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4.7 Average Rating
Excellent product.
Submitted on Jun 4, 2015
By Works well and smells nice
Works well, smells nice.
Submitted on Aug 29, 2014
By Sidney
This is an effective alternative to the highly toxic, chemical loaded pesticides we normally see on the store shelves. My target this year is ants. After applying Bugs R Done in the areas where ants find a way into the house, the pests don't come back. It's done a good job outdoors as well.
Submitted on Aug 30, 2013
By Super product
I've been using this for years, repels and kills ants, spiders and lots of other types of bugs! This product is safe around cats and other pets too!
Submitted on Aug 28, 2013
By Jen
I love this bug spray because I don't have to worry about chemicals and toxicity when I use it. I mostly use it to kill ants and they die right away when you spray them. I haven't really tried to use it as preventative, but it does work to kill the bugs when you see them. The odor isn't terrible, doesn't smell great, but worth the benefits of not harming you or your pets!
Submitted on Aug 24, 2013
By Mellow Mama
Works great!
Submitted on Jul 30, 2013
By It really works!
My daughter is terrified of bugs...any kind of bugs. She refuses to open the window in her bedroom because flies or spiders might come in. We live in a very old house with old windows, and screens do not fit this type of window! She sprayed Bugs 'R' Done around the window frame before and after opening and was satisfied that no uninvited guests would enter when she heard and saw flies buzzing just outside the window and not coming inside. Thank you for a great product!
Submitted on Jul 30, 2013
By No mame
The spray was fine. 4 stars.
Submitted on Jun 17, 2013
By happy customer
Has worked great so far. Has repelled spiders too. The bitter orange smell was gone in less than 2 days. I wish it dried faster so my cat could jump up on the ledge. Was still wet after 2 days so I wiped it up.
Submitted on Jun 16, 2013
By Great Product!
I love this stuff! It's safe around pets and children but is deadly on insects. We have a farm and a large family. The doors open constantly letting in flying as well as crawling critters. The insect population can't outnumber us as long as we have a spray bottle of this product available for use in family areas such as the living room, kitchen and bathrooms. I don't know what I'd do without it.
Submitted on Oct 4, 2012
By Michal
This worked pretty good, and didn't smell bad. . . .
Submitted on Aug 22, 2012
By VioletPearl
Oh, YEAH, this works!!! Right now! My husband is practically dancing in the kitchen now that the ants are GONE! He wants me to order more and keep a stash all the time. My cat just sniffs the air and walks away - no issue for her at all. I love this stuff!
Submitted on Aug 8, 2012
By Barbara Hamilton
I have a cat door that is occasionally used by the feral cats in my neighborhood and they bring in fleas. This spray took care of them instantly saving me from having to bomb with toxic pesticides! I am about to order 2 more bottles.Yeah!!!
Submitted on Jul 27, 2012
By Bugs!!
This stuff is great! One spray and bugs were gone in my bathroom!!!
Submitted on Jul 15, 2012
By Ann
This works.
Submitted on Jul 17, 2011
By Bugs Gone
Product good; felt safe to use but did not do the job 100. Will still try the product again.

Isabella Customer Service: Thank you for your review. Everything we carry is guaranteed 100 percent so please feel free to send it back to us and we'll happily give you a refund or exchange of your choice.
Submitted on Jul 11, 2011
By peachie
This smells like furniture polish. The ants do not like it and it kills them immediately. I would purchase again.
Submitted on Jul 3, 2011
By Maggie MacIntosh
I am so very happy with the results of using it After having been plagued with gnats in my kitchen and throughout my apartment for months, they have been put to bay and are slowly disappearing. This stuff is great, especially since I have a cat and didn't want to put her in any bug spray danger. Also loved the speed in which these products arrived at my door. LATE BREAKING NEWS: The gnats are still around but have been reduced in numbers. I still keep spraying, and it does discourage them -- but I would like to wipe them out entirely as they fly around my head, sit on my plate and utensils, and sometimes fly into my nose and eyes. Any suggestions

Note: Customer was emailed regarding her question.
Submitted on Jun 23, 2011
By rwcats
This stuff is amazing! You can use it around food and pets and it gets the job done. No one minds the odor, as it doesn't smell all that bad. And it works!
Submitted on Jun 23, 2011
By Sam
Love this product! It really works! Wish there was a large size refill available.
Submitted on May 25, 2010
I bought it before and I loved it. I tried to order again but unfortunately it was off season. I am so happy I caught it this time. I give it a ten.
Submitted on Jun 3, 2009
It's worked really well against camel spider crickets. One quick application lasted about 6 months.
Submitted on Apr 5, 2009
Love this stuff! I feel very comfortable using it around my parrots. -- NM
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Bugs 'R' Done

Food Grade Insecticide
Item #3311 - 16 oz.
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Listing the good things about Bugs 'R' Done could take all day. Containing pure orange peel oil and other ingredients named by the U.S. FDA as ''GRAS,'' Generally Regarded as Safe in human foods, it is labeled both for use around food, children and pets anywhere in homes, schools, hospitals or restaurants - as well as around allergy sufferers.

It kills and repels ants, roaches, flies, gnats, noseeums, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, flour beetles, mosquitoes, ticks and spiders. Use indoors in cabinets, drawers, closets - and tick-infected places where dogs play and sleep. Outdoors, on garbage cans, paths, or where insects gather. Read more...

You can even spray BBQ grills and picnic tables and the grass where you will be sitting. This is amazing stuff - not because it is so effective as an insecticide (lots of poisons can kill bugs but are toxic to you and to the environment), but because it is convenient to use around humans, food, dogs and birds. (Product-sensitive users should test first on small areas just to make sure!)
Ingredients: Active Ingredients:
Gamma lactone.......0.024%
Peach aldehyde......0.049%
Other Ingredients...95.912%
Contains a botanically-derived insecticide.
Contains mineral spirits.
Does not contain alcohol.
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