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4.2 Average Rating
By minuit
The music was not what I expected. It was lovely but not my taste and I sent it back
Submitted on Jun 12, 2015
By Seattlite
I've been enjoying this in my car. I'm picky about my music and though you cannot understand the words (per other reviewers) it is still very peaceful. I would recommend.
Submitted on Apr 28, 2015
By Alice
gentle moving music
Submitted on Jul 26, 2014
By Arise
Bought for a gift and they loved it and play it to relax...
Submitted on Jul 23, 2014
By Arise
Not quite what I thought it would be so I passed it on to a friend.
Submitted on Jun 15, 2014
By Gigi
Soothing and pleasant. worth the investment.
Submitted on Apr 22, 2014
By Renee
This CD is one of the very best Christian CDs I have listened to. I will get several more for Christmas gifts for family members, even though the music is not 'Christmas' music, it would make a thoughtful gift for anytime of the year.
Submitted on Apr 8, 2014
By CeeCee
Loved this CD. Beautiful and meaningful. I played it at a worship service at my Women's retreat and everyone loved it.
Submitted on Mar 25, 2014
By Lynn
Beautiful voice- soothing music.
Submitted on Mar 20, 2014
By Sammylane Wirth
The actual CD did not meet my expectations, although I had listened to the sample online before ordering. I intend to return it.
Submitted on Feb 24, 2014
By Gary Land
I am enjoying this album. I only wish that it included a printout of the song lyrics, as sometimes the singer's voice is blended into the instrumental accompaniment to the degree that I can't distinguish the words.
Submitted on Jan 14, 2014
This CD is beautiful,haunting and inspirational. Leads you right in to worship. Am ordering more for friends.
Submitted on Jan 13, 2014
By Joanne
This album is even better than you claimed it to be in your catalog. Beautiful, beautiful. I only wish there was more information about the musicians, which instruments were playing in each cut, etc. Thank you for making this available.
Submitted on Dec 30, 2013
By Riki
Beautiful music and inspiring sentiments. Glad I bought it.
Submitted on Nov 20, 2013
By Barbara
I bought this expecting to love it.. Kate has a great deal of talent, and a wonderful voice, however this CD was not meant for my listening pleasure.
Submitted on Oct 20, 2013
By Beautiful Music
This CD is absolutely lovely to listen to - the mix of Native American music into Kate Eaton's style is fantastic.
Submitted on Oct 9, 2013
By Suzanne
Beautiful music and the beginning in Aramaic is breathtaking! Thank you Isabella for allowing your customers to listen to the CDs before purchasing. I hope people will respect your willingness to offer this service and make their CD purchases with Isabella. Be loyal to those who introduce you to the music!
Submitted on Sep 3, 2013
By Lisa A
I was not disappointed in this album - Kate Eaton sings with a reverent humble spirit that is very soothing to the ear.
Submitted on Jun 18, 2013
By Maraine
Is good music. However, couldn't really understand the words. Not my cup of tea so-to-speak.
Submitted on May 13, 2013
By Barb in Maryland
Beautiful music. Kate sounds like an angel. Great for worship or relaxing.
Submitted on May 11, 2013
By Judy
I love the music and the lyrics that I can understand. Unfortunately, I have a difficult time hearing all the words. They are not on the jacket and I can not find them on her website. I would like to give this a 5, but not understanding the words is frustrating. This may be just senior hearing setting in. . .
Submitted on Mar 29, 2013
By Deb
Beautiful music.
Submitted on Mar 4, 2013
By A Reader
The first track is the best, the remainder a bit repetitive. . .
Submitted on Feb 7, 2013
Arise is a wonderful collection of songs that are both soothing and emotional. Kate Eaton's voice is lovely. Thank you for once again introducing me to music and an artist outside of my usual listening.
Submitted on Feb 1, 2013
By marlou
Gentle sounds to inspire you to sit and listen.
Submitted on Jan 31, 2013
By Marie
Beautiful music and voice. Soothing to the soul. I like the introduction in Aramaic. It adds such authenticity to the music.
Submitted on Jan 25, 2013


New Music for Worship
By Kate Eaton
Item #30700 - Compact Disc - 55 min.
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It all started with a phone call from a dear friend asking if we'd consider offering Christian music. She'd been given a copy of ''Arise,'' and found herself listening to it throughout the day, every day. Since my friend is of the Jewish faith, I was intrigued! Read more...

I'm someone who feels closer to God listening to one of Chopin's nocturnes than most of what's termed ''Christian music'' these days. After listening to Kate Eaton's ''Arise,'' I've fallen in love with her soulful songs of meaningful worship.

Kate founded ''Mishkhah'' in 2010 with the mission of revealing ''the mystery of Christ by stirring the senses and opening the heart.'' The name ''Mishkhah'' is reminiscent of the ancient Aramaic and Hebrew words for ''anointing.'' (For instance, the opening words on the CD are the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke.)

After seeking out musicians who play instruments from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America and from the Celtic and Native American traditions, she adds her ethereal voice to create music that evokes a feeling of prayerfulness, reverence, joy, and timelessness. Her voice is absolutely mesmerizing, and every time I listen to this CD, I feel a wonderful sense of calm.

If you are at all open to sacred music of the Christian kind, you may have just found your new favorite CD -- one that undoubtedly will stir your senses and open your heart.
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