012
By Sharon in California desert
This is a wonderful soap. It is so creamy it is unbelievable. It looks like a piece of candy. I thought the bar would not last long but it is! Great product
Submitted on Sep 15, 2012
By grandma5
Probably will always want to have this on hand ....sooooo creamy. It's great for shaving legs, too. If you aren't prepared for a lifetime commitment you probably shouldn't buy this. It is that good. Thanks Isabella.
Submitted on Sep 11, 2012
By gardengirlie
Fragrance much too strong for me. Had to give the second bar away!
Submitted on Sep 6, 2012
By val
Pure shower bliss!!! Good for those super hot summer days when you want to skip the body lotion.
Submitted on Aug 31, 2012
By Sue
Lovely soap with a lovely orange scent.
Submitted on Aug 30, 2012
By ellimaeshui
Very buttery, moisturizing and pleasant natural scent. I have ordered several times.
Submitted on Aug 30, 2012
By Betty B.
Like the soap, but it's too messy.
Submitted on Aug 30, 2012
I was skeptical that using this soap would make lotion after showering or bathing unnecessary as my skin is very dry. I'm a believer after using it. When I'm in a hurry and don't want to take the time to apply lotion after cleansing I really can skip that step and still have soft, smooth, silky skin.
Submitted on Aug 8, 2012
By Sheryl
My husband has very dry skin. He uses this bar soap often. He keeps it in his gym bag for use there and also takes it on trips. Thanks for such a great product!
Submitted on Aug 8, 2012
By Not my scent.
Once I opened the package the strong scent threw me off and I found it offensive. I did not use it and have returned it.
Submitted on Aug 6, 2012
By Dawndee
I've been struggling with dry skin for some time now. After the first use, I noticed a little improvement. Now that I've used it for a couple of weeks, I noticed a significant improvement. My skin feels more moist and softer. I love this. I don't even want to call it soap. It's more like a solid moisturizer that also cleanses your skin.
Submitted on Aug 4, 2012
By NorthernSW
This is a gentle, moisturizing bar. I use it at the bathroom sink to help protect my hands from dryness. This soap is so creamy, that it is vulnerable to moisture; I wish they would make it in a liquid form. Nevertheless, I am a repeat buyer, and recommend it.
Submitted on Nov 22, 2011
By linna
I like this a lot.
Submitted on Jul 16, 2011
By pam
Very nice lather, and moisturizing but it doesn't last very long.
Submitted on Jul 16, 2011
By Pat T
I have used this on my face for several years. It is the best face soap that I have found. I now order it for my daughter and granddaughter. We never want to be without it. Thank you for your excellent, fast service.
Submitted on Jul 15, 2011
By Amorah Ross
I've been enjoying this bar ever since it arrived several weeks ago. My skin feels softer and more moisture rich than it has for a long time - even a dry patch on my shoulder left as a result of radiation treatments for breast cancer. Thanks, Isabella, for making it available. It's a product I'll continue using for a long time to come.
Submitted on Jul 14, 2011
We absolutely love the butter me up soap.
Submitted on Apr 2, 2011
By Cathy R.
I love the way this soap softens my skin, especially in this cold weather. However, it did stain my white washcloth. Even after washing the cloth in chlorine bleach, the stain was still there.
Submitted on Dec 7, 2010
By madannie02
I absolutely LOVE this soap -- would recommend it for anyone with dry skin/ eczema. I am 55 and my skin feels so much better when I use this -- I order two at a time!
Submitted on Mar 27, 2010
This soap is amazing... got one bar for Christmas and I can't believe how fantastic it is for dry winter skin... love it.
Submitted on Jan 1, 2009
I ordered one bar of this soap last time. I broke it in half and shared with my daughter -- now I am ordering one for each of us. The best for my face ever.
Submitted on Dec 1, 2008
I bought this item Butter Me Up Soap for gifts and one for myself. I ended up giving mine away and everyone has raved about it. Thank you. -- ES
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A friend gave me a bar of this soap for Christmas last year. Truth be told, as an Isabella employee who has access to extraordinary soaps and as a part-time esthetician who owns enough cleansers to keep the inhabitants of a small village clean for a month, soap wasn't on the top of my wish list last year. But that's before I tried this amazing bar! Now it's the only body soap I use. This super-enriched cleansing bar with shea and babassu butters, and avocado oil makes your skin SO soft that you do not need to use a moisturizer after your bath or shower, yet you feel squeaky clean at the same time. No matter how many soaps you have in your bathroom right now, this is one you've got to experience.
Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Safflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Babassu Oil, Infusion of Dandelion Root, Rooibos, Comfrey, Burdock Root, and Sum Scent Blend (a blend of essential oils).
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