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4.4 Average Rating
By Linda
I ordered more to avoid shipping during the hot months ahead. I've been using this for nearly 3 months and I'm VERY happy with it. The fragrance is pleasant, not overpowering or sneezy making, it feels good on my sI am 58, but its better than it was without it!)
Submitted on May 4, 2015
By Angela
I am slowing being converted to Enessa products, but this one just didn't work for me. It felt moisturizing when I put it on, but after a couple of days it was causing clogged pores. I stopped it for a while and tried again, and got the same result. I don't have particularly dry skin, so maybe that's the problem.I didn't want to just throw this away, so I tried using it on my hands, but it left them feeling weirdly dry and filmy. I am not really sure what to do with it now. Maybe I'll put it in the fridge and save it for winter when my skin tends to get drier.Also I didn't personally like the smell -- it is pretty mild, but it still has that earthy smell that some Enessa products have. No doubt this is the smell of something good for me, but I just don't like it very much.
Submitted on Apr 13, 2015
By Linda
I used to use LaVere's serum it was a huge loss when it was no longer available. Aging caught up with my face this past year (I'm 58), until I began using this and the Propolis Serum. (I am extremely sensitive and unable to use a lot of products even when they're "clean", so I was delighted that I was not only able to use this product, but that its making a difference. I hope it continues to be available.
Submitted on Mar 22, 2015
By AnnG
This is the first multi-ingrediant product I've found that does NOT immediately clog my pores. I love everything about it, the amount of fragrance is just right, the texture is luxurious, it immediately soaks in and leaves my very delicate, dry, aging skin smooth, ungreasy and healthy looking.
Submitted on Mar 11, 2015
By ja
Love the product, not the pump. Packaged in the jar, it was perfect. Now...not so much.
Submitted on Feb 9, 2015
By Debra C
I use the Argon Gel nightly on face and neck. It slides on like silk. My skin looks fantastic in the mornings .
Submitted on Dec 12, 2014
By MizzMouse
Glides on like a dream with a nice herbal fragrance. Winter weather requires mixing it with something a little heavier to keep my skin moisturized all day. My skin looks about the same as it does when using other mild, natural anti-aging products.
Submitted on Dec 3, 2014
By Jean
wonderful stuff, lasts a long time
Submitted on Nov 3, 2014
By Denise
First time ordering, so far I am enjoying but hard to give 5 stars since it has only been a couple of weeks
Submitted on Sep 15, 2014
By Kim from Simsbury, CT
I use the argan moisture gel in the morning under my mineral powder foundation with SPF. I am in my 50s, have dry, sensitive skin as well as bouts of hot flashes due to menopause. I love the fact that it has a "sweet" smell to it, without any added perfume, and is not heavy. It absorbs beautifully and sits well under my makeup. It seems to be the perfect product for this time of year--the end of summer and the beginning of fall. It may have to be layered with a cream once winter hits, but time will tell!
Submitted on Sep 14, 2014
All of your products are excellent. After 48 years ( I'm 59 ) of dealing with dermatitis type of acne, my complexion has cleared up tremendously. Many thanks for pure, natural products.
Submitted on Jul 19, 2014
A little goes a long way and it smells divine. I can feel my skin getting firmer with every use. I love it.
Submitted on Jul 2, 2014
By THoward
I've paired this with True and it's an awesome combination for my skin! Less noticeable lines, absorbs without any greasy feel, just like True Advanced Lift and Firm, I'd be afraid to live without it now!
Submitted on Mar 26, 2014
By Mac
It's ok. I bought this because of the ounces - ok to use in on-board luggage.
Submitted on Feb 17, 2014
By Taffy
I love this gel. I have used it for several years and it is perfect for anti aging. Moisture but not heavy and absorbs well.
Submitted on Jan 10, 2014
By Pat
I love this product but prefer the jar to the pump bottle because I can't tell how much is left!
Submitted on Jan 10, 2014
Both products are great!! I especially like the anti aging gel and use it every day. It is the best I have ever found.
Submitted on Jan 8, 2014
By Happy88
I have very dry skin and this is the best moisturizer I have ever found. . . . I have thrown out several jars of drugstore and health food store brands that just did not work well, so this is worth it. A little goes a long way, also.
Submitted on Nov 10, 2013
By Barb
I love this product. It definitely moisturizes my skin without being heavy. I'm very happy with how my skin looks and feels.
Submitted on Oct 15, 2013
By Carol
Love this product, using several Enessa items, they are the best, will never return to dept. store big brand names
Submitted on Oct 15, 2013
By Leener
A little of this goes a long way. Skin looks more even toned and is much more supple. Great product!
Submitted on Sep 18, 2013
By KittyJ
I can't say enough good things about the Enessa products. I used the Argan Moisture Gel last summer, since I find oil-based moisturizers a bit too heavy in hot weather. By the end of the summer, I noticed that the little broken capillaries in my face had diminished - a benefit I didn't expect! I'll be using this product again this summer.
Submitted on May 23, 2013
By gs
Very happy with all of the products I have tried by Enessa. The moisture gel seems to tighten the saggy areas which I really appreciate. Repeat customer for sure!!
Submitted on May 19, 2013
By Jill
OK. I would truly love to dive into a big ol' tub of this stuff and just meditate and breathe in it's delicious fragrance. I first purchased the Iris Leaf Cell Repair cream, which is also a really nice product, but for me, is one that is more suited for use at night and during winter months when my skin is more dry. The writeup and list of ingredients in this gel sold me on at least trying it - I usually stay away from anything called "gel" because I equate a tacky, tight mask feel to gels - and baby, did I find a winner! YUM!
Submitted on Apr 5, 2013
By Argan Moisture Gel
This product was too harsh for my skin and caused my skin to become red and sore. I returned this for another product.
Submitted on Mar 24, 2013
By Clare
It is a nice moisturizer, especially if you want something light. The smell is a bit unusual and my husband doesn't care for it.
Submitted on Mar 1, 2013
By Katie
LOVE IT!!! Great for the South Florida sauna that we live in down here.
Submitted on Feb 28, 2013
By WeavingLady
I was a bit nervous about paying this much for a moisturizer, but I've heard so much about argan oil that I thought I'd give it a try - boy, am I glad that I did! This moisture gel seems to melt into my skin, and it leaves no greasy feeling at all. It is incredibly light, but it makes a huge difference in my 50-ish, winter-dry skin. I am going to try other Enessa products from your site, because this is even better than I had hoped for. Thanks for offering such wonderful products.
Submitted on Feb 24, 2013
By Worth the expense
I swear I look ten years younger since I started using this. I resisted for a long time, because of the cost, but I'm very glad I switched. I'm 59 and starting to see results like this is wonderful.
Submitted on Jan 6, 2013
By Addy
I like the cream and would recommend to others - the only downside for me is the scent. I actually prefer unscented creams and lotions.
Submitted on Nov 23, 2012
By Sammi
Another one of the great Enessa products. It makes my face feel soft and doesn't have that overly creamy feeling like some moisturizers do. I wouldn't be without it. Love those Enessa products!
Submitted on Nov 21, 2012
By Cathy
This is a nice moisturizer that absorbs easily. Time will tell if it works.
Submitted on Nov 13, 2012
By anabel
It has a nice light feel on my skin but I'm not wowed by it.
Submitted on Nov 13, 2012
By Barbara G
I needed a product that would leave my skin moist and soft. At 72, I don't have a face full of wrinkles but if my skin is moist, my cheeks wrinkle less when I smile. I've gone back to the EVOO, my fall-back treatment. . .
Submitted on Nov 10, 2012
By smooth
This product leaves skin feeling smooth, but I don't know what anti-aging properties it has.
Submitted on Nov 6, 2012
By Jayley
This moisture gel makes my face and hands feel so soft and smooth! Love it.
Submitted on Oct 31, 2012
By chi
Nice, non-greasy, and easy to apply.
Submitted on Oct 29, 2012
By Sacredcat
I love this!!! I am on my third jar...
Submitted on Sep 25, 2012
By CarolTulsa
I had been using Estee Lauder for years, but thought I would try something different. I have been using this for two weeks, once a day, and I can see improvements in my skin already! My skin looks and feels smoother. Dry patches are disappearing. I highly recommend this product.
Submitted on Sep 21, 2012
By allradiant
My skin does a jump for joy when I put this on !!.... Thanks Isabella for introducing me to a fabulous product
Submitted on Aug 11, 2012
By Susan
Love it, love it, love it. Smells good, feels good, and makes my neck look better than usual. The tiny jar is a shock, but a little goes a very long way. I'll buy more of this Argan Gel.
Submitted on Aug 3, 2012
By sep
I absolutely LOVE this moisturizer! I usually struggle with the sticky oily feeling that most moisturizers leave on my face. This is delightfully light and easily absorbed. I've been using it during the day and in combination with sea buckthorn oil at night for wonderful results. Wonderful product!
Submitted on Dec 3, 2011
By jeannie
Very nice and non-greasy. Makes my skin soft and smooth.
Submitted on Jul 20, 2011
By great moisturizer
I love this moisture gel. It is light weight and absorbs easily - not oily at all- while providing just the right amount of moisture for my dry skin. Lovely scent, and the jar will last a long time.
Submitted on Jul 7, 2011
Isabella Catalog Exclusive!

Argan Anti-Aging Moisture Gel

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When we tried this anti-aging moisturizer, we begged the catalog production people to include it in the catalog even though there was no room. Due to a sheer miracle, here it is -- maybe because this certified organic and wild harvested moisturizer is a sheer miracle itself!

First of all, the neroli and rose geranium scent puts us in a really good mood. Although all the ingredients were chosen specifically for dry/mature skin, it is a light, non-greasy formula and absorbs readily into the skin. If you're used to applying heavy creams to make your skin feel more moisturized, often that's just an illusion; the cream may be only coating your skin and not really increasing the moisturizing benefits. Read more...

Because this is a gel moisturizer, it gives all skin types the ability to absorb nutrients from the oils and extracts. In addition to Argan Oil (see the Argan Gold Elixir annotation by searching for item 15033), it has Sea Buckthorn Extract, Rosehip Oil, Pomegranate Extract, Pumpkin Extract, and other all-star performers including Tamanu Oil, which is gaining notoriety for its cicatrizing ability. Cicatrization is the process involved in the formation of new tissue. Consequently, it is an amazing healing agent, effective for treating everything from acne to age spots.

Use day and night to nourish, tighten, and hydrate your skin. (For extra dry skin, we recommend using it with the Argan Gold Elixir at night.)
Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice*, Golden Jojoba*, Argan Oil*, Tamanu Oil*, Rosehip Oil*, Borage Oil*, Cetearyl Olivate, Red Raspberry Seed Oil*, Olive Squalane, Sorbitan Olivate, Monoi Oil, Vegetable Glycerin*, Sodium Phytate, Kelp Extract, Rosemary CO2 Extract*, Sodium Levulinate, Olive Leaf Extract*, Pomegranate Extract*, Coconut Fruit Extract, Lactobacillus Ferment, Pumpkin Extract*, Sclerotium Gum, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Anisate, Mulberry Extract*, Sea Buckthorn Extract*, Xanthan Gum, Non-GMO Vitamin E, Proprietary blend of essential oils.
*Certified Organic
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